Friday, July 29, 2016

Where Have I BEEN??? Bits and Pieces From Our Week......

 I don't like getting behind in my journal - on line or in my Country Diary.
Sometimes things happen that cause us to pause in our normal routines and go into another mode.
You will remember my special prayer request of two weeks ago, and that has, once again, come into play this past week. All will be shared as time goes on but for now.....please continue to pray.


Louis Dean and I headed over to Quadville to enjoy some extra time with 'the babies.'
They will not allow us to call them that much longer!!!
This fall they will be in school THREE days a week!!!
This means that THIS will be our last school year of regular Quad Days!!!!

Suffice it to say that we are counting our blessings and adding every opportunity to spend some precious time with these quadlings while we can.
They will be teenagers before we turn around twice!
Look at Trystan on my mini iPad!

Kailey was BORN a teenager!!!

Harrison has such a great personality!
He is a helper and a deep thinker and as wonderful a boy as you would ever hope to meet.
I am certain he will be an Eagle Scout following in his dad, brothers, and grandfather's footsteps.

Okay, Logan is simply Logan!!!
My Mini Me - but, oh, so much MORE!!!!
The ME I wanted to be!

We stayed all afternoon and into the evening.
The kids helped to prepare the fruit for dinner that night.

Trystan took that strawberry job seriously!

Aunt Summer arrived with the main course from Chick Fil A!!
A hands down favorite!

Hands around the table.....prayers being said.

Dinner time should be fun and it was!!!!

Harrison wanted to use my camera and took this pic as I waved goodbye!!


I am sad to say that I am still struggling with my toe after the surgery on May 19th.

I had developed an ingrown toe nail in my already bad toe!
That just added insult to injury!
Thankfully, Lovely Nails, right here in Irving on Beltline Road, fixed me right up!

And since I was OUT.....and since it was TUESDAY......

I hit up the Goodwill which just so happens to be a few blocks up from Lovely Nails.

I was happy with the flower vase and candles, napkins and pillow shams.

The Christmas items were 50% off and I bought the moose on a whim!
The quads will love it!

I did not watch the DNC - I am not so much a Republican and I am SO not a Democrat -
however, I come from a long line of die hard Democrats and who am I to not allow my mother to watch the convention?

I was busy doing housework while she watched it and I ran across a collection of political campaign buttons I had.

I vaguely remember a sweet lady giving me these and I knew Mother would enjoy looking at them!

I was right!!


Three quarters of the Quad Squad came over to spend a few days.

The first thing we did was make Dilly Bits!!!
They LOVE these!!!

The second thing we did was fill the pool Aunt Summer bought them and have a pretend tea party!

July isn't July without water!
Baths were done outside that night - easy peasy!

The kids love eating at the picnic bench!
Heart shaped pasta in meat sauce with and garlic bread and pickled beets.
Not much notice given to the pickled beets.

Mother LOVED seeing the kids!!!

She was eating them up!!!

Mother kept telling me to take PICTURES!!!
She is 90 years old and wants them to have photos to remember her by.

I went in to do the dinner dishes and when I cam out, Mother made me understand that the kids had used my iPad to take some photos.
Like over 50!

I kept a few.....

Like this one.....


Louis Dean was a genius in making the sleeping arrangements Wednesday night!
All three kids slept in the den on comfy pallets of covers and quilts and blankets with a foundation of blue packing quilts.
We ALL slept for 10 hours!!!!

I have no photos from when we woke up. Thankfully!!!
Trystan woke me up this morning  by pecking on my arm and saying, "Granddad is cooking BREAKFAST!" She was so excited! Pancakes, bacon and eggs! Win! WIN!!

What wonderful moods we are in when we get some sleep and a good breakfast under our belt!!
The kids felt free to go in the guest room since that's usually THEIR room!!!
 They discovered her magnifying glass.

Mother had a ball with them!!

The kids were so helpful, they even made up our beds!!!
You better believe I left it just like this all day!

Trystan and Logan loved rummaging through my jewelry drawers.

They were fastening vintage necklaces on to one another.

Sweet, sweet!

 Aunt Summer left a surprise gift of dress up costumes and they were a perfect hit today!
A Knight in Shining Armor with his Perfect Princesses!

Of course, we HAD  to have a Royal Tea Party!

Mother enjoyed this as much as we did!!

Granddad bought this video because he loves musicals and thought the kids would enjoy this one!

They DID!!!! I served lunch as they watched......

Trystan and Logan stayed glued to the last scene while Harrison decided a nap was in order.
The girls went to sleep but only AFTER the movie was over.

Logan has been singing and dancing ever since!!!

We spent the early evening outside and the kids discovered a frog in the kitchen pond.
I put a board in to help him crawl out.

They were beyond excited to see him hop up on the board.

Logan was brave and actually touched him.
I helped him up the board and he scurried under the rocks by the pond.

The kids pronounced that he had gone home! So he had!

So that's it for the 'Bits and Pieces' of this week!!
Louis Dean and I are excited about this weekend and a very happy birthday party!!!


Vee said...

What a lot of cute pics! Even the ones taken by the children show talent! Your mother looks so happy with them and how sweet that she wants pics to be taken. Praying for that unspoken request knowing that God knows. He knows all about it and just what is to be done. And your poor toe...praying that it will be feeling so much better soon.

Sandra said...

i am thinking what is wrong with your toe is your are worn to a frazzle, this is quite the week... love the frog and of course all the sweet quad pics, they are so much alike and so much different. both at the same time. hope your toe heals soon.. i did not watch either of the conventions but bob watched both of them and also cnn all day for the past week, i am so sick sick sick of hearing it all and i don't want either one of them to be president... we had words yesterday because not only is he watching which means i have to listen to it all waking hours, when it is off that is all he talks about...

Changes in the wind said...

Glad to hear from you...always get concerned when it is quiet over there. Another great time with the grans.

Susie said...

Linda, I am praying for you and your toe . It is so good the children love being around and are kind to all. I love that they want to help all the sweet. You and LD will miss these wonderful kid filled days once they start school full time. I have no more grandparents' days at school...they cease once the children go to 6th grade. I miss those days. In November I would sooner write my own name down for pres. LOL. This mornings' news said Hillary can only win because she is running against Trump and Trump can only win because he is running against Hillary. Wish we could put them both in office and let them fight it out. Make them work together. LOL
Enough that. I am praying for our special person. I am praying for all involved. Blessings to you, now put your foot up.:):)xoxo, love you , Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

Could these kids get any cuter? :) I love how they are so engaged and helpful too. Kudos to their Mom and Dad! I know that you and LD teach while you play too. Seems Aunt Summer "spoils" them really well! Of course, that's what aunts do, right? :)

I so wish your foot would heal! Any new info about it from your Dr? I so understand the frustration and often limited activities. My prayers continue for all!


Pondside said...

So glad to see this post today. You know that I am holding you all in prayer. xo
We are glued to the TV and have watched both conventions. I will keep my counsel, but just want to say that it all makes great TV!

Arlene Grimm said...

Glad to find out what you have been up to Linda. I love the pictures of the quads with your mom. I do not have a single photo of me and my Mama Swanson, my only living great grandmother. It would have been a treasure. Praying for your unspoken request.

Penny said...

Beautiful post and continued prayers X

Linda said...

What a fun look at the quads. When I was a child I had an Aunt Josie that still looms large in my memories of my childhood. I always regretted my children didn't have an 'Aunt Josie.' Summer is definitely these kids 'Aunt Josie.' She's amazing.

Debby said...

Also fun with those babies. They sure make your mother smile.
Your poor toe. It is slow healing isn't it. Hope it gets better.
I have a new baby granddaughter.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am glad to see you post!I was getting a teeny bit worried, but I did see you on Facebook. LOVE the frog, and it must have made the quads day! they are taking really good pictures! the moose is so cute, and the first thing I thought when I saw it was how much the quads will love it. They are growing so fast!!

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm saying a prayer too, for your toe and the unspoken request. You are troopers to keep the kids while your mother is with you, too! Makes for a lot of enjoyment for everyone though!

I agree with your political leanings!

Carole said...

Linda, your toe looks very inflamed still! I was thinking of you this morning after hearing about the ballooning accident - I had to check how far it was from you. Puts our own troubles into perspective really. Wishing you a good and happy week. Cheers

Bev said...

Your 'babies' are growing... Love and prayers!!

Carla said...

Your mother is right. You need to take lots of pictures for the kids you to remember her by. That last picture of your mom that they took just need to be cropped. It looks so natural. I love the one of her and Trystan. You had a full week.