Sunday, July 17, 2016

Three Quarters of a Quad Squad and My FINISHED Night Table!!

We had three out of four of the quads spend the weekend with us.
Kailey stayed with Mama and Dada for a little 'one on one' time.....something that is TRULY special when you have four kids the very same age!

Friday evening we arrived home and the first thing they wanted to do was go outside.
I sprayed them down with bug repellent but I'm afraid there were some kind of insects in the sand.
Logan only had one or two bites, Harrison had more and Trystan had LOTS.
She says that's because she is the sweetest!

Dinner was easy peasy straight from Taco Casa!

They had a new Minnie Mouse Memory game and that was the 'before bedtime' activity followed by reading and then it was night-night.

For the first time the kids slept all together in the guest room with Trystan and Logan on the bed and Harrison on a pallet at the end of the bed and Granddad on the floor beside the bed!
We really do need to get double/bunk beds in there!!
Meawhile, I slept like a baby with a bed all to myself!
We ALL slept a solid 10 hours!
I put some surprise snacks and fresh water on the dresser for them to find when they woke up.
I have done this for all my grandkids and they always look forward to seeing what I have left for them.

For breakfast we served pancakes and sausage on a stick.
That was it. 
Trystan said - before she had taken a single bite - "MeeMaw, we need more than ONE thing to eat or we will still be hungry!" For lunch and dinner I used plates with sections on them and every one had a different food in it! They thought that was more like it.

We spent part of the afternoon searching for bugs.

Can you believe they didn't anything but two dead beetles?

What child doesn't like to dig in the dirt?

I know it may be unusual for some kids but these nearly always take a good nap in the afternoon.
Today was no exception. They slept two and a half hours. 

While they napped, I worked on my bedside table.
I painted the whole thing a grey that I already had. It was not chalk paint.

Since I already liked the drawers, I just dry brushed a little grey on them.

Then I sanded.

Next I used the dark Antiquing Wax. I was very careful at first because you are supposed to be able to wipe it off which did NOT work with the previous try. It proved to be successful this time and I love the way it turned out.

I cleaned up and slipped back into the guest room and slept the last 45 minutes with the kids.

Aunt Summer arrived and brought MOVIES!!!
We all watched Kung Fu Panda 3 - complete with popcorn!

After the movie we went outside in the front yard to play in the water.

Isn't he cute?

Summer sure made this evening fun.
I even had time to talk on the phone to our friends, Kimmy and June.

Since we were outside and in the water - I just added soap and shampoo and we were done with baths!

I hope y'all can pull up this video.
It is so cute.
Called the Bootie Dance!
Logan is the BEST!

All clean and in brand new PJ's from Aunt Summer!!!

Tonight when I was putting them to bed, Harrison said, "Aunt Summer is so much fun! I want her to come BACK!"


Jutta said...

What a happy day! Summer's visit was the topping - great timing!!!
Your bedside table looks GOOD! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Deanna Rabe said...

Bless you all! What fun! What a life saver those naps are!

Love the booty dance!

Penny said...

Beautiful Linda, glad you had a good day with 3/4 of the crew. Your bedside table looks really nice now X

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a great day with 3/4 of the quads. One on one time is important. I like the idea of bathing in the pool. And the booty dance is so cute.

Susie said...

Linda, It was good to see the little ones visiting . They are so sweet to each other and do have fun. What a great bath in the pool. LOL. I know they loved that. Summer is a perfect auntie...bring movies and treats. Sending hugs to all. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

You make their days so much fun! They do so much that they need that nap!

Gypsy Heart said...

Fun times for sure! They are the cutest ~ :)


Linda said...

Only you could have 3four year olds for the week-end and refinish a table during that time. LD definitely gets the grandfather of a lifetime award for sleeping on the floor in the room with those 3 while you sleep undesturbed like a queen. Count on Aunt Summer to appear at the right time with gifts & movies in hand. She deserves the best aunt ever award. Harrison is such a little man, Logan such a little grown up lady & Precious Tryston keeping alive the wonderful experiences of babies & toddlers. Loved this post.

Sandra said...

what i think is cute is YOU on the phone. and OMW how did he sleep on the floor. i would not sleep, i would not be able to get up off the floor or even get down on the floor... i love the table. good job

Wanda said...

I'm so happy that today's post looks like you are getting back to feeling like "Linda" and doing all the things you love that make your life and your blog so fun.
I've thought of you often, but since we have been on a trip, didn't get to comment much.

Love and Hugs, dear friend.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I think I love the pool picture best of all, and you talking on the phone! You are such a fabulous grandma! I know the key is keeping them busy! I love that big basket of crayons on the table. I KNEW you would make the nightstand beautiful!!

Bev said...

I love how you bathed grandma!!!...Your night table looks wonderful Linda great job..... !!!

Kelly said...

I swear you should get a reward for being such s great grandmother! You are so good with them by keeping them entertained and well taken care of. I hope Kailey is recovering well.

Arlene Grimm said...

Love the night stand..looks perfect! I have Margaret coming this week and I may steal your idea of leaving her a treat to find in the morning. Great idea.

Linda said...

You are such a great grandma!!! Yes, I believe one on one time is needed for children with a parent or grandparent. I love the new nightstand redo!

Say What? said...

This post just screams "Summer at Grandmas" What sweet memories for them.
Love the table.

Cheryl said...

Well, if that doesn't look like the nicest day!! Such fun with your little sweeties! I love that you leave snacks and water for when they awake. I am sure that they will always remember such special touches. (I also love that you all slept for 10 hours and then took a nap in the afternoon. I think I need to come and live at your house! ~smile~)

Blondie's Journal said...

I so admire how you keep those critters busy. I have Elsie just 3 hours Thursday nights. I'm always trying to find things to amuse her as it's past her bedtime (parents are playing softball and volleyball til 9:30).

I think it's so cute you leave snacks in their room. And yeah, my kids always took a nap in the morning and afternoon until they were about 4.

Love to you


Carol Slater said...

I love the table and I love the fact that you are so involved with the quads. Now, I want to know your secret because my 14 month old grand doll wears me out on a daily basis.