Thursday, June 15, 2017

Country Days Gently Fold into the Next One......

This is the first time ever that we have no return date to our visit here at the ranch.
One day is gently folding into the next with no agenda and no time restraints. No appointments and no real schedule. Each day arrives as a blank canvas to be painted as we will.

We tend to go to bed earlier than usual and I am waking up later than normal!
Last night we had a bedtime of 11:00 and I got up at 11:00 this morning.
Sleeping soundly and sleeping long has got to be one of the biggest blessings in life.

I walked up to the Big Tank early this afternoon.
It is beautiful up there.

I love the 'Sounds of Summer!'

It's been hot today but not 100 degrees - yet!
Still, I find it cooler up here by the water and in the trees.

I'm learning to wear a hat in the summer sun.
I drove the Big White Truck down to Dean's place and did a load of laundry.
Alas, the road is bumpy and my camo thermos of tea spilled out on my phone!

Everything still works on the phone EXCEPT my camera!
You can barely see my ride in the background.
As I left I spied a beautiful brown rabbit and it froze when I started the four-wheeler up.
It may be silly but I look for a special something every day and I always find it! Today was that bunny.

Dean came to my rescue with my phone!
He went down to his place and brought me a bag of rice.
That's where my phone is now.
I guess I will leave it there until tomorrow and see if that clears up my camera lens.

Our hillbilly clothes line!

They dried pretty fast!!

I rode my bike up to the gate and fed the horses a few sugar cubes
I meant to check the mail box. Read's grocery store ads come out today!
I'm feeling like a real resident planning our meals around what's on sale at the store!

This is how Louis Dean started the day!
Of course, we had coffee and reading first but he was up working for a couple of hours before I got up.

I used my little purple camera to take this pic of how he ended his day.
He did rest some in between but he is working hard.

I made a new friend today.
Jessica used to live in Waco - for 42 years!
I'm always excited to 'meet' someone who has been reading my blog.  We are now Facebook Friends! Another new friend I am so enjoying getting to know is Trudy!  It's nice to have a relationship that works both ways.....they know me through the blog and then I get to know them by Facebook or emails. Niki is a special friend as is Donna whom I have had the blessing of meeting.
Debbie is another sweet sister blogger that means so much to me!
I am so blessed by the people who read. Thank you!

And tomorrow is another day........


Linda said...

Oh my, I spend as little time sleeping as I possibly can, sleep being a necessity, but not something I enjoy. Those are some fancy clothes lines, but hey, they work. I've tried thinking about my country living days in Texas. I don't think that girl exists anymore. Been there done that. I am though enjoying your country living experience.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I really think you are a country girl at heart! Being in the country bores so many people. But it is full of wonders each day, and you know how to find them! And today you put clouds in the lake!! Perhaps you will live there permanently, only visiting your house once in awhile! I am so glad you are getting such good sleep! County air is the best for sleeping! I sure hope this fixes your phone!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I have just read your comment above, and I must comment on it. With life being so short, it is true that spending a lot of it to sleep does not make sense. But I LOVE sleeping, and having a good nap. Then I feel good enough to enjoy life so much more!

Kathy said...

LD is a wonder. I do believe he can do anything. Sounds like you are having a wonderful life in the country. Maybe that could be your summer home. But you are missing all your fresh veggies that you planted. I hope someone is taking care of them. Keep enjoying your life! The city will be there when you get back.

Vee said...

Praying that the rice does the trick.
Love that bank of windows that LD installed.
You look cute as the dickens in that summer hat!
I'm commenting bullet style these days. 😉

Sandra said...

I love love love the big tank view and path to walk and giggles at the clothesline, what ever works is my motto. sorry about your phone, I have heard putting it in rice drys it out.

Arlene Grimm said...

Love all the country pictures...we leave next Thursday and I can hardly wait. We so enjoy our time in the country. Hope your phone recovers.

Bernice said...

Wish I were able to sleep in,for some reason always up by 7.
Love all your pictures,either one of the pictures of the water,would make a lovely painting🙂

Deanna Rabe said...

The country suits you both!

You're both getting good rest, good food, hard work. That's the recipe for good health!

ellen b. said...

Beautiful photos of what you are seeing. Hope your phone camera revives.

Beth said...

Hi Linda! I've been reading your blog for years here in Ohio. You & I are the same age. You inspire me! I've been married to Jim for 48 years & Im Mom to two adult sons & 4 grandchildren. This is my first post ever but I wanted you to know you are a good friend!

racheld said...


What a treat to see that you had visited LAWN TEA today!! And your quote about loving even "Greyhound exhaust" said it WAY better than I did.

I'm intrigued by this post, as I don't yet know your story---riding down to do a a load of laundry bespeaks being on vacation at a cabin, or perhaps having things disconnected (also clued by the window being framed up, or pehrpa more than renovations)---I'm SO looking forward to coming back and READING BACK to see more of your story.

I was going to suggest rice, and then there was the bag, and your innovative guy had got you fixed right up.

Looking forward to more of your adventures!


PS I see in your profile that you like sweet books---I always suggest GOWN OF GLORY by Agnes Sligh Turnbull. It's a lovely old book about a turn of the century small-town pastor and his family. A wonderful introduction to her work, and I've loved them all.

Nancy Chan said...

If I were to wake up late, I will feel sluggish and lazy for the rest of the day. I only take naps when I am really tired and sleepy. But one in a while I really enjoy long hours of sleep and feeling very refreshed after that. Love the 1st photo...beautiful with the cloud's reflection on the water.