Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Rainy Day on the Ranch

This was our first full day here and it has been a good one.

We started out our day the same way we do at home - with coffee, Bible reading and devotionals.
My sister, Nita, gave me the devotional book we're using for this year. The Lord is speaking to my heart and I am trying to listen.

This is what I see when I open the door to our camper!

Later in the morning my stepson came down to visit and have another cup of coffee with us!

It is so good to be here!
I wish everyone could meet Louis Dean's son! He is so funny and charming and smart!
We always enjoy our talks and he does make us laugh! A LOT!!

Louis Dean and I went on a walk this afternoon down to the gate.

No sunrise or sunset today - just a lightening and darkening of the cloudy sky.

We always see interesting things around here!
This WAS a snake and I'm glad I didn't meet him when he was alive!

I have thank you notes to mail so I will be walking back down to the mail box again tomorrow.

Louis Dean has been feeling so much better since the weather turned colder.....
even though he is NOT a fan of COLD!!!
I am not a fan of HOT!!

This herd of cows are just across the road from my stepson's place.

It's fun being out here with the critters!

I love to hear them moo.......

They all stood still and posed for me!

Now THAT'S a bull!!!!
Louis Dean cautioned me not to get too close and when I saw how loose the fence was I decided he was right!

Louis Dean says there's always a donkey in every herd.
 He told me why but I have already forgotten!

Now you can hear them!!!

We are back inside the gate now!

The horses came up to greet us!

All three of them are rescue horses.

They come right up to us now.

It was a relaxing walk and the fresh air did us good!

The goats escorted us back to the camper where I left Louis Dean and then I went on down to look t the tanks.

The little tank is full of water once again.
Back in October it was bone dry!

There's still leftovers from the fall - not sure exactly what these are!

Flowers can be hardy little things! Surprised the goats haven't eaten them!

I see these here and there and am hoping it's not a snake hole!
I'm such a city girl! Not sure if snakes have homes in the ground or not!

The big tank is full and beautiful!!

The sounds here remind me of  On Golden Pond!
I feel like I'm living my own miniature version of the movie!
However, I haven't started calling Louis Dean and old coot yet!

Speaking of Louis Dean - he took a nice nap just about the time the rain started.
I hooked up the printer and printed off all my notes and research papers for the book I am preparing to write. It's a little scary and a little exciting but I really do feel like it's something God has called me to do. I have had thoughts of writing a book - serious thoughts! - since 2010. Last January I realized it was time to start the groundwork. In February of last year Deanie and I took a trip together and I began filling in a time line of our childhood. Through the year we reached out to our cousins and were able to fill in some more information while reconnecting and forming relationships with them. It has been a wonderful journey so far even though it has been painful at times as we come to grips with situations and feelings we had not addressed before. God is good and God is gracious and we believe this has already been a healing journey for all of us.

After I got all the printing done, I cleaned off the table and we played dominoes for awhile before bedtime - which has been earlier than usual for us lately!

Louis Dean is already in there sound asleep.
This is ideal sleeping weather with the rain hitting the roof of the camper.
No sound machine needed tonight!!


Deb said...

A nice day in the country! I'm excited about your book

Linda said...

I have no doubt your book will be entertaining and interesting. Just don't get so into the book you stop blogging. Tell the goats Linda says "Hi."

PATI CLARK said...

Love all the photos !!! What a great way to start your day ....I also have that same devotional !!! Blessing on your book & I can't wait to read it so get busy(lol) !!! Enjoy your time on the ranch !!!

Kathy said...

Glad you got there safely. Enjoy your time at the ranch. Good luck with your book. I would offer to edit it for you, but you already have an editor! Can't wait to read it.

Nancy Chan said...

Linda, I love your day at the ranch. So wonderful to see the animals at the ranch and taking a walk around the place. Good luck with your book writing. I am sure it will be a great book.

Kelly said...

That ranch area is soooo nice and peaceful. I can see why you like it. I'm always amazed how flat some states are. I live in north GA just below the mountains and we have lots of hills and curvy roads. I bet you can see for miles when you're out on the ranch! On Golden Pond is one of my favorite movies too! I can imagine feeling like you're there. Congrats on starting to write your own book! That's so exciting. I would love to read it one day.

Mummers said...

Did you see "Walter" in the big pond? Another thought from Golden Pond - are you swapping spit with LD? LOL! So glad you made it to he ranch, I enjoyed your blog. Love you MOM!

Deanna Rabe said...

I know you are enjoying every minute of your time on the ranch. I'm so interested in your book. My mother never knew her biological father, and my grandma said she didn't know who it was. That's a whole in her life that she'd rather not have but life is never perfect and you have to choose to have joy and love God. That's what my Mom has done and what you've done too!


Susie said...

Linda, I do hope you get some nice sunny days while there. Yes, I was thinking that was a big old mean looking bull. As long as you can out run LD, you'll be fine. LOL. I am just teasing him you know. Love that guy. The farmers around here some times have a donkey in with sheep because of coyotes...that's what Ted told me. Hey what do I know, born under a dang rock and kept in the dark.LOL. Linda, Is your book going to be about your life? If it is , I just have to have one...cause I am sure we had some similarities growing up. Blessings for a fun day of family time with the kids. xoxo, love you guys, Susie

Linda said...

It must be so much fun and relaxing to be in the country with someone who shares your enjoyment of it. The horses are beautiful, I have always loved horses. I haven't played dominoes.....I like to play games and have a hard time finding someone to play with.

Sandra said...

I sure would love to visit the farm. love the white face on the one cow and that big white daddy guy.. sweet donkey is called donkey defenders, they are watch dogs for the other animals..

Vee said...

Peaceful day at the ranch...have never heard about the purpose of a donkey companion for horses...revisit that for me will you?

Yay for starting your book. You are a tenacious gal and you will be successful in your task. I am convinced!

BeachGypsy said...

Looks so quiet and peaceful! Good for the soul

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh I love your land. It makes me think of my grandparents home place. I miss it. I love that devotional book. I've had several and I always give them away because they are so personal and speak volumes.

Jill said...

Awesome pictures and that bull and snake would have had me running! LOL


Jill said...

Awesome pictures and that bull and snake would have had me running! LOL


Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so so glad you're relaxing and enjoying yourselves! I've had "Jesus Calling" for a couple years and have given it as gifts. I'm very interested in your book and I think writing it will be cathartic ~ it would be for me although it's scary to think about. :) It's good for the soul to be with God's creatures isn't it?


Penny said...

I am so very interested in your proposed book Linda, and just cannot wait to see it in print. I can just picture the relaxing scene as you and LD nod off in the caravan with the rain pattering down on the roof- sounds so cosy and lovely! X

Robin said...

I don't know about your part of the world, but here we keep donkeys against coyotes! Always interesting to read about your adventures!

Wilbert Bowers said...

Hey Linda,

How are things there in Irving? I miss Texas so much and it's good to see pictures of it. Some people don't understand the appeal. I guess it's not for everyone. What a great rainy day and what a great step-son for bringing coffee! Love your Texas mailbox and look forward to your next blog.

Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group

Linda said...

Hello!!! I'm so happy to 'meet' you! I tried to reply to your comments but it says non reply blogger!
Thank you for visiting me!!

Carla said...

I'm glad you didn't meet that snake when it was alive either and yes snake do live in holes sometimes but then so do frogs. LOL. Donkeys do defend against coyotes so that's what most people have them. Glad you have the ranch to to get away and and just relax

Wilbert Bowers said...

I love all these pictures. Reminds me how much I love living away from the city. No tolls, no traffic, no smog. I love being able to see farm animals on the side of the road, love the roads with zero traffic, and you can not beat the friendliness of the locals. I would not trade my life for anything.

Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group