Monday, July 25, 2016

Our Weekend.....

Saturday morning Amber called and invited me to join her and Kailey in a trip to the movie 'theater!'
Kailey emphasizes the word theater. I usually use capitals to emphasize a word but, according to rules I did not know existed, that means I am YELLING at you! Oops!

Kailey was eating up being an only child that day while her siblings were off visiting their great grandmother.

Our movie of choice complete with popcorn, Coke and a hot dog!!

Next stop???
Here I go, YELLING again!

Just look at this super model pose!!!
Think THAT one is cute???

That's the 'Amber Look!'
She used to tell us that she would be able to control her children with a lift from her eyebrow,
I distinctly remember saying, "What if one of them can lift THEIR eyebrow even HIGHER?"
Guess who can???

Kailey decided she should be the one taking pictures so who am I to say no?
I think she did pretty good!
LOVE that little dress for her! All it needs is a tuck in of the shoulder straps and then we can take it out as she grows.

Here's my haul from Marshall's!

I have already made and drank a batch of that Blueberry Tea!
The coffee will be for Monday morning.
That pasta and sauce is for lunch on Quad Wednesday combined with some ground beef or diced chicken. Amber loves the pink Himalayan salt so I was anxious to try it.

AND I bought a bottle of fragrance to celebrate August 1st!!!
I normally wait until September 1st to use this but LIFE IS SHORT so I am starting new August Traditions.

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Hill Berry

I fell in love with this photo from my friend! I spied it on Facebook and asked permission to share it!
Little did she know I would be using it for my Facebook cover...and here.

Shortly after we returned to Quadville - so did the rest of the crew!

Here's Logan and we were both drooling over the salmon Amber was preparing for dinner.

Here's the finished dish.

served along with pesto pasta.....

and seasoned roasted carrots.

A feast fit for a king! And of course, there is always wine!

I came home and Mother acted like she had been abandoned!
Never mind that Louis Dean had been here all day long.
We tried to sit in the gazebo but it was way too hot!
She went off to the guest room with the promise of a good Sunday to come.

This morning she was all excited about going to church!
I was still in my gown and sipping my coffee and here she was all ready to go!
It is ALWAYS a good thing to attend church services and as long as I am able, I hope to be in church on Sunday mornings!

Lunch out after church has long been a tradition.
Today's choice was Arby's.

Louis Dean got the Brown Sugar Bacon 1/2 Pound Club!
(Yes, I am obsolete and do not know how to make the 'half' sign! Is it any wonder I blog at all with these limitations??)
He could not eat all of it and had the second half earlier this evening.

Are you on Facebook and do you enjoy the 'See Your Memories' on there?

Amber, me, Mother and Summer on a Sunday morning 22 years ago!

Mother, Louis Dean and I all came home and went about our seperate ways until this evening.
I did housework, laundry and took a good long nap.
Mother napped and read and Louis Dean constructed a red neck water cooler for the gazebo!

He drug out our old shop fan.....

drilled some small holes in a PVC pipe.....

and we have some water cooled air in the gazebo!!

I got busy (after my nap) with the craft drawers I have been working on.

Can you see the vintage paddle?
Two paint sticks taped together.
I need to show these to the quads!

Work done and temps are not as hot outside.
Louis Dean went out to water while I worked on my blog post from the gazebo.

Mother was just waiting for tonight!
She loves having a glass of sangria and listening to Louis Dean sing and play music.

HE absolutely loves a good audience!!

It was a Win! WIN!! kind of weekend here!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a great weekend! It looks like you have changed your background to sunflowers! How pretty! Kailey is a born model! She just has the LOOK. The green dress is darling! Louis Dean is so inventine!

Susie said...

Linda, I always love your have so many good ones and you know we want to see the kiddos and some good food and that handsome hard working man of yours. He is handier than a shirt pocket. Love that cooler he made , so you can sit out and enjoy the gazebo. :):) Blessings for a fun new week. Don't over do your toe girl. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

Such a great weekend! How fun for you all!

Win - Win for sure!

Changes in the wind said...

Love the flashback picture!!

Linda said...

That Kailey acts and looks like a mini-teen. No doubt she is going to keep life interesting for Amber and Mike. It's amazing how good Amber is in the kitchen. LD that's an awful lot of work to have the feel of a swamp cooler. Hang in there LInda, September is coming.

Kathy said...

What a fun and productive weekend you had! Love the pictures of Kailey. She is going to give her parents a run for their money when she gets a little older. I enjoyed your throwback picture. Summer never changes, does she?

Sandra said...

love he home made air conditoner and love even more those Amber Eyebrows on that sweet little model. the food looks wonderful to me... i saw Linda wrote Kaily acts and looks like a teen and to me all 3 of the girls do.. they are like mini adults. except much cuter

podso said...

I enjoyed reading about your weekend, time with your granddaughter and mother. Very intrigued with your hubby's skill at making the water cooled air! It certainly is hot right now. Maybe it seems worse because we're tired of the heat. Sorry you had trouble following me; I had trouble trying to follow someone today too. Blog trouble I guess.

Nonnie said...

PRECIOUS!!! I only see it as yelling if all the words are in caps. Kailey is adorable and I love the old pic of you and your family. Looked like an Easter pic! I remember those dresses. .

Debbie said...

Well GOODNESS I guess I am yelling all the time too, as I too use caps to emphasize a word! And lots of exclamation points too!! lol. Don't know if I can/should make myself stop. How would people know the word is emphasized?? lol Looks like a great week-end to me. That movie was a cute one. Took a few of my grands to that one too. Have a good week!

Carole said...

Don't give a thought to using capitals - to me it's not yelling any more than using a bigger font or bolding a word would be. Have a great one from CAROLE'S CHATTER!!!!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How fun to have a 'Kailey date'! You always pack a lot into a weekend. Enjoy your week.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sounds like the perfect day with your girlies. And I love that LD made you a mister for the patio. I love those at some restaurants I have been to in the past. They are so refreshing. The picture of your mom and your girls was so sweet. Y'all still look the same...good genes!

Pondside said...

Your LD is really something. I love that he can make a useful item out of just about anything. What a guy!
You had a family-full weekend, Linda. It must have been nice at the end of the day to enjoy working on your craft drawers - such satisfaction.

Debbie said...

i have heard that movie was awesome!!! amber's food looks good, she takes after you in the food/cooking department!!!!

Kailey looks good, they are getting so big!!! mom looks good as well!!!

Say What? said...

What a great weekend. I've heard that was a good movie. I want to see it.

I love how you love your family. And from the pics, I see their love going right back at 'cha.

Penny said...

Lovely! How wonderful for Kailey to have a 'solo' day with Mummy and Meemaw! X

Vee said...

Kailey is adorable! Always good to give each one that individual time. Hope that you've had a relaxing week...pretty quiet down there in Texas.

Carla said...

Loved that throw back picture of y'all. Amber is so little and Look at you and your Mom. Don't you know the kids love their Only Child day! I'm going back thru the July Posts since I missing all your posts.