Thursday, April 2, 2015

Making Music With His Friends!

Louis Dean was as excited as a little boy at his birthday party!
Tonight we hosted a music/dinner party for his jam session friends.

He got all spiffed up in his new hat which he embellished with a custom made guitar pic from the quads. It says 'Couldn't pick a better granddad!'
He got all his songs in order and was ready to go!

I cleaned the den and he set it up for the musicians.

He had a BALL!

It was a fun evening.

Lots of laughter and clapping!

I even sang a song with him! It was 'Cause I Love You' which is a Johnny Cash/June Carter number.
I sounded more like Gracie Allen.

15 people were here tonight - musicians and 'listeners!'

We took a break for dinner.
The menu was the same as for our party last Saturday but it was every bit as good.
Everyone brought a little something, a dessert, or a bottle of wine and we had a grand time!

I had place settings for all 15 people.
Roy and Ruth Ann came and I sat with them.

The two ladies here are part of a group of 10 siblings!
Many of them attend the weekly jam sessions and they are all so charming and delightful!
The photos I took in the dining room did NOT turn out well at all - but we had a full table seating eight!

After dinner and visiting, the musicians were antsy to get back to their playing!

Everyone loves Frankie and Johnny!

I did a second duet with Louis Dean - 'While I Got it on my Mind' - which is a really cute song.
Doesn't take much to make him happy!

Louis Dean had us ALL singing with him!
He WAS a school teacher, you know!

The closing song was 'Good Night, Irene' sung in my honor since I am Linda Irene!
LD followed this with 'Wake UP, Irene!'

It was a great evening and we all had fun. 
I got a BUNCH of Brownie Points for singing!
Bless his heart, he is thinking of other songs we can do together.
Some say love is blind. I think in his case - love is DEAF!


Ginny said...

He is very talented, and these evenings really show that off! What a FUN night!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

The best time. Thank you sharing with video clips. Hugs.

Kathy said...

Oh I wish I could have been there. This looks like a fun night!

Deb said...

Such fun!!!! Love it

Vee said...

To be a fly on the wall...this is almost as good. John thinks your parting comment is a "terrible thing to say." I'll play the clips and we'll see what he says then! Ha! Such things don't matter to Louis Dean. In his economy, he "hears" the love! We will, too.

Arlene said...

What a fun evening! And I love LD's "overhauls" as I used to say when I was little.( Now that was a long time ago!!) Music does so much to lift our spirits and the friendships of those sweet people just make it that much better!!

Estelle's said...

This was SO fun Linda! Thanks for letting us peek in on the jam session! Good Night Irene was my mother's all time favorite song...made my day!

Sandra said...

I love the Love is Deaf! LOL... i like that photo of him at the top, sitting with his guitar, i think that is one of the best ever photos of him. it all sounds like everyone was happy and singing. you should have recorded you and LD singing.

Cheapchick said...

Sounds like a great night - what a sweet couple you make!!

Robin said...

Oh wow, I am so jealous-- would LOVE to join in one day. Was the harp lady there this time?

Jan said...

Sounds like so much fun!


That top photo is perfect. And what a hat band. Love the 'pick' and it's saying etched on it.

Wow....looks like one fun filled time all the way around, songs, good food, friends and a very happy birthday guy!!! [A belated Happy Birthday wish from me to you LD!!]

Susie said...

Linda, I want to wish LD a happy birthday. I loved the guitar pick from the grandkids Your home is a happy home. It is no wonder you are all adored so much. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

Diana Ferguson said...

What a great night! Happy Easter.

Carla said...

Fun Fun! Wait I didn't miss his birthday did I? Isn't it in Novemer right? You were just commenting that's how excited he was.
Notice you didn't include the video of y'all singing together.
Well one day I'll have to come that way and I'll bring the wine. LOL since we both know I might have gotten plenty this weekend.