Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Romantic Bedroom With a Tiny Touch of Fall.....and the Rest of Our Monday!

The weather was milder today as September days go.
We had our Bible reading, prayer time and out loud books in the gazebo along with our coffee and lemon frosted biscotti. With the added fountain there in the back and the extra bird feeder, the birds are coming by the dozens and we are loving it!

Louis Dean is sporting his new red TRUMP hat!
I guess he will be wearing that while we start reading our new book next week - Gifted Hands, The Ben Carson Story.

My project on this Monday was to clean our bedroom.

Since I have so much 'debris' - this takes awhile!

I even added a touch of fall to the room using 3 white pumpkins.
Can you even SEE them? The ceramic one in front and a wicker basket in center and a small newsprint covered one by the C.
I want to make some white fabric pumpkins soon like the ones I saw on a blog recently......
I just can't remember WHOSE blog it was! Hopefully I can find that post again!

I changed up a few things on this chest - not that anyone but I will ever notice.
The black and white cupboard was a recent Goodwill find. It's empty right now but no telling what I will find to store in there. It has three shelves.

I finally took the denim quilt I made for my 65th birthday off the bed - even though I didn't finish it until this year when I was 66 - and now that I will soon be 67 - I think I will use it somewhere else.
Right now it is in the guest room.

Off all the rooms that have changed in the time I have lived here, this bedroom has changed the most and remains my very favorite! January 2016 will make it 50 Years being in this one house which I have loved with all my heart! I know it is only a HOUSE and I can make a HOME absolutely anywhere out of absolutely anything!  The fact remains that THIS has been my home and I have always loved it.

My bathroom is rather unique - it has SEVEN outlets which would allow me to plug in FOURTEEN things!!! This is a tiny bathroom!!! Louis Dean and I designed it together and used as much material as we already had on hand. I bought the wallpaper on clearance and the toilet and sink/cabinet and flooring are the only NEW things in here.

My tiny vanity where I can sit on my tiny chair and do my make up and hair.
The mirror has make up lights above it making it very nice as my eye sight is not what it used to be!

I love having most of my jewelry so handy.

Doesn't everyone hang their necklaces on vintage doorknobs and water faucets?

These all came from either my yard or old family homes.

Our family reunion is coming up in less than three weeks and Louis Dean is planning on taking his guitar and singing. That would be just fine except.......

he wants ME to sing with him!!!
I have to tell you that I simply cannot sing and I am not being modest and wanting people to say 'Oh, yes you CAN' because I KNOW I can't and if YOU have ever heard me then YOU know it, too!!!
The ONLY reason I do sing with him is because I love him with all my heart and it makes him so HAPPY! So we are practicing what I call our 'ACT!' 
I have to say this! One time Louis Dean was playing and singing and I told him, "Honey, I am so SORRY that I can't sing" and he said, "I am, TOO!"
See??? He really knows I can't but if it means so much to him I am willing to make an utter fool of myself!

We were expecting company for dinner tonight and Louis Dean made some out of this world chicken fried chicken with gravy! Man, did our house smell GOOD!!!!

Just look who we had for company!!!
Right off the bat, Trystan asked me, "MeeMaw, what are we going to make?"
We had already painted our wooden 'pumpkins' so I decided we could finish up that project before dinner.

And so we did!
I got to keep some since we made so many!

I love how the quads play so well with each other.
They know where their toys are and each one has favorites.
Logan ALWAYS gets some kind of a bag thing going - like putting the farm animals in this one.
Kailey ALWAYS gets a stroller and finds a doll baby and proceeds to take care of that baby the entire time! Tonight she was holding her doll and saying, "I know.....I know...." over and over again!!

The kids gobbled up that fried chicken and gravy along with mashed potatoes and candied carrots.
They are BIG KIDS and tonight they drank from glasses with no TOPS!
No one spilled a drop.


A dear friend posted this sweet pic on my Facebook page and I just had to 'Share' it tonight!
A few years ago I did a post about Polka Dot Pumpkins which remains one of my MOST popular EVER! I have a different pumpkin craft planned for every week through the entire fall season!
IF I run out of ideas before the season ends, I can always do a repeat of that one!


BeachGypsy said...

MERCY!! Y'ALL HAVE BEEN BUSY!! LOL The kids are adorable! and I do love the polka dot pumpkins too! I also hang my necklaces up like you do and to me it's the best and most convenient way!! makes them so easy to see and get to! Have y'all been practicing that song performance today?? ha ha ha ha LOL I'm sure it will be great!!

Kathy said...

An all white bedroom! It's so pretty, but would never make it in this house. Joe and I like color, although subtle color. I am hoping to get some more of my fall things out this week.

I know what you mean about singing. Joe can't sing for ANYTHING. Not everyone is cut out to make music.

The quads really are big kids now and their dinner looked and sounded delicious. I think I might steal that menu for a dinner this week.

Sandra said...

your bedroom is so warm and cozy and inviting. and 50 years in one house? wow.. the past 50 years. since1965, i have lived in 13 houses. the quads will never be bored, always have someone to play with. and they get along so well. our two bathrooms only have one outlet each, 2 things to plug in. and i can't stand it. not enough, but i have lived with it 26 years so i guess i can stand it.

Cheryl said...

Wow! You've been in your house for 50 years?!! Then you really were a baby when you moved in. We have lived in ours for 34 years; that's small potatoes. ;)

Such sweet little company you had! I just loved hearing how Kailey talks to her babies. Precious! Those grands are treated like such special guests at your house. No wonder they love to come!

Linda said...

I love the 'new' b&w cabinet......I know, it's not hard to find something to store. What a pretty bedroom.....I'd like to redo our 'guest' room.But the bathroom needs to be done first....and it's smaller. I love how you have the appropriate placemats for the quads 'table'. so cute

Arlene said...

I really like your jewelry hangers Linda!! So unique. I have my jewelry haning on the wall as well but on some hooks I found at TJ MAxx...one of my happy places!! I am always amazed at how well your quads eat! My grands are so picky!! But then I was as well so I cannot say much about it. Thanks again for sharing your life with us..love seeing what is up at Linda and LD"s!!

Susie said...

lInda, What cute pumpkins, even those in the last photos. LOL. Ted laughed too. I love how well your grands play too. Plus how they know they are going to do something fun with you. Your bedroom is romantic looking. Blessings for a fabulous day there. Love you, xoxo,Susie

Wanda said...

I believe stepping into your home, would be stepping into a Magic Garden and Whimsical wonderland. Love each picture, and who you put your love and your self in every room....What fun crafts with the quads and what a sweetheart of a hubby to share a song with. Love you tons Linda. You are such a special friend. Hugs

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

50 years in one home is amazing in this day and age. Well, likely in any day and age! I think my record is 15 years. Love your sweet visitors! Oh...and LD's red hat. :)

Dee said...

Hi Linda, I always enjoy my visits to your blog and seeing what you and Louis Dean are up to. Your bedroom is so lovely and cozy. I adore the way you decorate. Oh and those wooden pumpkins are great... :)

Deanna Rabe said...

That's amazing that you've lived in your home for 50 years! I love too, that you decorate your house based on what you love!

Those sweet quads are growing up! I feel as if I know them!

Your bedroom is beautiful and romantic!


darlin said...

Linda where do you find all of this energy? Wow, wow and wow. You're always on the go, up to one thing or another and you absolutely amaze me.

The quads, oh my goodness... have they ever grown and are they ever adorable!

Singing? ya I can't sing neither so I let the music play louder than I sing, works by me! lol

I love your bedroom and decorating, it's absolutely stunning! I try to keep things simple, less to move when dusting and cleaning and I'd rather be shooting photos or anything but cleaning! lol

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed week, cheers!

Lori said...

I have seen that pumpkin bottom picture before... love it. And love cleaning and straightening, when I have time. Such a feeling of accomplishment. More time to play with the quads.

Vee said...

Bottle just a bit of that energy and...well, actually, I feel better having visited. Love LD's hat. and the quads doing their fun things... "i know" sounds like a wonderful expression of empathy.

Carla said...

The pumpkins turned out so cute! I'm tempted to make some for my bare porch. I have shelving out front but just a few things on it. We rarely use the front door.I also like how you used door knobs to hang your jewelry on. How do you store your earrings?
Cracked me up when I was reading about your singing and LD's reply.