Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap!

It's Sunday night and I am journaling from my old spot in the camper!!
We have made some serious progress on the repairs and cleaning and are ALMOST ready to make up the bed and call it DONE! Our goal is to have it finished by Tuesday night so when the grand quads come on Wednesday to spend the day AND the night with us, we can sleep in here!

I think I will journal tonight working my way backward through the weekend ending with where I left off on Thursday evening.


This morning I got up EARLY for the synchro meet! It was held in Lewisville and
started at 7:30. I WOULD have been there at 8:00 had I not got terribly lost! Amber is now determined to teach me how to use the navigation tool on my smart phone!!
The team competition ended just as I arrived! I made it in time for the solos!
Amber was judging today and that beautiful brunette next to her is Medley, the Pirouettes Head Coach.

The team is the same age as Amber!!!
She was born in 1985 and started swimming in 1992 when she was just seven years old.

Megan was her coach for years and Megan's MOM, Candie, was Amber's very FIRST coach!
Now Megan's daughter is a synchronized swimmer!

Synchro meets are hard for little brothers!!!

Amber, Medley and Coach Megan!

It was like stepping back in time......
My friend, Beth, and I go way back!
She is now a judge AND a coach.

 Seeing all the red swimming paraphernalia just made me smile.

One of the judging panels.
I am so NOT judging material.
I think everything a swimmer does is amazing and would NOT be able to give a low score to anyone!

I admit - I probably couldn't even sit still long enough!!!

It was fun to watch all the parents taking photos and videos.
Been there. Done that AND I bought many a t-shirt!!!

Sweet kids!!!!

I remember when Megan was a swimmer!!!
My, how time does fly!

I especially enjoyed visiting with Candie and do NOT know how I missed getting a pic of her!!!
I guess she and I were talking a mile a minute trying to catch up and say everything we wanted to say. They live in San Antonio now so we don't get to visit often!
We have to make our brief visits COUNT - so we talk non stop!!

Megan will ALWAYS be my favorite coach!!!


I woke up with a stomach bug and spent most of the day in bed.
I rested, read, napped and supervised Louis Dean as he worked in the camper.

I had cleaned up the kitchen on Friday afternoon so I sat in there and watched him finish the bedroom wall repairs.

The honeysuckle is blooming by the kitchen pond.
I don't remember planting any here but I am thrilled to see it!!

I prefer an overgrown English garden look to a tidy manicured one.
This one needs to fill in a bit more and it will suit me perfectly!

Friday Night

I have known Mark all his life - the little boy who grew up next door to me and whose parents are still our favorite neighbors in all the world!!!

You have heard me brag on Stephanie many times!
Louis Dean has wanted to adopt her since the day he met her!!!
We sat behind her parents at the wedding so Louis Dean knows good and well she is NOT adoptable!!

Mark and his beautiful bride.


It was fun like a PARTY!!!

Louis Dean certainly enjoyed himself and visited with as many lovely ladies as he could find!!


Friday Morning/Afternoon

It was Friday with Mother!
I drove all the way to Fort Worth in hard driving rain!
It stopped just before I arrived at the salon.

The air was chilly and it continued to rain so it seemed like a perfect day to have chicken and dumplings at the Cotton Patch Cafe.

We had a good visit and then I visited with Deanie when I took Mother home.
It was a Win! WIN!!

This brings me back to where I left off......

Thursday Afternoon/Evening

I drove over to Qyadville to help Amber and I took this photo which tells such a story!

All four quads were still under the weather recovering from ear infections.
Amber is a professional writer and had some deadlines approaching.
This is how she rolls........working on her laptop with her babies all around her AND looking glamorous while doing it!!!

So that's a WRAP and I am now caught up on my journal!!!

As I look down at the time to see when I am posting this, I notice it is April 26th.
In another life this would have been my 52nd wedding anniversary.
I have learned to be grateful for the 41 years I was married because they gave me the four children I have and the eight grandchildren I am blessed with.
I would do it all over again just to have them.
Being a mother has made me a better person and I thank God every day for that.

That being was just about this time in April ten years ago that I met Louis Dean.

I can promise you - not a day goes that I do not stop and give thanks for this incredible man!


Jutta said...

Linda - hugs. Your positive input to such a many lives is incredible - thank you!

Ginny said...

What a week you have had! I think I have got your stomach bug, I even passed out this evening for a good while. I will go to the doctor in the morning. Synchronized Swimming looks so fun! We do not have any around here. Your garden is beautiful! And so is the honeysuckle. How special that you were able to go to Mark's wedding!

Nita said...

You did have a full fun week, we're so blessed to lead the lives we have ! Glad you're feeling better.

Vee said...

That's a loaded journal entry! You have done so much in a short time and had time to be sick for a day, too. Oh no! The camper kitchen is looking so cute! Hope that everything is up to speed for a fun night in the camper Wednesday. =D Oh I do like the photo of Amber and her kiddos. Very cute!

Susie said...

Linda, You should be wearing roller skates to get everything done . You are on the go it seems as soon as you get up. I loved your pictures. Amber is a beauty, and a good mom too. Your mom looks so happy in the pictures. LD and you look good together. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Estelle's said...

This is all so lovely Linda! A wonderful life indeed. You are so blessed with a beautiful family and so many wonderful friendships. I so thank you for sharing with us! Have a great week ahead!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

Just peeking in from my little break to say hello! I was invited to a link event, so I have been in blogland for brief visits the past couple days.
Could not be in blogland without a stop here. Hasn't this been the craziest spring with viruses and flu bugs? Linda, I have been under the weather since before Easter. If I had not taken so much time off with Mr D's illness and thankfully a few days at Whistler, BC in March, I would have taken some sick time. Today, I am finally feeling better. Gosh, your Mother is looking good! I know how precious those Friday visits are for her. You and your sister give her such wonderful care and attention!
Wishing wellness for all ahead. Have fun with the Quad Squad!

Sandra said...

your life is NEVER boring... i love sincro swimming, watching not doing. and that is a gorgeous pool to... congrats to the bride and groom, she is lovely .. it is good you are writing this down, will help bring back fond memory in the future

Changes in the wind said...

Never boring visiting your blog but this was one FULL! Can't imagine how you keep up with it all but you do it all with a great smile:)

Dee said...

You are always one busy lady. Feel better... :)

Gypsy Heart said...

Busy lady, as usual, but good times and great memories! Hope you're feeling fine again.


Debby said...

You have a fun and busy life. So glad you met L.D. Glad you have your children and your memories. Have you shown a picture of your camper on the outside. I want a little vintage one. Not sure hubby and I would fit in it, hah.

Penny said...

Lively photo of you and Louis Dean, you really are soul mates I think X

Penny said...

Ok, so that should have read 'lovely' photograph! But you knew that anyway, didn't you! X

Beth said...

I so enjoy your journal, Linda. Always interesting. You are so very good to your mother, Linda. You are super busy but you make time for her and show her a good time. I know it is hard balancing with all the relationships, husband, mother, children, grandchildren, friends. I do it today although I feel out of balance now...Mom has needed a lot of help lately. We're working on finding an assisted living facility for her for so many reasons, one of which is she has frequent falls and we are concerned for her safety.