Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sister Visit!!! Berger's Cream Burgers and a Pet Portrait!

City Sister visited her Country Sister today!!!

We had so much fun!!

I'm using the Selfie Stick Deanie gave me!

I kept trying to get the cows in the picture!

I have my photos out of sequence so now we go back to Berger's Cream.....

to get our hamburgers, curly fries, tater tots and fried okra!
This is a real down home kind of place and I am here to tell you that they DO not take credit cards!!
I had already put in our order before I discovered this. The lady told me I could get $ at the Dollar Store. You know, Cash Back when you make a purchase. I bought a case of water. Except you need a PIN #  to get cash and I don't do debit cards. So I went BACK to the burger lady and asked if she could take a check. Sorry, no. I explained my sister was on her way to meet us and that SHE had $ but I hated for her to have to buy our lunch! I assured her I DID want the food and we would get the $. I then went to the grocery store where they said I could give them a check and get $25 back. I bought a 25 pound bag of kitty litter AND got the $$!!!
*Note to self*
Take some CASH when you visit Small Town, USA!!!

We met Deanie at the Dollar Store in Mart and she rode with us in the big white truck back to the ranch. Those country roads are pretty rough!

This is the 20 second version of our drive from Mart to the ranch!

40 second version is funnier!!

We took our lunch back to the camper to eat and then sat around visiting for awhile.

We left the guys to talk and I took Deanie around to show her some of m y favorite spots!
No, we didn't ride the bikes! Just posed with them!!! Hahaha!

The peacock was a surprise. I'm sure she wasn't expected to see one in the chicken coop!

Pretty critters!

I took her down to the meadow and then up to the big tank.

On our way there, I noticed this beautiful cardinal trapped in an unused chicken coop. He had flown in and couldn't find his was out again. AFTER I took his picture, I opened the door and he flew the coop!

These steps lead up to the
I wonder where these steps used to lead?

The tank was exceptionally pretty today.
The fish were practically jumping up out of the water to get the fish food!

We were like a couple of little girls playing together today.

All too soon it was time for her to go!

She was heading down to Austin to see her grandchildren but had stopped to visit us on the way!
That was so nice of her!! I'm glad I got to show her this place and our cozy camper.
She and I message each other nearly every morning and we send photos but I'm glad she got to see it in person.

We lingered in town for a few minutes and I browsed Virginia's Vintage Flea Market.

I found a Coldwater Creek top as well as a white tee with a little gold bling on it and the two books.
It's amazing how many things this small town has!!

I got out my art supplies and started working on the pet portrait for my brother's birthday later this month while I still had some daylight!

I always feel a little bit of excitement when I start out with a blank canvas!

This is Pepper Jack, Lonnie and Michele's black lab.

Louis Dean rigged some light up for me so I could finish basing the canvas.
In the morning I will work on adding in the details. 

The coyotes start howling as soon as it gets dark!
You can't see much but you can sure HEAR them!!

This morning before we left for Mart, I put on a crock pot of pinto beans.

The camper was smelling so good by the time we got back!

Dean came down and grilled up some pork loin slices while I made cornbread.
This is Louis Dean's plate and his cornbread is under those beans and topped with some fresh sliced onion. Dean also heated up a can of hominy with some butter as a side dish. I ate one spoonful and it was NOT like the hominy I remember eating when I was a little girl. Still, I only ate ONE spoonful!

So this is how we are ending our Thursday night here in the camper.
I'm blogging and we are watching the 6th DVD of Season Two of LOST.
We are coming to the end of our stay here at the ranch.
I've done all the things I was longing to do and I am just now beginning to think about going home.


Kathy said...

How fun that Deanie came to see you. I'm sure you both had a wonderful time. I love seeing pictures of the ranch. That peacock is beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your time there. I know the squads will be glad to see you next week. The ranch is a wonderful place to rest and just be.

Kathy said...

That's quad not squad. Sometimes I hats this Kindle.


How fun!!! Sisters, burgers, shopping, walking, laughing, catching up. Then all too soon, off she goes to Austin. Bummer.

But the end of the day, pinto beans and corn bread. What a meal...a favorite of mine. I must go get the crock pot down and mix up a batch of ham and beans now, for Bud and me!!!

Nancy Chan said...

Your selfie photos are great! So wonderful to have Deanie visit you at the ranch and to spend some quality time with you and Louis Dean.

Linda said...

I believe country life agrees with both of you. However, I'm ready to see some pictures of little people, of life in quadrille.

Sandra said...

oh yum on the pintos, i love them and have not cooked them in a long while, because if forget about them. the selfie shots are so much better with that stick... glad Deanie got to visit and i can see you all had a laughing good time. oh no on the cash problems. we have a BBQ restaurant here that is cash only. locals know, but others don't. they have a very large sign at the door that screams cash only.

Vee said...

My sister and I look nothing alike, but when we talk, people can not tell us apart. We can even fool our husbands. I notice this with you and Deanie. I had to really pay attention to see which one was doing the talking. So glad that Deanie was able to see the ranch and enjoy being with you.

So you are just now missing home. That's good that you have had a wonderful, relaxing time at the ranch. Pretty soon, you'll be missing the ranch again and back and forth you'll go.

Oh and I am glad that you finally were able to get your lunch! Cash is good.

Susie said...

Linda, I always love to see your photos and film clips. You and your sister are so funny in the truck with LD.:):) I love that peacock and those chickens. So pretty. Wow, I would so love some art lessons with you. You did that dog picture fast.Can't wait to see it. Blessings, have a safe trip back home. Love you guys, xoxo,Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

How I wish that I had a sister! You are so blessed, Linda!

That painting is looking great - their dog reminds me of our Sadie. I hope you'll show us the finished version of the painting!


BeachGypsy said...

Looks like yall had a ball together! Fun!! That is how i eat my pinto beans too! And i love them! Wow that Pepper is one gorgeous dog!!!

BeachGypsy said...

Wow where did that beautiful peacock come from???

Ordinary J said...

I never had cash with me because I become so dependent on my credit card that I always forgot to carry cash. My mother-in-law always nagged me to bring cash so that in case I get robbed, I will have some cash available to be robbed. She says robbers in America usually shot and killed the victims when they found out there was no cash and they got pissed off. I'm not sure if this is true since I grew up in Hong Kong and crime rate is extremely low there. Death due to gun violence each year is zero. I love "Lost". It's an extremely addictive show because there is always a cliff hanger at the end of each episode:)

Sweet Tea said...

You've had some great times on the ranch right here smack dab in the middle of the winter. Who would have thought it? Beautiful photos and I think I can smell those pinto beans!

BeachGypsy said...

Our daughter gave me selfie stick for Christmas and i have no idea what to do with it Lord have mercy!!!

Penny said...

That little red bird is so very beautiful! We don't have birds that colour in Scotland (except our faithful robin red breasts, but their red is more muted, and only across the breast) Sounds like you and Deanie loved your day together. Happy times X

Jaybird said...

It is so fun reading your are talking about our stomping grounds too!! Virginia and her husband are friends...her store is a treasure trove of goodies just waiting for the right person to show up. The shabbylicious place across the street also has some cute things!
Blessings to you,

Carla said...

How Nice that Deanie got to come your way on the Ranch. I'd be surprised with a peacock in the chicken pen. LOL
He sure was pretty.
You're not in the city no more. LOL Cash talks Plastic walks. LOL. We found that out at the BBQ place in Gause. Cute 20 second story. lol