Monday, January 11, 2016

Vintage Linens, Trip to Mart and the Historical Feed Store, Evening Camp Fire!!

Maddie is enjoying her stay in the camper.

So far she's been a good girl and is using her kitty box like a little lady.
I made tuna salad today and treated her to the remains in the tin cans.

She likes to look out and if we haven't pulled the curtains up where she can see, she just pushes her head through.

This morning I was taking these photos of my tiny camper bathroom when Louis Dean called out, 
"Slow bogging fodder day???"

I like 'pretty' even if it's in a camper!

I don't share the bathroom since it's so small.
Louis Dean barely fits in here when he comes in to wash his hands or brush his teeth.

When we were getting the camper ready to go down to Katy, Texas in 2012 after the quads were born, I covered the walls with leftover wallpaper from my bathroom at home.
Then I embellished the walls with vintage linens.

I enjoy looking at the beautiful stitching.

I covered the corners with cascades of lace.

I'm all about layering! Wallpaper and a dresser scarf topped with a plaque.

Louis Dean stands amazed that so many things are hanging on the flimsy wire nails I use!

It may not be the usual camper bathroom but it's MINE!

I didn't stitch any of these myself. I used to buy scarves whenever I found them and ended up with a pretty big collection! Since I don't use them on my dressers and tables any more, the camper is a good place for them. I still get to see them and they do pretty things up!

While I did some housekeeping work, Louis Dean worked on his music.

Louis Dean singing 'Railroad Lady.'

This song is River in the Rain from the musical Big River written by Roger Miller.

It was mid afternoon when we decided to go to 'town.'
We needed some fresh fruits and vegetables plus a few other items.

Louis Dean needed oil for his chainsaw plus he needed some insecticide.

"Watson Feed Store, the oldest continuously operating Ralston Purina Feed Store, continues to be a commercial resource and gathering place for the community.

I found it to be an interesting place!

Louis Dean found everything he needed there!

We made a stop at the Post Office and would you believe there was a LINE???
I was shocked! That was one reason I didn't mail my two small packages before we left Irving!
I knew I would have to stand in line and I wanted to get out of town!
Still, it was kind of fun seeing how they do things here.

After our errands, we came back to the camper and Louis Dean cut up the rest of the firewood that was up here.

It made enough for a nice sized campfire tonight!
While it's still too cold to sit outside for very long, we are hoping for warmer weather tomorrow!

I close with this thought for the amazing people who are caregivers.

I immediately thought of my sisters, Deanie and Nita, when I read this.
Mother lived with Nita for 7 years and has been living with Deanie now just over one year.
It hasn't been easy and they have both made tremendous sacrifices.
I've been especially mindful to pray for Deanie these last several weeks.
She is amazing and I am in awe of all that she does in caring for Mother.
I'm not sure Mother fully appreciates all that is done - but the rest of the family is very aware of all that Deanie and Charlie do for her and we thank you!
I also appreciate the years Nita and Mike took care of Mother.
I am also continuing in prayer for all of us a family in making good decisions and helping share the burdens of care giving.

It's still early but maybe I am really and truly turning into a country girl!
Country people go to bed early and I am already sleepy!
Good night, Folks!


Vee said...

So enjoyed Louis Dean's singing and worried about his lunch getting cold, but perhaps it was tuna sandwiches. That was some tip the postman got. The graphic made me think of my sister who has had our dad living with her for over a year. It has not been without its challenges. I'm sure that I don't thank her enough.

Keep having fun, Country Girl!

Vee said...

So enjoyed Louis Dean's singing and worried about his lunch getting cold, but perhaps it was tuna sandwiches. That was some tip the postman got. The graphic made me think of my sister who has had our dad living with her for over a year. It has not been without its challenges. I'm sure that I don't thank her enough.

Keep having fun, Country Girl!

Kathy said...

Maddie is so pretty. She looks just like my Snowy. They could be twins. I like how you keep things so low key and relaxing when you are on the ranch. Even going into town.

I understand caregiving. I took care of my grandmother for 8 years after I graduated from high school until she went to be with the Lord. It was hard but I wouldn't have done it any other way. Caregivers are special people.

Debby said...

Oh your little camper is just darling. Looks like fun.

Cheryl said...

Doing a bit of catching up tonight. (It seems that I do a lot of that these days!) Glad to see that you and Louis Dean are enjoying a little vacation, even though it is ~~cold~~ where you are! But you are having some time away, visiting with loved ones, eating good food, even convincing Louis Dean to play it's all good, even with the cold. :D

A belated Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Nancy Chan said...

I like how Maddie pushed her head through the curtain to look outside and also how you have decorated your small bathroom. I love country songs. It is never easy for the caregivers.

jamarson1 said...

Glad your having some time off and relaxing. I'm excited for your book!

Wanda said...

Thanks again for a delightful day at the ranch. I love your cozy little bathroom and all the vintage linens. Right up my alley!!!
I need to do a new post...but was just too busy today to think of something to share. None of my busyness was post worthy.

Maddie is such a beautiful cat. I miss my Manana, she was snow white too and so gentle.

Sending hugs and loving that LD sings to you.

BeachGypsy said...

The tall old white doors on the feed store i think?...those are amazing! I love old doors and windows and put them on my blog alot

Jutta said...

I do agree with JL London.

Dee said...

I really enjoyed hearing about your day with Louis Dean and you sure do know how to pretty up a bathroom. It's absolutely lovely... :)

Estelle's said...

Don't you just love those old feed and seed stores? I'll bet the one down there is fascinating! The ranch looks goregous and what a lovely way to spend the evening around a little campfire! Yes...caregivers are special, special people. God must be what gives them the emotional and physical strength to do so. Hugs and blessings to my favorite Texas blogger!

Deanna Rabe said...

For some reason, I am unable to see your videos anymore! Boo. Not sure why.

I love that you beautify all your spaces, camper or not! Go you!


Debbie said...

Soo enjoyed my visit as always. You sure know how to make wherever you are comfy, warm and PRETTY! I LOVE that you appreciate and express thanks to your caretakers of your sweet mom. My mom spent her last year and half of life with me and it was definitely very hard. My sisters unfornately didn't always appreciate it much that's for sure, and it would have helped alot just knowing that they did. But then again I was the one who got to spend all that extra time with her in the last season of her life, and it is truly irreplaceable, and I cherish every moment of it now. Enjoy these days at the ranch...I know you will!

Shirley said...

Good Morning, I love the vintage linens that you shared. It does make it pretty. I know what it is being a caregiver for both my hubby 14 years before he went to the nursing home and making decisions for other people lives. The campfire made me think of the evenings that my daughter-in-law cooked supper in her dutch oven over the fire. Sitting around after roasting marshmallows with the grandsons. Fun time. Take care. It is cold here too. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend. Shirley

Debbie said...

early to bed...early to rise, you won't miss the beautiful sunrises!!!

your camper bathroom is just lovely and unique, a lot like you!!!!!

Cheapchick said...

Caregivers are pretty amazing. I am glad my Mom lives close so as she needs more care I can be available to her - 2 blocks away works so when she no longer wants to drive (that is likely a long way off, maybe 8 years when she turns 80 as you retake your drivers exam then) I can run her around.

Susie said...

Linda, I think you and LD both are loving your time there. You are right about care givers. Our sister Pam gave up 7 months of her life to care for daddy when it was near the end. We would all spend time with him....but I think he felt relaxed with Pammy. There was eleven of us kids and few were ever care givers. It's not an easy job. Most times it won't be men. Yes, your sisters are really special. So are you and took care of Amber and the babies and still are there to help out. Blessings to all of you. Love you, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

God bless all caregivers, it is really a tough job. love the keys in your bathroom and the pretty little girl in the big skirt is my favorite of the embroider scarfs. i have one on a table in my living room that mother made. she spent hours and hours doing embroidery.

Penny said...

I so agree with you about Care givers being the forgotten heroes in many familIes and communities. They do an amazing job. Louis Dean is so musical, I can see his music brings him such joy. Music feeds the soul I always think X

Jaybird said...

Yep, it's me again, and I see that you HAVE visited the feed store. It has been in my friends family for over a hundred years. If you go by there on Saturday morning, he will be there and will be glad to tell you all of it's history!!
Love your kitty.....we have a curtain pusher as well :^)
I'm also in love with all of your stitchery....beautiful stuff there!

Carla said...

Yes my sister bless her heart was Dad's caregiver and now she's a little lost. Caregivers do tend to be a victim of circumstance. I think that grocery store in Mart is ran by Pamela's high school friend's family. I think