Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend......

It is quiet here this evening as I sit here in the den to journal.
It wasn't so this time last night with all the joy and the laughter, the playing and the eating, the visiting and the general excitement of  five little ones and six adults celebrating life!
Because of Easter, we celebrate eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ and the miracle of his resurrection. We also celebrate the life God has given us here on earth right now.
I am reflecting on all that is so good in my life right now!

Yesterday Rayne was the first to arrive along with her 'Mummers' and Grammi!
I admired her cute dress and she said, "Well, YOU buyed it!!!" hahaha!
We sat  in the living room and visited!

Rayne provided some excellent entertainment!
She is such a smart little girl! 
She recently recited the Pledge of Allegiance for her class.

She also told us about the meaning of Easter - and some good information on butterflies!
Hear how calm and quiet it is in the living room?

Then the bell was ringing - a literal bell - we HAVE no real doorbell! - and more of the family arrived!

The quiet living room turned into a bubbling number of conversations in many voices!
Music to my ears!!

I love these little people!!!

Cousins are wonderful companions!

Just look at all FIVE tiny faces looking at the camera!

These are their funny faces!!

Amber was the one that suggested family photos BEFORE the egg hunt and dinner.
Good idea!

We were missing Jesse and his family as well as Ben.

Hard to get everyone together at the same time.

The kids played while the eggs were being hidden in the front yard.

Time for the Egg Hunt!!

And away they go!!

Granddad and I wondered if anyone would try to collect the giant eggs!

It was a ton of fun!

One more photo shoot and it was time to get dinner on the table!

Or - for the kids - on the BENCH!!
Our daughter in law, Sherry, gave us these 6 green chairs and we use them every week!
Granddad ate outside with the grands while the rest of us ate in the dining room.

Kailey crawled under the table to get to her Aunt Summer for a brief hug and visit!

We ended the evening with dessert in the gazebo.

Amber had made a Bunny Cake and the kids could not WAIT to dig into it!!

We had a great time together!!!
Amber and I bathed the kids and they all went off home and straight to bed.
Louis Dean and I did the very same thing!
In bed and sound asleep by 11:00!

Going to bed early enabled us to get to church EARLY!!!
So early we were there for coffee and donuts before the service!

We have had a quiet Sunday afternoon and evening.
It's been a nice time to pause and reflect.
I was napping when the power went out.
Lighting candles and counting blessings just seemed like a perfect thing to do and a good way to end this Easter Sunday.


Deb said...

would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see all the fun...we had a great day today...even with the cold and the rain...we are truly blessed!

Pondside said...

What a wonderful Waster you had Linda. I love the idea of the Bench as a mini-banquet table!

Ginny said...

Wonderful, wonderful Easter pictures! The Quads made a big entrance, and I love how they compared dresses! A perfect day!

Jan said...

What a blessing to celebrate Easter with your family!

Kathy said...

You had such a nice day! I loved hearing Rayne tell about Easter and the sound of all the laughter and conversation. You have a wonderful family.


What a fun day you had with your beautiful family, gortgeous DD Amber and darling and very elegant quads, heheheee...such cute dresses! LD is elegant too!
I know you enjoyed it very much, sweet friend, you are very blessed!

bj said...

It sounds and looks like a perfect family get together. Yes, it is hard to get everyone together as they grow, marry and have families..we find we have to share and always appreciate when they are shared with us. :)
We have to celebrate our Easter a little late this year but that's ok...once we feel good again, out will come the Easter ham and family joining around our big table....can't wait.
So glad your holiday was wonderful. xoxo

Penny said...

Happy Easter Linda! Looks like a wonderful family get-together X

Arlene said...

We had a wonderful Easter too with all our grands! But yesterday I needed a recovery day. Today all the Easter decor goes back to the attic until next year and the washing machine is already humming! Love having company but it is work to get the house back in order. Have a blessed week.

Susie said...

Linda, The sound of the children playing and laughing is music. I loved how cute everyone looked. Rayne is a smart little girl. Glad you had wonderful loving family time on Easter. xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

someone needs to get busy making another boy to fit in all these adorable girls with Harrison.. i love the door video showing each other thier dresses and Rayne voice is just precious. your family is just Beatiful

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Linda, what a lovely Easter you had. The family pics are precious! The girls look so darn cute! Thanks for sharing your special day. My hubby and I spent it alone with a crockpot meal....LOL

Linda said...

What a lovely Easter you all had. Lots of happy memories there.

Linda said...

Looks like everyone had some GREAT Easter fun :-) doncha just love those little ones???

Debbie said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful day. You are blessed indeed!

Vee said...

I have looked at this post many times and loved seeing all the beautiful dresses and fsmily photos...must get to PC to watch the videos so I'll be bsck!

Vee said...

All my "a" s turned into "s" s...fingers must not have been working well. Anyway, that was great...I like the longer videos over the shorter ones because it allows the whole story to be told. I must remember this when I'm doing them, too, though it takes so long for them to load. Loved seeing the greetings and sharing their outfits. It was just like photos coming to life!