Friday, September 18, 2015

Fort Worth Friday! Fall Hall and Bath......

I had a MUCH better time last night than I did the night before!
I am loading up with those herbal remedies and it takes a good little while to mix and drink and swallow all of it - especially when it's THREE times a day - but I am feeling so much better!
Since it's a 'delicate' subject, I won't share the hilarious adventures Ruth Ann and I had today just in getting TO Fort Worth and getting to the 'places I needed to go!'
We laughed so hard that it made my situation even more tricky!!!
Still, as the day wore on I felt better and better!
I think someone must have prayed for me!
I know I asked Louis Dean to pray for me last night before we went to bed.

I got to the beauty shop to pick Mother up right on time! Actually I was just a tad early but I was anxious to get there! SO glad Ruth Ann was with me because I sped up to the curb in front of the shop, pushed on the hazard lights and lit out of the car like my hair was on fire! I raced right PAST the room where Donna was finishing Mother's hair. I'm sure she only saw a blur!! 
A few minutes later,  I sashayed into her salon room like a real lady!

Mother and I were glad to see each other!!!
A miracle happened for Mother yesterday as she was sitting in the car waiting for Deanie. It was her regular check up visit and all was well. Then as she sat in the car - she felt something different on the right side of her face. When Deanie got in the car, Mother said - clear as a bell! - "I can HEAR!! I can HEAR!!! I can TALK!" Her hearing has been bad for the last couple of years. She was thrilled and couldn't wait to tell me all about it this morning!!!
Now she can say a few words that's she not been able to say since her stroke 10 years ago on September 26, 2005. While she cannot speak clear enough to carry on a full conversation or to even give several direct answers or ask direct questions, there IS some improvement and for that we are all so happy!

She can talk well enough to try and tell me how to drive and where to go!!!

I drove the short distance to Mimi's Cafe while she was giving me directions to IHOP!
She finally leaned back in her seat and said, "Well, okay!"

We had the best time!!!
I ordered a mimosa and Ruth Ann and I split an omelet.
The menu now has the CALORIES listed on every item!!!
I wish they hadn't gone and done that!!

Mother had two HUGE griddlecakes with TWO small pitchers of syrup!!
And several cups of coffee!!! She said, "Oh, that's so GOOD!"

We went to Deanie's afterwards and stayed for a little visit!

Ruth Ann got the memo this morning as to the dress code!
She wore black shoes and I wore white ones but I carried a black purse and she carried a white one!

My sweet long suffering sister!!!
I'm certain Mother has no idea how much Deanie does for her and what a wonderful life she has, all  thanks to Deanie!

Ruth Ann and I had several places we wanted to go so we took our leave and went straight to Hobby Lobby!! I LOVE that place!!!

Trader Joe's was next on our list and I finally found a PUMPKIN!!!

Calloway's Nursery is right next door there on Hulen Street so that was our next stop!!

Boy, oh, BOY!!! Did they EVER have PUMPKINS!!!!!

THIS was what went home with me, though!
A trumpet vine!!
Louis Dean will put it in the ground tomorrow.

By the time I got home it was time for another round of all that herbal remedies, AZO, Advil, etc.  LD and I sat in the den together and watched a Closer. It was 96 again today so we couldn't get outside to do much.

After we rested he DID go out to do some things and I stayed in the A/C and fluffed and cleaned the hall and bathroom. Not much to do in these small rooms.

This hangs in the hall.
I have framed paintings on the lower wall  and they get knocked off all.the.time.
This weekend I am going to get Louis Dean to use screw nails and FIX them to the wall!!!
I can't tell you how many frames have been ruined over the last several years!

Then I moved on to the bathroom.
This is Louis Dean's bathroom but it is also the guest bath so he just has to be a big boy and deal with all the 'debris!'

The black owl was a birthday gift from Nita a couple of years ago and I keep a votive candle burning in it. Love the glow it makes!

The branch and white lights stay up year round.
For fall I just tossed up the extra leaves I found in a basket.

The pumpkin man is a recent thrift store find.

It's small quarters in here but you can see the cupboard with the lights reflected in the mirror.

Every nook and crannie has a little something in it!

Above the commode is a set of pumpkins which are really toilet paper rolls covered in fabric.
One year Louis Dean actually UNWRAPPED one when he thought he was out of paper!!!
To quote Trystan, "We just don't DO that!!!"
He knows better now.

I really used to junk up hos bathroom so THIS is what I call decorating MODERATELY!!!

Tuesday's thrift store treasure hangs above the bathroom door!
That's our motto!

Friday is all but done and Louis Dean is in his music room learning a new song Lori showed him last night. He wants me to come in there and listen - as if I haven't been hearing it all the time I have been writing this!!! will be a good way to end our evening.

I don't normally watch The View and after the recent racket they stirred up - I do not INTEND to!
I have heard about it though and love this poster response on Facebook!!!


Deb said...

You get so much done even when you don't feel good! Love ya!

Estelle's said...

You always look just beautiful, even on days you don't feel that great! How in the world do you do that? What a lovely miracle for your Mom! I stopped watching the View some time ago...we have many RN's in our family, so this the mean comments were unacceptable!

Sandra said...

i don't even know what the view is.. or what the poster means, i assume that is a good thing. i have to say that NOTHING can keep you down. made me giggle reading about your day of rushing. so happy for your mother that she can hear and talk better.. i love the two black and white outfits..

Susie said...

Linda, It's so nice that Ruth Ann went along with you and your mother. I am amazed at what happened with your mother...that is such good news. Let your man sing to you.....gotta love that guy. Some times I get a whiskery kiss from my Teddy and think...why couldn't you shave for me, you shave for the people at work. ...then I think he loves me is comfortable with me. I laughed about the pumpkin T.P. Blessings, love you, Susie

Cheapchick said...

I wish they would just take shows like the view off air. A bunch of so called celebrities speaking of things they know nothing about. So happy about your Mom, even if it is only a few more words or her hearing a little clearer. That almost never happens!

Vee said...

I read about the nurse comments at The View. I gave up watching a very long while ago and my blood pressure has thanked me. I don't understand how it has any viewership at all.

Okay, I admire your pluck. When the plague is upon me, I stay close to home for fear of getting caught without a good facility. Ha!

I love that The Lord blessed your mother with those added words and added hearing. That is pretty special. Deanie is so pretty! Always a smile.

Arlene said...

Linda I think all of us women know exactly what you were experiencing!!! So glad your Mom had a big improvement. And thank you for taking up for nurses everywhere. Though I have not practiced nursing in many years at heart I will always be a nurse and that comment made my blood boil! Hope you feel better soon.

BeachGypsy said...

glad for your Mom!! YAY!! loved the collage you made of all those neat pumpkins!! It looks great!!

Deanna Rabe said...

I think you are all amazing and your mother is so blessed. What a precious gift she received getting some hearing and speech back! I chuckled about her trying to tell you were to drive too! Mamas!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Your mom is such a cute and fun lady...funny she tells you where to go...mine does too! My mom also has a hearing aid and it's a good thing, otherwise it's a waste of time with them! That STUPID and mindless comment on the View is so terrible! Nurses all over the country should watch out for this kind of people. Don't watch that jerky bias show.
Have a lovely week ahead,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Now I am really ashamed! I have not done a thing. Nothing. Fall has definitely fallen upon your home! Beautiful decor.
About your mother regaining her hearing...that is simply one of the best things I have heard all week! :) Made me smile!
Looks like everyone was having a delightful time.. LOVE it!

Sweet Tea said...

Hurray for your Mom! Amazing!
I always enjoy seeing all your Fall "pretties".

Cheryl said...

Here you were under the weather, and standing there looking like a fashion model!! Amazing!

What a wonderful gift from the Lord that your mother was given more hearing. He is so merciful!

Carole said...

Fabulous news about your mother! and fancy you having a part of a door without something on it! Good luck with the health challenge - I'm sure with experimentation you'll solve it. Try some blackcurrant syrup (we call it Ribena) or cranberry juice alternated with black coffee. Cheers

Penny said...

Oooh ouch! I was running right past the hairdresser with you! What a wonderful development for your mum. The human body is amazing, as is the human spirit. Hope your symptoms improve soon Linda x

Carla said...

Love Sam Elliot. That's his name right? You got your trumpet vine. Yay.
The view definitely burned a few bridges.