Friday, January 8, 2016

Celebrating Friday ~ Country Style!!

One of the perks of having our camper on Louis Dean's son's ranch is that he gets to visit with him when we're here!

I took this picture last night as they were talking and laughing!!

Dean was showing his dad a You Tube video - Colt Ford's 'No Trash in My Trailer' and it was funny!
At least I think so by the way they were laughing!

This morning we woke up around 9:00 and I was glad I had set the coffee up last night so all I had to do was click the pots on and crawl back in bed until it was brewed!

This morning  was a good time for a hot shower!
My sister, Deanie, gave me this shower basket back in 2012 when we lived in the camper down in Katy, Texas. I used it then and I use it now. My niece gifted me the set of Bath and Body Works products! We take showers and hot baths for granted at home. No big deal. When we are camping it's a little different! Showers - especially HOT showers - are a special pleasure!

We spent part of the afternoon playing Tri-Ominos!
Louis Dean is not a big fan of playing games but he was a captive audience with little else to do.
(So far I'm winning but we will finish the game tomorrow!)

Sherry arrived this morning and she and Dean came down to visit this afternoon.
It's like a party when she gets here! She seems to bring a burst of happiness and extra energy when she comes! We talked and laughed and caught up with all the happenings. Then they got a call for help from one of their neighbors and they were off to pull him out of the mud!

It's wonderful how country folks help each other!
When someone calls - help arrives!!
Friendly help!
This was fun for everyone!

By the time they got back it was suppertime!
We had the makings for sirloin burgers and French fries.....

and Sherry had a French fry cutter!

A demonstration! Works like a charm!

Our camper smelled like a good diner tonight!

Behold! A perfect plate of fries!!!!

Our patty maker!

My step son did the grilling for us........

and it was GOOD!!!
Sherry had brought some Cherry wine which made it a genuine PARTY!

We even had a camp fire thanks to my step son!!

Friday night - Country Style!!!

This photo came up in My Memories on Facebook today.
Taken in January of 2012 - exactly 4 years ago!

Our evening entertainment continues!
We just started the second disc of Season Two!

PS.....I just added a 'Follow by Email' feature to the blog for those who might be interested.
Blogger is making some changes and it may affect how some readers follow blogs.
I would never want to be intrusive and I want to warn you that I tend to post a journal entry nearly every single day. 


Cheapchick said...

Another fine day at the ranch - dinner looks amazing. You are fortunate he has such a fine son and wife :)

Jutta said...

That FOOD looks so good!!

Susie said...

Linda, That's the way to camp, relaxing, playing games and cooking good meals. The kids must truly enjoy you guys being there. It's so good for all of you. Tell Dean, I was huge Earnhardt fan. I should do a post on that. LOL. Your new deck is a blessing there isn't it? Hugs to all, xoxo,love , Susie

Sandra said...

fire pit and my favorite meal.. wish i were there. love the pic of LD and his son laughing. they look so happy. that is some contraption cutting the fries. yum and easy.. hot showers are one of my favorite things to do.

Kathy said...

I've seen that fry cutter and always think I'm going to get one. I never do though. But they really work!

Glad you are having such a good and relaxing time on the ranch. Enjoy yourself!

Arlene Grimm said...

I will have one of those burgers please. What a fun time you are having. And you are right about country people helping each other. I grew up in the country and remember my own daddy going to help anyone who needed him. I have heard about the Blogger/Google changes as well. I guess I will just trust that those who want to read my blog will continue to do so. I know I will be reading yours Linda.

Linda said...

I am sooooo Jealous....of your camper, of the relationship with family, of the food, of the campfire, of having someone to play a game with. But I'm over it now. Looks like a great time, glad you are enjoying it!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Now that looks like a perfect camping party!

Linda said...

I'm having a great time reading your camper living experiences.

Shirley said...

Linda, I wonder if all of the younger generation have french fry makers. I think we would be just a little cold to camp out or say a lot. Although we have cooked on the grill when it was cold. I enjoyed your post today. Take care and have fun camping. Hugs and Prayers from you Missouri Friend Shirley

Bren Murphy said...

Hi Linda,
Awesome image out the back of the pick up looking into the distance -= love it!

the life coach

BeachGypsy said...

Mercy those homemade french fries do look delicious!!

NanaDiana said...

Your posts always overflow with life and love, Linda. It is always fun to pop in here. xo Daina

Diana Ferguson said...

Great times! Continue making those memories.

PATI CLARK said...

I need one of those fries cutters !!!! Perfect for sweet potato fries favorite !!!! You will have to let me know where Sherry got it !!!!

Nancy Chan said...

What a fun time at the camp, making and frying patties and enjoying a camp fire meal.


Oh those burgers and fries....and the campfire. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Calories, cholesterol and all of it. I'm so there in spirit!

Rob Hunt said...

Got to love the country Life room to move fresh air friends and family. Take care!

White Lace and Promises said...

I love the way you live life!

Say What? said...

There's nothing like a burger while camping. The fries look good, too. I love how country folks do help a neighbor out. I miss it. Honestly, I just wish everyone helped one another out. It's such a "me" society right now, but we won't get into that.

Penny said...

That looks like a proper Friday night ceilidh to me! Isaac (my youngest) would approve of the home made chips. He is a chip fanatic, and very fussy! X