Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday With The Grands!

It's been a fun day and we have even learned a few things from these older grandchildren of mine!

Granddad discovered that Faith loves to sing and that she plays the recorder and aspires to the violin.
Oh, she is speaking his language now!!

Levi is enjoying himself and I admit to trying to spoil them a little bit.
You want beans and rice for breakfast? Why NOT??

Faith and I did some gardening this morning before we lost our shade to the sun.

They went in to play games while I fixed my face.
I tease the grandchildren when I tell them it breaks every night and I have to fix it in the mornings!
Since it was too hot to be outside in the middle of the day......we decided to go somewhere!

First stop - KFC for their Famous Bowls!

That Levi is just about the cutest little boy ever!!

Faith taught me how to use musical.ly!
Although I seriously doubt I would be able to navigate this app without her!

Good Times! Good Memories in the making!

From KFC, we went just a block or so down to the Goodwill.
After all, it IS a Tuesday Tradition!

Levi scored with an old school Nikon camera and a watch.
We stopped at Walgreen's for a battery, bought the wrong size, had to did through a sack of garden debris to find the old one so we can go tomorrow and exchange it for a new one.
There was a roll of film in the camera but I was going to buy another roll and Walgreen's doesn't even SELL film any more.

Faith found this really pretty dress!

Looks so good on her!

She's such a movie star!

So THIS was her stash of treasures!

I found a few things.
The Tinker Toys are plastic instead of wooden like the old set I have that the quads enjoy.
Still, I bet they will like them.

A few Christmas things found their way into my buggy - all 50% off!

I think I will enjoy this comfy night gown.

I bought two HUGE tablecloths!!! Perfect for next spring.

My foot has been causing me so much trouble that finding shoes to wear when I go out is not easy. I may have worn house shoes a time or two. The Crocs work well outside. I have a white pair just like these. The Autumn Run closed toe shoes actually went on fairly well. Hopefully when the cooler seasons arrive, my toes will be well but I'm beginning to doubt it.
Lamp shade, coffee pot, cool coasters, a wine sippy cup - now I really NEED that! and a brand new chip dish with server and cool lamp rounded out my shopping.

Oh, yes! This handy basket with lining is like new.

After Goodwill, we shopped Aldi and filled a cooler bag so full it took Faith and me both to put it in the car and then carry it into the house! Little did I know then that Louis Dean (who had been in Quadville today helping Amber) had stopped by the store on his way home and bought just about every single thing I did! We now have THREE gallons of milk, lots and lots of sour cream and cottage cheese and yogurt among other things.

Big Red Floats were the afternoon treat!

They sipped and watched a movie they had never seen before!

I thought EVERYONE had seen that!!!

Dinner tonight was pretty special. A friend in Midland sent us some tasty seasoned taco meat by way of her daughter who happens to be my hair stylist and I cooked it in the crock pot today while we were out shopping. This place smelled like a great Mexican restaurant tonight!

After dinner entertainment? Faith trying to teach Granddad to play Chess!
That didn't last very long.

Levi went outside to start our craft projects.
We sanded and painted old pieces of cedar to stencil tomorrow.

Faith looks and acts a lot like her Aunt Amber!!

We are all set for tomorrow morning while the deck is still shady to finish our projects!
It's been a very good day and I have totally enjoyed Faith and Levi!! I just wish my toe had not become all upset and inflamed again! I tried to be a 'cool grandma' but I was crippling along very slowly. 

My feet are up and I have declared myself officially off duty.
The kids have showered and are eating ice cream before retiring to the guest room where they will play board games together before going to bed. After I rest a bit, I will water the plants front and back and GO TO BED!
My toe is so swollen it looks like a hot dog that has been boiled too long!
When we got home this afternoon, I brought the mail in and dropped an envelope. The corner of it fell on my toe and made a puncture hole. I was amazed that the whole toe didn't deflate right then and there.  I am crying 'Uncle' and calling the doctor first thing in the morning. Not that it will do any good whatsoever. Just saying.....
I also bought a new knee brace because my left 'bad' knee has been acting up the last week or so.
I think I need to find a really good body shop and go in for a reconditioning!!! Or overhaul!


jamarson1 said...

Sounds like your having a fab time with the kiddos! Hope your foot starts improving quickly. Happy Tuesday:)

Village Antiiques Mall said...

Lucky grand kids, lucky LD and Linda too. Sure hope the Doctor can give you something for your foot/toe pain. What a wonderful day of memories.

Sweet Tea said...

Your poor toe looks so sore and feverish. God bless you, GF!
Sure hope you get relief soon...These grands are adorable too.
What fun it must be to visit with you and enjoy all the treats!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness, I doubt any of Amber's girls will look or act more like her than Faith, that's amazing. Faith and Levi are truly delightful and cute as can be. Sounds like tomorrow is going to be quad day as usual. I'm very concerned about that toe and your body not liking that cadaver bone. I don't think you should take that lightly. I hope you're not going to need that in the other toe's surgery. I can't imagine it ever being cool enough to go outside where you live. I don't know your source of energy but it must be deep. Bob and I went to the store today but it was not a good experience. You can read my post about it. I'm still unnerved about it.

Jutta said...

Music indeed connects people!
I hope your doctor will be able to help you!! 👍🙏

Ginny Hartzler said...

The kids are so beautiful! I just love the face that Levi is making while holding up your nightgown! You really made a haul!! Faith looks awesome in that dress; it looks like it was made for her! But your poor toe! I want to know what the doctor says, be sure and let us know.

Kathy said...

It's a whole different experience with older grandkids, isn't it? Before you know it the quads will be that old. Time goes so fast.

I am really concerned about your toe. Please call the doctor tomorrow. There is definitely something wrong here.

Penny said...

Ouch that poor toe.yes please do go the the doc's tomorrow Linda, that is really concerning. Your older grandchildren are just lovely, and I love that you are initiating them in to the habits of 'goodwill' shopping nice and early, that will make them life long bargain hunters! X

Arlene Grimm said...

What cute kiddos!! And that Faith is beautiful in her pretty new dress. And boys...I love my five!! Hope your toe gets better soon...that has really been an ordeal. Any time you deal with bones, it can be a long healing process.

Susie said...

Linda, I think your knee is hurting because of your toe hurting. We make different steps when hurting which throw us off balance. Those grands are adorable. I loved the dress on faith. Yes, LD is the music man and he would love all children do love music...which is a great thing. Take care of your foot, maybe don't be on it so long everyday...You want to be well girlfriend. Love you guys, blessings to all, xoxo, Susie
p.s. you are all in my prayers.

Bev said...

WOW what a day!!!... Your grands are bless to have you and LD

Sandra said...

Oh no on the knee acting up, glad the toe is doing well. Levi and Faith are both just beautiful. I love their treasures and the dress looks fab on her. i did not know they don't sell film.. wow..

Gypsy Heart said...

Faith and Levi are adorable! I'm sure they provided interesting views of their world and activities. I'm so sorry about your foot/toe. Perhaps you're on it too long? If you do find a place for a body reno, by all means let me know! My back is absolutely killing me! It's so difficult to be inactive isn't it?


Debbie said...

you are the best linda!!! and beans and rice for breakfast, why not??? i've done that!!!!

and they are the cutest kids!!!!

Cheapchick said...

Your older grands are sure good looking kids! (all of the grands are). I am so sorry that your toe and knee are giving you more trouble, don't they know you deserve a break?

Say What? said...

Sweet kids. I know you are enjoying every minute of it, but take care of yourself. That toe looks painful. I hope you get answers and relief soon.

Debbie said...

Soo glad you are enjoying your time with those ADORABLE grands..I do my best to be "cool" too, but my knees do limit me like it or not..sigh. Your poor toe looks soo painful. Hopefully you've called the doc and he has something to do that will help...soon. Take Care!

Linda said...

It's so nice that you are able to have both kids over for a vacation! Looks like everyone is keeping busy. I am doing something different and taking one of my grandsons at a time. I expect the 12 year old any minute....not sure WHAT we are going to do after supper. Sure hope your toe heals quickly!

BeachGypsy said...

Great goodwill finds! today was goodwill for us as well--- got a blouse and lil dresses for princess granddaughter. Need to weed and water too--- just too dang blasted hot! Ha ha