Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quad Wednesday! Never Underestimate the power of GRANDMAS!

We were up and at 'em this morning!
No time to linger long over coffee or our reading!
The QUADS were coming!!!!

At the risk of sounding like a proud MeeMaw - I think these kids are AWESOME!!!
They are learning to pour from a small water pitcher.
That doesn't sound hard to us - but to nearly three year olds - this is a learning experience!

The next thing I knew they were all in the sand box!
That's been one of the best things we have done!!
The sand goes down about 4 feet!!
This is where I used to have a hot tub!

Sometimes the kids are rowdy and noisy as children are!
Then there are times when they play quietly.

Lunch was organic mac and cheese, smoked sausages, green peas, grapes and buttered dinner rolls.

Prayers first!

Naps followed! I LOVE nap time because we all gather in the den and I read them to sleep and then I usually take a little nap too!

I thought we might have a stormy afternoon so we did our craft as soon as everyone was awake.

Simple painted blocks that I will stencil something on for them.
Again, good motor skill development!
I try to do a craft with them every week.

Here's a pic from our friend, 'Aunt Kathy' who has prayed for these quads since the time they were conceived! The kids made book markers for her and her Bible Study group who has also prayed for them! How grateful we are for their many prayers! I have found some other great watercolor ideas for future book marks or cards. You watercolor and then sprinkle the art with SALT! When it dries, you brush off the salt and admire the pretty patterns it left!

MeeMaws always give snacks!
Today we had Miss Debbie's Banana Rolls!

Logan is MY Mini Me while Kailey is Amber's!
Trystan is her grandmommy's Mini Me while Harrison is Mike's!
One for each of us!!

To make it easier on ourselves, every other week we order pizza for dinner!!

It takes two LARGE ones!!!

While we were waiting for Amber to pick the kids up, I flopped down flat out on the grass!
Kailey said, "Do you feel sick, MeeMaw?" I told her no, that my back just hurts.

Pretty soon they were all out there saying THEIR backs were hurting!

These kids are so creative! They make a game out of everything.

We had a good time with them today - and EVERY time we are with them!

Little Twinkle Toes!!!

I love that Harrison!!
The only boy with three sisters and he is so sweet and kind and gentle.
While his sisters have CUTE things - he has COOL things! Like his sandals!!

They are gone now and it is quiet.
We have another big day tomorrow. We're hosting a dinner party and jam session with Louis Dean's musician friends. There's a lot to do to get ready! Plus I have a doctor's appointment right in the middle of the day!

Since it will be really warm tomorrow, I turned the attic fan off, the A/C on and closed up the house.
Now I can vacuum up all the dead may flies and wipe down all the dusty dirty counters!
But it will be cooling off again on Friday and stay cool over the I bet we are not sealed inside our home just yet! We enjoy every day that we can breathe real air and listen to live birdsong music!! The mockingbirds are our favorite and we love to watch them perch on the highest limb in a tree and sing their hearts out! We even like the sound of the wind whipping and whistling around the gazebo as we sit out here in the night. I can always dust and clean later! It's a small price to pay!

I just have to close with this photo from Facebook!!
I have known the one who posted it since she was a little girl!
Now SHE is a Grandma!!!
Thanks, Laticia!!!


Ginny said...

What a great day with the Quads! Thank you for letting us share it! Your lights are beautiful!

Linda said...

Linda, what a lovely series of heartwarming photos. The quads are a delight!

Sandra said...

priceless memories that you are all creating for these little ones.. i like that sandbox and the pic nic table along the wall is really great. to funny on everyone having the same back ache.

Dee said...

I always enjoy your days with the quads. They are so adorable. I really love your backyard, too. It looks so pretty with the lights... :)

Vee said...

Awww...they are already so good with empathy, aren't they?! They are being beautifully raised. Happy Easter to all!

Kathy said...

I love your quad days. The sandbox reminds me of the one my sister and I had when we were little. We would spend hours playing in that thing. Such a nice memory you gave me.

I'm so glad to hear their little prayers before they eat. So sweet.

Thank you again for the bookmarks. We all appreciate them so much. You see them in Bibles all over church on Sundays.

The picture of Harrison laying on the ground looking at the sky is so precious. That's one you should frame.