Friday, January 22, 2016

Flowers in Winter and Louis Dean Sings.....

I am seriously trying to slow down and not work so hard this year!
Or as Deanie says, I'm 'Dialing it Back!!'
There's still some Christmas in the house but I am making steady progress taking it down a little at a time and without totally exhausting myself!
I find I need a lot more sleep/rest than I used to! If we go to bed at midnight, it's 10:30 before I get up. That was the way it was last night. After our coffee and Bible reading, Louis Dean and I did the Karate exercises he used to do when he was in martial arts. You know, he IS a black belt in Karate!
We made a pact with each other that we will go through the exercises every morning while we are still in our pajamas. This was Day #2. 

This afternoon we dressed and went out for a bite of lunch and a trip to Sam's!

We meant to get pizza or a hot dog at Sam's but remembered Arby's was on our way - so Arby's it was! I ordered a Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich and Louis Dean got the biggest one they had!

Curly fries and onion rings - YUM!!!
Good thing we are exercising!!! Hahaha!

We can't seem to get out of Sam's without spending a lot of $$.
Today was no exception but we only bought the basics we were out of - and we were out of a LOT!
Louis Dean and I shop together with one basket. HE gets to push. When we start to check out, I go get the car. After we get home, he unloads and I put things up! Win! WIN!! Team work!

I made a pitcher of tea and went out to pick some mint to add to it and noticed all the bird activity.
The mint was under that bird house and a bird flew out right over my head!

ALL the bird houses here are occupied.

Well, maybe not THIS one! I can't tell for sure.

Bird seed was on our grocery list today. I had filled all the feeders on Wednesday and the front can was empty. We store the feed in galvanized trash cans- one on the front porch and one by the kitchen for the  feeders in the back yard.

We've been following the terrible snow storm on the east coast and thinking about everyone affected by it. It will be 29 degrees in the DFW area tonight so it feels like winter here to us.
I will go hover over the blog feed after I journal tonight to see how all my friends in the path of the storms are faring.

Roses are still blooming here!
The bees have been buzzing around like it was spring already!
I bent over the big rose in the upper right corner to sniff when I heard it zinging!
Thank goodness I hadn't put my nose down there and given it a good sniff!!
A bee came whizzing out and it didn't seem too happy!

I could hardly believe it when I saw my honeysuckle blooming!!!
And the LANTANA, too!!! Now mint will live and grow no matter the weather or what you do to it!!

The Carolina Jasmine is blooming and I see several buds about to open.
Not sure if tonight's freeze will put a stop to that or not!

Our rosemary bushes are full and fragrant!
When I pulled the LONG strand of colored lights out of the flower bed, the lovely fragrance of rosemary filled the air.

The days seem to be kind of special since we came home.
Perhaps it's my new attitude or maybe it's getting my house looking cozy again after all the 'debris' from the fall and Christmas. Whatever it is, I feel like I'm 'playing house' and I'm having a good time doing it! No appointments or things I HAVE to do, or places I HAVE to go. I'm enjoying these days.

The Alaskan Bush People aired 'Lost Footage' tonight and just as we settled down, the electric part went out on my recliner - again!! We paused the program and my handy dandy husband got to work on the problem - again!

This time he added extra wire to make it longer so it wouldn't pull apart.

He wanted to fix it tonight since the quads are arriving in the morning to spend the weekend with us.

While I worked on my journal entry, Louis Dean was in his room singing and playing the guitar.
He was singing 'The Promise and the Dream' - a fitting song for the times we are living in.

I decided to record him and I was able to upload the entire song.

It's been a fine Friday and I'm looking forward to a fun Saturday and Sunday with four little quadlings! I usually know exactly what we are going to do and when we are going to do it!
Not this time. I am going to totally wing it and see how that works!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

BUSY weekend with lots of hugs and sweet voices. Looking forward to your photos. Hugs.

Linda said...

I am proud of you for remaining mindful of the need to pace yourself. That Louis Dean is handy as a pocket. I went through a lot of bird seed when we lived in Texas. I don't feed the Oregon birds. Keeping birdseed dry is a nightmare, rains too much. Wet bird seed gumming up bird feeders is a real mess. We spent about 6 months having several doctors appointments every week. That stopped the week before Christmas & Bob doesn't see a doctor until March. It's glorious. Now about winging it with the quads, you are a braver woman than I am. I have no doubt though you'll make it look easy. Sounds like it's going to be too cold for the little ones to play peeping Tom. If you get a spare minute give us a report.

BeachGypsy said...

Enjoy your special time with those precious children!! They are all so sweet! Lively times this weekend!!

Susie said...

Linda, Your Karate Kid is pretty cute. :):) I liked the song that LD sang to you. It's nice to read that you will rest when you need it. :):) You are a busy girl . I went to the grocery do not have to be there long to spend a lot of money. LOL I loved seeing all you flowers blooming and was amazed at how does seem like spring or summer there. Here I sit counting the days till spring, oh it's 57 more days. LOL. We have snow on the ground but the sun may shine some today. Blessings to all of you there. Love you guys, Susie

peggy said...

Thank you for the sweet song and the suggestion to go get the car when checking out at Sam's. Now I have to find someone to go shopping with me. I have tried their "order ahead" and that worked out nicely, saved me some walking but I really like seeing everything I wouldn't buy anyhow. Love the song!!

Arlene Grimm said...

Marvin is retiring at the end of the year and we have heard that a Costco or Sams membership is necessary!lol...Apparently that is a day out for lots of our friends. And I have heard you need to plan on a day when they are giving out samples. We had a dusting of snow here but so glad it was not a lot. Snow is not as fun when you have to deal with it!! Especially for us Southerners.

Nancy Chan said...

I love curly rings and onion rings. Great to see your garden plants doing so well. You and Louis Dean is a beautiful couple.

Sandra said...

i am trying not to laugh out loud at the thought of you dialing it back'. let us know if that happens. you have more energy than anyone i know.... glad he got your chair wire up again... i wonder what the quads will think of no planned activities.. waiting to hear

Latane Barton said...

You two are just the cutest things. I love hearing about your 'team work' and all the little things you do that sounds like fun to me. I wonder how in the world you can handle quads, I can hardly handle myself!! hehe.

Pondside said...

I love your description of your shopping team work - too cute! Enjoy your roses and lantana and honeysuckle!

jamarson1 said...

The bird feeders are fabulous!

Deanna Rabe said...

Enjoy your weekend!


Kathy said...

Love, love, love LD's song. He has an audience with me and Joe whenever he wants.

You have such cute birdhouses. I don't have any at all.

I want to see you "dial it back". I think even taking it easy you do more than I do in a day.

Have fun with the quads. Can't wait to see what you do together.

Debbie said...

ooooh i just LOVE that ld, he's the best!! as you know, things are looking a little different here on my corner of the world, but i'm loving it!!

we are safe and warm, but it's still snowing. many thanks for your love and support on fb!!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I just came from a blog with scenes of abundant snow...and her I see flowers in bloom! Enjoy your 'quad weekend'!


You two manage to keep yourselves busy....and happy!! The happy is all that matters. And yes, I do believe team work as you put it in words, is most important. And top off the day you are serenaded! How awesome can life be?!!!

Sweet Tea said...

I'm so envious that you have flowers still in bloom. Thanks for sharing them with us, it rminds me of my time in Louisiana. Enjoy those grands this weekend!

Penny said...

I can't see your videos when I read your blog on my ipad, so tomorrow morning I am going to listen to LD sing and play, I would really like to hear that. So glad you are taking it a little easier Linda, and giving yourself time to 'smell the roses' (though not the one with the buzzing bee in it!) x