Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Home Alone......for 5 Minutes

Well, I am nearly 'home alone.' The grands left this evening around 7:00 and Louis Dean arrived from Quadville within 5 minutes after they pulled out of the driveway. 

Levi had a good time here and thanked me for all the fun - but he was ready to go home!!
We lingered in the house visiting for a few minutes and, since the car was locked, he decided to sit on TOP of it! Gotta love that little guy and I DO!

We started the day off with crafts.
Last night we prepped the wood so they were all ready to stencil.

I did one, too!

Both kids enjoyed my collection of shells and wanted to embellish their signs as well.

I love Levi's creativity and the fact he didn't use a stencil at all.

Faith is doing her bedroom with a beach theme so this works right in with that!

My toe was extremely painful and I rested a lot more today than I did yesterday.
I am getting what feels like electric pulses in my toe just out of the blue. At Goodwill yesterday I had to hold on to a dress rack until they eased up. This afternoon we were playing NUTS and poor Faith became concerned when it looked like I was having a seizure. I was trying to be still and let it pass without drawing attention to it. Instead it scared Faith because I seemed to be staring into space. I didn't realize I was twitching!!

We returned the wrong battery to Walgreen's this afternoon and bought the right size.
The camera WORKS!!! We also returned the watch to Goodwill and got this one Levi is now wearing and it works, too!

I let Levi use my camera to save the film in his.
He took this photo of me.

I am relieved that after spending a solid half hour trying to leave a message for my physician's assistant -following all those maddening prompts that tell you to push THIS number for THIS and THAT number for THAT - which I did and then after finally pushing the number for Dr. Crawford's assistant - would you believe it sent me BACK to the very FIRST prompt and I had to do it all over again and then I finally pushed the number for 'make an appointment' which took me to a real voice which then sent me to another line and I got a voice recording asking me to leave a message. You better believe I DID leave one. I was polite but firm. I also said that recent calls were never returned and I fully expected a call back this afternoon. I also requested a prescription for Celebrex which I have found actually WORKS for me!
Guess what? I got a call back AND a prescription called in.
My toe was less swollen all day until this evening when it flared up again.
Apparently the cadaver bone and my bone and the synthetic extender are not all playing well together. I can feel the nerves as they connect and tingle. It will be so nice to just have a normal toe - although I guess that's not going to happen ever again - but at least it will LOOK normal and no extra sensations going on!

I have left Louis Dean in the den with his news programs and fixed myself a simple supper of pasta salad and crackers. I will now take my wine outside and water the plants and then I may very well go to bed and read.

Tomorrow is another day!


Linda said...

If that toe were on me I would be doing nothing but nursing it. No way could I carry on with grandmother visits no matter how delightful and cute the grands. Given the situation rest may not do a lot for it but I'd bee too distracted to socialize with anybody. I do hope that situation gets corrected very soon.

Bev said...

You are a special lady!! Hope that foot starts feeling better!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Levi may well become a photographer. This is the best picture of you ever! You are gorgeous. I am so sorry your toe is still hurting you. Shame on that doctor's office for not having a special line for their surgical patients!!!

Jutta said...

The photo of you is so beautiful! Your beauty in and out shows!! ❤️😊

Susie said...

Linda, Levi is a great kid...he took a beautiful picture of you. I like the signs that you made in crafting. The shells on them was a great touch. Linda, I am praying for you. I want you well and walking again. I can't even imagine the pain. But the looks of your toe, makes me think you are enduring a lot of pain. Try to get more rest with your foot up. Blessings to you and the family. Love you, xoxo, Susie

mxtodis123 said...

I love your photo. Such a beautiful woman both inside and out. Thanks for all your support.

Carol Slater said...

You are beautiful! The crafts look great and that sign will look great in a beach themed room. I wish I were that crafty

Arlene Grimm said...

Those signs were great!! Maybe the electrical shock feelings are a good thing showing that your body is beginning to accept that cadaver bone. I hope so anyway.

Deanna Rabe said...

Oh, Linda! Praying that the Celebrex will help! You amaze me with your energy! Glad your grands had such a great time - good memories made that they will always remember!

You love your family well!

Linda said...

I sure hope that toe feels better soon! Great crafts with the kids!

Sandra said...

looks like your grand kids inherited your artistic abilities and talents and Levi got the photographer genes as well... nice watch... hope that toe gets better soon...

Sandra said...

PS love the new header

Estelle's said...

Bravo for being such an amazing grandmother! Perhaps you should see an Orthopedist about your toe infection...seems to have lasted awhile...worrisome! Ya'll stay cool and get some much needed rest! Hugs!

Penny said...

Ooh Linda! I don't know how you managed to get through such an active day with that pain in your toe. You poor girl. I hope you can rest up a bit now that the grandchildren have gone home. Love the signs you made with them, great idea, so simple and effective! X

Carla said...

You are one tough lady with that toe hurting like that. Darn. I think all the kids and grandkids got some of your artistic talent.
That pasta salad looked pretty tasty. Levi took a beautiful picture of you!