Monday, June 19, 2017

A Rainy Day and a Monday!

I love rain and I love Mondays!
 We woke up around 8:00 to a real thunderstorm and it rained all morning.
I, of course, went back to sleep for another two hours while Louis Dean went out on the deck with his coffee. The new room has only the plywood roof deck so there wasn't a lot of dry places out there.
It was so cool today that I turned the AC off and opened up all the camper windows.

The rain was gone by noon! It remained cool all day, though.
I went out and gathered some fresh flowers before setting down with my needlework.
 Louis Dean started work - on the roof.
I wanted to stay close in case he needed me.

I climbed up the ladder from time to time to check on him.
He was painting the plywood with Thompson's Water Sealer and then used silicone on all the seams. 
He's not putting the felt and tin on until he gets the bathroom framed in and the roof up on it so he can do it all together.

The view is pretty good from that ladder!

Since I wanted to keep the camper cool, I cooked some of our dinner out on the deck.
Fried cabbage! It turned out just like what we get at Luby's Cafeteria.

Our second good meal of the day!
The first was farm fresh eggs, bacon and eggs.
We had a small ham and I cooked it in the crock pot with a Peach Bourbon glaze I bought at HEB.
The tomatoes came from our very own garden. Sherry brought them down for us.

I'm afraid that I am becoming lazy.
Louis Dean works hard and I hardly work!
Plus I am eating well!

This is the needlework I'm working on.
I've been inspired by my friend, Arlene at Nanaland!
She stitches some amazing things at an equally amazing pace!
I stand in awe of how much she accomplishes and decided to pick mine up and stitch!
I started it over a YEAR ago!

It's embellished cross stitch so I threw away the instructions after I read this:
"The fabric in this kit is printed using the artist's original painting. The entire picture is not intended to be stitched. Stitching chart is provided to indicate the areas we have embellished to enhance the design. Remember that you are free to follow your own creativity!"

My other area of creativity was decoupage.
I keep my calendars and have used them extensively in decorating our camper.
Yesterday I decoupaged some chickens on the cabinet door.

I love these!

I added these on the other side!

I'm thinking about painting the other areas Colonial Red......

By early evening I turned the AC back on - except it didn't come on!
At least not at first. We are living on borrowed time with this AC!
Our saving grace is that we have a window unit sitting out on the deck!

I seem to be having writer's block regarding the book I'm writing.
I'm in 1963 and 14 years old waiting for my baby to be born. I turned 15 one month before giving birth. Telling my story as well as what was happening with my siblings once I was not there to take care of them is complicated and I'm floundering a bit. 

As I sat in here looking at a blank Word document, Louis Dean called me to come out and listen to the mockingbird. I'm glad I did. Perhaps tomorrow I will get back to my writing.

I close with a prayer request for my friend Sandra and her husband, Bob.

On Saturday at 3:40 am, Bob had a stroke, he could not walk, could not move right arm or right leg. within an hour he was able to move, the slurred speech went away. it did a little damage to the brain that effects his walking and balance, he is working on that at home while we wait for surgery. they found one artery totally blocked and the other 85 percent blocked. 

He now walks like a toddler, but he is walking.
Bob's surgery is approved for Friday the 23rd, it will be inpatient, they will open the carotid vein, clean it out and patch with a patch. there is 3 percent chance of stroke during surgery, chance for facial nerve damage, and a few other things, to say nothing of 80 years old going under anesthesia.
The big man is worried they will shave off his beard he has had for 50 years..

I am a little freaked but will survive. The surgery I mean, not the shaved beard.
Thanks to all of you for prayers and for the loving comments I have received.

I will be back when life slows down a little. He had melanoma surgery on Friday the 9th and still has a large whole in his shoulder, and we had to cancel his next appt. But the good news was the melanoma was removed totally...

I will be back soon... right now my mind is not working properly, his stroke messed up my brain...

Bob and Louis Dean are the same age and Louis Dean and I strongly identify with Sandra and Bob as a couple.
Every prayer for them will be so appreciated.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I have been e-mailing and keeping in close contact with Sandra. We are sisters of the heart. What an awful shock! I have also been praying for peace for her, she is a worrier like me. Your red chair with sunflower cushion and flowers is so perfect! You could make a beautiful home no matter where you are! LOVE the chicken cabinet!! Your lunch is a rel country meal!! Are you staying till Louis Dean finishes the room? I think you cannot force writing, you have to wait till the muse comes.

Linda said...

Rain this time of year in Texas is good. You may not see anymore for quite some time. Interesting cross stitch. Sew on a few beads and sequins and consider it finished. A colorful rooster is something I want to draw soon. It may be time for LD to take you back to Irving. If you stay much longer you're going to have everything in that camper painted colonial red and decoupaged.

Kathy said...

I am so sorry about your friend's husband and will certainly be keeping the two of them in my prayers. It seems as though you are having the time of your life living in the country. The food looks really good. That addition will be finished before you know it.

Teacup in Tokyo said...

Go easy with your book writing, the passage of time matters little when we think back on moments that changed the course of our life. Perhaps you just need to sit with almost 15 yr old Linda a little longer until you know just what you want to convey in your book. Also, each thing you write down is a piece of you that your children and grand children will have of you forever- so it doesn't matter if you don't think you've written it perfectly- it will be perfect to them.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for the sweet words Linda and I love your project. I am thinking of doing some Mill Hill ornaments that are a combination of cross stitch and beading. I have never attempted beading before but I think I can do it. I for one, cannot wait until your book is ready for publication. You have had a hard life in many ways but your sweet spirit shines through to this day.

Susie said...

Linda, I am sending prayers for Bob and Sandra. LD just loves working !! Ted said after I showed him your pictures of LD working ..."I hope I can work like that at his age." I said, me too. then we both laughed. There are days when our butts are dragging now. Glad you keep an eye on your man. The stitching is very nice. I can not wait to read your book Linda. Blessings, love you,xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

Yes, praying for Bob and Sandra. I understand so well what Sandra is saying about. ot being able to think clearly. God bless them and do the thinking for them.

May I offer you a suggestion about the writing? Will not give it without permission.

Oh my, Linda! I looked quickly at the photo of Louis Dean on the roof and thought he was sitting on a beach. The roof is the sand, the dark sky with clouds is the sea. Do you see it or am I losing it? Don't answer that! LOL!

Keep having fun and you folks' meals are making me hungry!

Carole said...

Strokes are so not funny. All the best to them. Love your decoupage - I must look into how to do it. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love to embroidery and embellish with beads, your Santa picture is wonderful and you did great in one year I have one I need to get back to.

I'm scared to death of a stroke, so sorry to hear your friend had one

Cheapchick said...

Life at the ranch is so peaceful, and you two definitely eat well! Thoughts go out for your friends.

Wanda said...

So sorry to hear of your friend's stroke...Will keep in our thoughts. You ranch living is so peaceful. Love it...all your creative art work is lovely too.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How quickly life can change for any of us. Thinking of your friends...Bob and Sandra. It sounds like you have quite the story to tell! It will be treasured by your children and grandchildren. Take your time...but keep writing. And when you are done, I would love to read it as well!

Bluebird49 said...

I've loved crafting since I was young. I tried it all, I think---but now I have cataracts, everything's a blur! I loved to paint and play piano, too. I feel like we're alike in many ways! I married and had my children young, too.

My prayers go out to Bob and Sandra. Last June, I had a pulmonary embolism. My husband didn't like to have the experience of nearly losing me, and I never want to experience losing him!

I'm always glad to see a post here. You lift me up!