Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oops! We did it AGAIN!!!

We woke up to a chilly house on Tuesday morning!
This is so NOT typical Texas April weather so we embraced it, built a fire in the den and settled back in front of it sipping at our coffee.


Normally I am scanning the featured movie times at Staplex theater and calling Ruth Ann to firm up our plans for the day. This day I called local carpet companies here in Irving looking for carpet remnants to use in our camper. Beltline Carpets had lots to choose from so I picked Ruth Ann up and we went right over there! Ruth Ann spotted just the perfect one! It was a piece 5 X 12 feet and would NOT show every bit of dirt, mud or goopy footprint! AND it was only $20!

Louis Dean came as fast as he could get here to pick it up.
He had a ball talking to the owners. It is a family owned business that has been in Irving over 30 years. George Jones was one of their relatives and Louis Dean admired all the photographs of him.
While he took the carpet home,

Ruth Ann and I had lunch at La Madeleine.
It was downright cold and rainy and this seemed like the perfect place to be.

We were fortunate enough to get a table right in front of the fireplace!
Win! WIN!!

I don't know what got into us but we lingered over that lunch for a very long time just lost in conversation. 

No movie for us that day but we did have some shopping to do.
I needed curtains and rods for the camper and groceries for when the quads arrived and a mattress pad for the camper bed. Then of COURSE we had to hit up Goodwills!!!

It was nearly 6:00 by the time we got home!
I set out a tasty light supper of meat, cheese, olives, chips and salsa, crackers and armadillo eggs!!

We are not ready to start a new art project just yet so Ruth Ann worked on her Boots and I made some serious progress on a Santa that I started about 3 years ago! The top one is finished and all I had done on the bottom one was part of his face.  

That floating Santa face had bugged me long enough so I at least got the whole thing based in now!!

Once again - we found lots of treasures at the thrift stores!
I bought this brand new still in package candle warmer for just $4!

Ross for Less is where I found the camper curtains - only I decided to put them here in the kitchen and put the kitchen ones in the camper!

I loved these small clusters of grapes from a thrift store.....

and these heavy beaded garlands in green and red.

I shall clean the silver tea sets up soon for a fancy tea party!

While Ruth Ann and I were in the house painting.......

Sherry was out cutting the carpet and fitting it into the camper.
Louis Dean and I will be going BACK to Beltline Carpets on Thursday to get another remnant to finish the camper!!

The last thing we did in here was make up the bed!!

This was one tired husband!!!

Morning came early and the quads arrived all excited about spending the night!

As I write, I am in the camper and all four kids are napping!
Enjoying the peace and quiet.....

We have lots of things to do but no matter what I come up with - being IN the camper is going to be every one's favorite thing about today!!


Cranberry Morning said...

Ha sounds like you and Ruth Ann got the better end of that deal! Louis Dean got to haul carpet. Lol. Glad you found what you were looking for. Have a great evening.

Kathy said...

You always find such great things in the thrift stores. Sounds as if you had a busy day.

Enjoy your day and night with the quads. They are all just so adorable. And talking whole sentences now too!

Penny said...

You have transformed the camper Linda, the quads are going to love it! X

Sandra said...

wow on having fires in April... we have been running AC for several weeks but we did get to turn it off this morning. we will have cool air, 66 at wake up and 86 high for the next 4 days. which is so much better. i know you were all super tired after that day..

Vee said...

So much fun! It's wonderful to see the camper coming back together better than ever! Can't wait to see what the quads thought of camping!

Linda said...

I have to laugh sometimes, Linda, because what some people in the U.S. find chilly or cold, we consider it mild here in Canada, because we get some pretty frigid temperatures over here sometimes. :)

Susie said...

Linda, The carpet looked good. I am so glad you and Ruth get to enjoy your girlfriend time. LD is a working machine and there ain't an off switch. LOL... I love seeing the little sweet. Oh before I forget , what is an armadillo egg? I wish we had a fire too. I just like the chill off the room in the early mornings. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

Your such a busy bee. Always cleaning, having fun with the quads and family.
Y'all are amazing