Thursday, April 9, 2015

Quad Day and a Special Memory of Three Years Ago Today!

I was outside and waiting on the quads to arrive yesterday morning!

Just look at this Little Sweetie!!!

I am so very happy they love to come to MeeMaw's house!! 

We played outside
They absolutely LOVE to shell pecans!!

What child doesn't like to dig in the dirt for bugs?
They discovered a good use for forks!!

They were especially skilled since helping their mommy last week with her gardening!

This is such a good photo and tells the story of a special relationship without having to say a word.
Right after I took this picture, Kailey said, "I want to put my head RIGHT THERE!" She then pulled out whatever lumpy things she found in his overall pocket and then pulled herself up and laid her head in the exact spot she has lain her little head so many times before! Louis Dean used to say she would wiggle around until she found that certain place that belonged to HER!
He's been holding her there since she was the size of one of his hands!
All the babies had their favorite spot in Granddad's lap. Logan only wanted to face out while Harrison preferred to be held like a football and Trystan would just cuddle up in his arms.

This morning I slept in - I usually do on Thursdays! - and found Louis Dean back out in the gazebo.
He was shelling pecans and spent over four HOURS doing that very thing!!!
I had some bill paying and book work to do so after coffee and reading, I left him to it!
Those pecans are pricey things when you have to buy them in the grocery store!
We freeze them and are so glad to have them on the days we bake!

I had to go up to the hospital for a few tests this afternoon so on the way back I picked up Ruth Ann and we did our Thursday walk. Once again, we chose North Lake College and it was very pleasant.

The paved trails make it easier on our joints.

Ruth Ann spied a red winged black bird across the stream.
Sure enough, I saw it too. I'm not all that good at photography but I do so love all of nature.

Louis Dean was napping when I got home. All that pecan shelling just wears a guy out!!
I went on about my chores and he went out to the camper to work when he woke up.
We are getting that camper ready to enjoy again!

We kept meeting back up on the driveway to take a little break.
We were watching for rain. They were predicting storms......

Rain did come - but not much and not for long!
We got up in the camper and surveyed his work on the wall and watched the rain.

We returned to the driveway to sip wine and listen to the evening birdsong.
They were singing up a storm right BEFORE I started recording!
Ruth Ann was telling me this afternoon how the mockingbird can even imitate the sound of a weed eater!!!

Teh special memory is that three years ago today, Amber was admitted to the hospital where she stayed for the next 52 days until the quads were born.

The night before - which was Easter Sunday - we played the WI games and had a little fun.

This was taken the next morning as she and Mike drove off.
I was scared to death. I pretty much STAYED scared - but I couldn't let Amber know!
Praise God and thank you, Jesus! My daughter survived and the quads are thriving.
I thank God every single day!


Amber B. said...

That's a pretty big anniversary to have surpassed and while I wouldn't change a thing, I'm so glad that part is behind me!! And I am always grateful to have had you there every step of the way. Still remember the face you made when I first told you there were four babies!! Love you mom!!

Ginny said...

I love your pretty header! And all of the pictures are just adorable! I like the fly swatter. That must be in case they find a bug that is too big or scary! The story about how each one likes to lay on Louis Dean's lap is priceless! I loved it! I CAN hear the birds! Are they really getting a cat? The scary times with Amber are gone, and all that is left is so much JOY.

Vee said...

What a journey! I am glad those days are behind you all...oh I see that Amber said that very thing. Yup, you must have had to get your poker face on. God has been so good and Amber and Mike's rewards are those beautiful children! Happy camper readying!

Debby said...

I love seeing how excited those little ones are to come to your house. I love the picture of L.D. When our three were born all 6 weeks apart, it kept us hoping. Two in Ohio and the middle one in Colorado. My daughter was 3 weeks over due with her first. She was 35. The night before her baby was born I said goodnight. I took two Tylenol PM knowing I needed sleep. Well, I just swallowed them and my SIL knocked on my door and said her water broke. I went to the hospital but had a hard time staying awake The waiting room was made for no one to so more than 5 minutes. So I went to the room next to my daughter and laid down on the cot in there. I got chewed out when a nurse found me. No one was using the room and it wasn't like I was on the bed. My SIL took me home. My daughter didn't have the baby til about 20 hours later. I was beginning to think it would never happen. Hah. Little did I know in another six weeks we would have our adult son(dad to one of the newborns) in the hospital with kidney failure, our other DIL delivering while that son had to leave after the birth to finish his training. I stayed at the hospital and at her house til he and my husband returned. Then on the way hoe, I was in a car accident. What a wild time all this was.

Shirley said...

What special memories of the little ones. It is so much fun watching them grow up. Playing in the dirt what little one can resist that. Your pecans made me think of the ones that our family use to send us. She would also make pecan pie when they came to visit. Those were sure yummy. I have enjoyed catching up with you. My son is back in your state working again. I don't know for how long he will be there this time. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Linda said...

Lovely photos, Linda, and your header is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Linda said...

Lovely photos, Linda, and your header is absolutely gorgeous!!!

darlin said...

Oh my goodness, has it already been three years? I remember Amber going into the hospital and the prayers being sent her way like it was only yesterday. My how time flies and what a true blessing to see your adorable, precious, gorgeous grandchildren all so happy and healthy! Hats off to you Amber, you're an amazing lady!

Penny said...

Sch a lot of love in this post Linda. I love that Kailey literally has a place on L D's heart! X

Arlene said...

I love the picture of Louis Dean and sweet. And what a blessing that they are all here and healthy and energetic!! God is Good!!

Susie said...

LInda, I love seeing pictures of the children . They have grown in them from day one. They have grown in our hearts too. I remember when Amber went to the hospital. It was scary to me. I have prayed for her a long time ;):) All of you really. Mike and Amber have proven they are wonderful parents....but I also know that you and LD have been a true blessing in all their lives. Love all of you, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

You did a good job hiding all that fear. I started following your blog when Amber found out she was having quads and it has been a gift to share in the journey.

Sandra said...

I am so happy Amber's story had such a happy ending with the four precious little ones... we heard a sound like a weed eater a couple of weeks ago. bob said is that a weed eater? i said kind of but not quite. i am now thinking it was a mocking bird. bob said do you think it could be a bird?

Linda said...

The quads are adorable....and at a fun age. Love your green grass, we've had some rain and ours will be green soon...I hope. Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

She is very fortunate that all 4 of her babies turned out healthy and strong. So many multiples have problems with being born so early. The quads look so cute all playing together. I can't believe how they've grown! Your yard sure is nice and green. Glad that you haven't had any scary storms so far. This is the season for it! We have had storms south of us but so far only rain here. We're supposed to have a nice weekend though. Guess we'll start our vegetable garden then.

Carla said...

I remember that day 3 years ago. Crazy times back then and stressful for all of y'all but look at the results....4 precious little Bells.
Love the picture of LD and Kailey.