Thursday, September 10, 2015

Getting Ready to go Home!

It's kind of bittersweet that our week here in our Country Camper is drawing to a close.

I'm going to miss this place!

The sky is different every single evening!

We are leaving with the feeling of a job well done!
Louis Dean was finishing up the deck today and we will SO enjoy it!!!
We already ARE!!!

Sherry and Dean have made a lot of progress in their new house!
I absolutely LOVE the light fixture she found and restored!
See how clever she was using that saw blade?

I helped stain the kitchen cabinets yesterday and today.
They are now all ready to install!

As I was cleaning and packing this afternoon, I cut the heads from the fresh sunflowers Sherry brought me last Tuesday! They are still beautiful - and I love the leaf tray I found at a thrift store down in Katy 3 years ago!

By the end of the day Louis Dean was basking in a project DONE!

I will miss the country scenes and the slower pace of life here.
This is a $1 garage sale find Sherry scored on recently.
She has used it to pull stuff up here to the camper and I just love the look of a sturdy little red wagon!

The sunsets are so pretty! I try to catch each one!

I took naps and rode my bike every single day.
I have read for hours and this afternoon I watched a movie - The King's Speech.
We have eaten some great meals and visited long and often in the evenings with Dean and Sherry.
We have sipped glasses of wine while gazing at the stars.

Louis Dean has managed to figure out how to make just about anything work!
Including the awning that needed help to hold it up!

We had a delicious last meal together tonight along with some good wine.
Dean did the smoking and it smells SO GOOD!!!
I am taking sausage home to enjoy next week!

I think even Lucy knows that we will be going home soon. 
She has not been up here at the camper unless Dean is here since we arrived!
She and Rufus are good buddies and they will miss each other!
The good news is - we will be back and SOON!!

The dishes are done. The camper has been cleaned and vacuumed and most of the things we need to take home are already packed and some of them have been loaded into the truck.

Have you noticed that every once in awhile - the things you look forward to so much turn out to be even more wonderful than you thought?

I can hear Louis Dean out there on our brand spanking new deck strumming his guitar and singing.
I am thinking he needs an audience! What do you think?


Deb said...

I'm so glad you got to spend your time in the country have a safe trip home

Sweet Tea said...

It sounds like pure bliss. I can understand how you enjoy it there so much. Travel safely, Friend.

Jutta said...

What a nice cozy visit! The deck is perfect and gives some extra place to enjoy outdoor life. I can imagine how LD's music fills the evening and how you smile out of pure joy and love. What a last evening indeed!!

Blondie's Journal said... make me want to shed a tear that you're leaving. Good times away from home are like that but real home beckons us like a lighthouse. You will undoubtedly make the times ahead huge adventures!

Jane x

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What a great extension to your 'living' space beside the camper. Hope you travel down again soon. Loved your photos. LD - where on earth did you dig up so much energy ! WoW.

Greatfull Dazeez said...

What a wonderful place! It looks so peaceful. Great job on the deck L.D.! And Linda those cabinets look great, can't wait to see them installed and that light fixture is going to make the room beautiful!

Stacey said...

That looks like an amazing little spot with happy times and great food!

Susie said...

Linda, You are an amazing woman. You just can fit in anywhere and roll with whatever comes along. You would have been a great pioneer. You and LD , do you guys ever just sit still. LOL....working seems to be what you like best. That's a wonderful deck. I would love for you to show the kitchen next time. ...with your stain cabinets in place. Be safe coming home. Blessings to all. xoxo,Susie

Arlene said...

Have a safe trip home and I know you will enjoy knowing you have that country home to return to for r and r! Although you were pretty busy on this trip! Love your new deck and the awning makes it perfect for porch sitting.

Sandra said...

your accomplishments were many and i love that sausage and i want a piece right now. have a safe trip home, i know going home is good but leaving the peace and quiet is hard to

Changes in the wind said...

You have two wonderful places to be and you enjoy them both to the fullest:)

Nita said...

You already have something to look forward to, Going Back ! But once you get home, you'll love that too. Not a thing wrong with driveway sitting. I'm sure the neighbor's have missed you.

Kathy said...

I thought I commented already but apparently I didn't! That deck is just wonderful. And to think LD did the whole thing in one week. I'd love to see those kitchen cabinets in place too. Next time. Did you love "The King's Speech"? That was one of the movies that after it was over Joe and I just talked about how good it was.

Wanda said...

This part of your life reads like a romance novel. I love each chapter. How fortunate that you and Louis Dean relish every moment of your life. I love your new deck, and I swear I heard LD singing. The food looks so good, and how great that you could add your expertise to Dean and his wife with the cabinets. Linda, you are a glad to call you friend. We saw War Room today at the movies....oh powerful...such a reminder of how prayer changes things. Have you seen it yet? Sending love and hugs.

Carla said...

David said it was his plan to build us a deck for an RV or cabin which ever we get. YAY
Love you pictures. The one with the bike needs to frame or you could paint it.