Thursday, September 3, 2015

Quad Wednesday and a SLOW Thursday!

I always get up early on Quad Wednesdays so I can be READY when the kids arrive!

I had my coffee and spiced pumpkin muffin with a little bit of cream cheese on top to start off the day. I absolutely LOVE these sunflowers! Our daughter in law brought them to me Tuesday as a September 1st gift! They are just so PRETTY!!!

I had grown a tiny bit impatient waiting for the little ones to get here so I was outside getting the bird feeder down when they pulled up! They had not been here for THREE weeks!!!

Oh, how they loved all the fall decorations!!!
Trystan ran from room to room exclaiming, "MeeMaw!!! There are pumpkins EVERYWHERE!"
I KNEW they would love seeing the house all dressed for fall!

They quickly went to their favorite places looking for their favorite toys.
I had reorganized the guest room and Harrison asked me to come in there and show him where his TOYS were!!! Logan asked me to move a lamp so she would have room to lay out a play like tea party. They know what they want!! I love that they feel so comfortable here!

We did some crafts before lunch!

Everyone chose a block of wood and painted it with one of three shades of orange.
We also painted wine corks with green paint for the pumpkin stems.

This is what we have so far.
I will wax them with a dark wax and then we will add chevron stripes or polka dots or simply draw some lines on them. I am unbelievably out of raffia!!! I MUST get some!!! OR I may use some jute and some fall leaves for embellishments. We'll see. 

They also used the leftover paint on our plates to stamp pumpkins on a piece of white cardboard using a sponge I have had since Amber and Ben were small children!

I added a little bit of detail.....

and this is what they took home last night.

I  had some leaves for them to color and I will make a banner of those for them to take home next time.

Granddad entertained the kids with a video on his computer of Robin Hood and Little John while I prepared lunch.

He loves it as much as THEY do!!

I set lunch up in the den.

It is so much fun to watch the kids enjoy all the fall things!
After we ate, once again, Granddad had them all in there with him watching some more of the video while I cleared away the dishes and prepared the den for naps.

I turn out all the lights except the one I use to read by and I even cover that one with a throw leaving only enough light for MY eyes! I throw down four different covers or blankets or quilts and a pillow for each then I turn the A/C up! Chilly air seems to help them cover up and sleep better. I know it works that way for me! We are now in 'The Little House on the Prairie' as well as continuing in the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book! I sleep while THEY sleep!

We usually have a tea party after nap time and this day we had company!

June (at the end of the table) and Kimmy, her daughter joined us and we had a BALL!!!

Harrison was ever so charming and kept them laughing all the way through!
We had so much fun that we sat at the table long after the tea party was over just visiting.

Trystan asked to let Lucy out of her kennel and she sat under the table with her!
All four of my children love Kimmy and June and now these quads do, too!!!
Our friendship goes back to the late 1960's!

Kailey totally captivated June and sat in her lap for hours - just as Amber did when SHE was her age!
Kailey loves cameras and PHONES! June showed her some of her photos and then Kailey proceeded to show June ALL of them right back to her! June said, "Let me show your MeeMaw the one of the dog in the his car seat."

Kailey said, "I will show her!!"

And sure enough, she spun her little fingers around on the screen and pulled up the photos and found just the one she was looking for!! It's like she has a photographic memory!!

Logan was quick to tell June, "I'm MeeMaw's MINI ME!!" Kailey told her, "I'm my MOMMY'S Mini Me!" while Trystan chimed in, "I'm my Grand mommy's Mini Me!" And everyone knows Harrison is a Little Mike!!

We talked Kimmy and June into staying for pizza and the kids were still sad to see them go!
They like to watch people as they drive away so we were all gathered on the front porch when Kailey put her hand to her mouth and said, "I forgot to give her a KISS!!!" Nothing would do but for her to run down the driveway and give kisses to both of them!!
As the car was backing out of the driveway, Trystan said, "I LOVE them ladies!"

I had told June earlier, "They perform here just about every Wednesday!!!"
She assured me they will be BACK!!!
The quads totally stole their hearts!!

Baths followed and I wish you could have heard them in the bathtub!!
They were laughing and playing and had the BEST time!!!
I didn't want to take a photo so I took a little recording with the camera pointing at the floor.
However, Blogger will not allow me to upload ANY videos lately!!
It was such happy sounds - I have listened to it several times just to hear them again!

The parents picked them up all clean and with their teeth brushed and ready to go to bed!
So were we!!

I give 100% of myself on Wednesdays so Thursdays are SLOW days for us.

Chicken and dumplings sounded good to both of us so I fixed that for a LATE lunch.

We usually watch an old episode of The Closer while we eat.

My friend, Dawn, from Florida gave me this bag full of Bath and Body Works goodies a few years ago and I bring the bag out again to use every fall.
Logan ( who is a little bag lady after my own heart ) saw it hanging by the oven mitts when she was here. She LOVES bags. I took the bag down this afternoon to put some things in it to take with me tomorrow and I noticed it felt heavy.

Logan had loaded it up with some of her treasures - and then hung it back where she got it!!

All the toys are back in place. The kids pick up most of the things themselves before they go home. The gazebo is feeling a bit empty tonight.

I have some catching up to do on my Country Diary!
I don't want to forget all the cute things they said and did yesterday!


Sweet Tea said...

So glad all is well at your place as you enjoy your September. Things look lovely and the kids are adorable.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you Linda. Loved catching up. Such sweet little ones. You take the best pictures.

Deb said...

I'm so happy you have Quad Wednesday oh the memories you are making !

Amber B. said...

All the fall decor looked great and the kids told me again today how they had fun at meemaw's house!!!

Vee said...

You do such fun things with them! It must be more fun than preschool. =D

I miss the videos that blogger is not allowing you to load. I had a few problems even loading pics, but have not tried a video.

Nita said...

I love to see the arts & crafts projects you plan for the quads. This will enable them to be artistic and have a great eye for color and strike up a creative side in them. The fun tea parties you have for them,(starting when they were still bottle fed) teaches them & has taught them table manners. Great job ! Mee-maw !

Stacey said...

I just love seeing the things you do with the quads. :)

Arlene said...

I always enjoy seeing what the quads are up to! Love those wooden pumpkins!! Can't wait to see the finished project. And I had a jackolantern sponge like yours that I used when I taught preschool!!

Sandra said...

i totally enjoyed the quads wed visit. great idea for nap time, i sleep so much better when it is cool enough to snuggle under a cover. wonder what is up with blogger? your day was beautiful even here on your blog and i laughed at the mini mes and mini mike... to funny. your house looks great

Cheapchick said...

No doubt the kids loved looking at all your fall goodies, I would have too!

Susie said...

Linda, What a wonderful day with the quads. They sure made a lot of pumpkins. I love those and the ideas of putting stripes on them or polka dots, or even to make them plaid like. You could rip up an old flannel shirt for strips of cloth to tie around the stems. I love how sweet the children are to all who come around. That surely must have touched the ladies hearts. Such a good granddad to watch the movies with the little ones. Blessings to all of you for a fabulous weekend., xoxo, Love all of you so much. Susie

White Lace and Promises said...

What a great memory-maker you are! I'm gonna be looking for me some wooden blocks to paint with the grands. Darlings.

Debbie said...

What an awesome read!! You really are an amazing grandma, I don't know why they would ever want to go home!! In fact, I would love to live with you, mostly for the meals but also for the arts and crafts!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Penny said...

Those home made wooden pumpkin blocks look so effective! The quads really enjoyed their day with you Linda, no wonder you wanted a quiet Thursday X