Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quad Wednesday and The Santa Wall is Down!

Wednesdays are QUAD DAYS now!!!
No longer do WE travel over to Quadville!
Now Amber brings them to US - delivering them right to our door!
We look forward to that magic moment when the Bells ring the BELL!!!

The quads arrive!!!! Only Logan will stay by me instead of going off to look for Granddad!

They FOUND him!!!!

Granddad built the quads their own bowling lane to go with the balls and pins their Aunt Deanie gave them!

Now they just need to learn how to play the game!!!

Mother found her place in the sun!
I think she really enjoyed herself yesterday - just watching the children play and being outside.

We have a sand box big enough for everyone!
This is where I had a spa for many years! Amber and Mike took it out for us and for a few years it was a mud pit that Levi ( Jesse, Jr's youngest son) absolutely LOVED!!!!
It was a perfect place for a sand box!!!
That sand goes down several FEET!!!

When the party moved to the back, Mother managed to get herself to the gazebo!
She did very well with her walker and holding on to things as she went.
Can you spy her in the photo? 
She's just left of the L in Linda's Life Journal.

Between the side deck, sand box and gazebo - there's all sorts of places to play around here!

The kids play in groups of 2, 3 and sometimes alone or all four together.
Here Trystan and Harrison are cutting into the Melissa and Doug Play Pizza Aunt Deanie gave them.

That was perfect since we had PIZZA for lunch!!!
Just look at Logan acting like a mini teenager with her legs crossed!!!
Those Little Caesars Pizzas are just plain GOOD!! Large pizzas for just $5 each!
It took three for our bunch on Wednesday with some leftover crusts for Lucy!

The kids DO love their Aunt Deanie!!!!

Pretty soon it was time to take off the sand filled shoes and go in for diaper changes and a nap!

All FOUR slept like the babies they are!
I read three books to them and by then they were all sawing logs!

They sleep for about an hour and a half - as opposed to those three hours naps they used to take!
As soon as they get up, I do diaper changes and then comb their hair and add lip gloss for the girls and Carmex for Harrison. All of that is in prepartion for the TEA PARTY!!!

This tea party featured not only a favorite aunt but a special tea pot and tea cookies from Trader Joe's!
AND special paper plates!!!

They seldom even spill anymore!!
Pretty soon I will start training them to POUR their own tea!!

We leave the tea table and the kids scatter to other parts of the house while I regroup!

Granddad always plays at least a little bit of music!
When they hear him playing, they go looking for him!

This day he was in the guest room!

Deanie and I set out the art table while they were occupied.
I used the book markers they put stickers on a week or two ago and we added watercolor pencils to them. Easy peasy. They use the pencils and then I give them a paint brush and a small container of water. Presto!! Watercolor magic!

Is Deanie FUN or WHAT???

Looking for......

the Gummy Bear song!!!!

Kailey noticed that her Mommy has a phone exactly like Aunt Deanie's!!!
Therefore, she knew how to work it!!!

All too soon it was time for Deanie and Mother to go home.......
the girls gave her a big group hug!!!

Harrison wanted to keep her all for himself!!

It was a fun day for all of us!

Only dinner and baths were left to do.
I especially like this photo because all four kids PLUS Granddad have their forks loaded with food and headed to their mouths!  I made the Chicken Broccoli Pockets and they were big hits! They TASTED great!!! I was under time restraints and was in too big a hurry to make them as pretty as they could have been!

Wednesdays take a lot of energy! Since we have been struggling with allergies, it took nearly more than we had!!! Deanie saw how we were feeling and advised us to take a few days off to rest and stay IN the house and OUT of the air that is loaded with mountain cedar here in Texas right now.
With that in mind, I stayed in bed until 10:30 this morning! I joined Louis Dean for coffee in the den and I have stayed out here
At first we just sat and sipped our coffee. We didn't even watch the news. Then we talked a bit. Next we read the Bible and since neither of us have very strong voices due to the allergies - Louis Dean is barely above a whisper today - we had silent prayer time. While HE went off to his music room, I stayed on the couch and watched Elementary episodes back to back.

Every once in awhile I would get up and take down a few Santas.
Then I started putting up a few frames.
My best art is yet to be painted! The blank canvas in that frame will be a smaller version of the Cowboy Boots I'm doing for Amber.

There were a few places where I had piled stuff up so I did get the washer and dryer cleaned off.....
cleaned off of the EXTRA debris I had on there!!!

I also 'prettied' up this area and made it more 'pleasing to my eye!'

In between these simple chores were more Words With Friends Games, Facebook browsing followed by Downton Abbey. Mind you, I have NOT dressed nor put on make up and just barely combed my hair! I look pretty bad! But I DO want you to know - I AM wearing a pair of earrings!!!!

Louis Dean has been looking neglected for quite some time now.
I have been MEANING to give him a haircut for WEEKS!!!
FINALLY it happened this afternoon just before 5:00!!!
Deanie, THIS was the only time I was outside today!!! Except for darting out to get Lucy's dog food from the trash can we keep by the kitchen door.
I gave him a GOOD hair cut and since he likes to use Lady Clairol - I suggested he wait a week or two until he has enough hair to color!!!
Isn't he cute???
Even on 'sick days' we have a lot of fun together.

So now as I write tonight, the den wall is back in place but has three 'works of art' yet to be painted.
I am hoping to paint more this year and this coming Tuesday will be my first ART day of 2015!
I did keep two of my most favorite Santas up but IF I get my painting Mojo back - I will make that FIVE new paintings for this new year!

The ones I didn't hang will be used in the camper,
I seldom throw ANYTHING away!!!

This is the antique secretary I moved from the guest room out here to the den.
I plan to refinish it and have no idea of how I want it to look - yet!
It will come to me......all in good time.


Deb said...

Follow your sisters advice stay inside!

Blondie's Journal said...

You never slow down, dear, but I think you did the right thing with LD when you spent the day after having the quads as low key as possible. And still, you got a few things done that make a lot of impact. I love your energy. And how fun you make it for those kids...having crafts and nice meals and music, what a treat for them I can only hope I'll be that wonderful with my own grandkids! :)))

Jane xxx

Ginny said...

I love sneaking a look in your house! everything is so pretty and inviting. Even your laundry room is so pretty!! Have either of you been to an allergist? I am so sorry you are both still feeling so lousy! Is it seasonal and not all the time? I hope so! I love watching the quads first come in the door! They are so excited! We will have our three on Saturday!! What cute Valentine plates!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hope the 'staying inside' helps a lot with the allergies you are both suffering with. Loved visiting and seeing what the darlings did on their Wednesday.

Linda said...

Staying inside is sometimes a good thing, Linda. Love your photos, and your mother looks lovely and radiant, as always. :)

Penny Miller said...

What a busy day. The quads are really adorable, there is so much for them to do at your house, no wonder they love to come and play! Love your desk, I can't wait to see how you fix it up so that is perfect for you X

bj said...

ahhh...what a busy busy day. Wore me out just reading all about it. hahhaa...what awesome fun you all must have.
Hoping the allergies fly away soon and you and LD get voices back.
I can't wait to see some of the paintings you will be doing during this new year.
We are due some rain today, tonight and hopefully, tomorrow. We always need it here in West Texas.

Arlene Grimm said...

I used to teach twos in preschool and quad days remind me of and Louis Dean have your own preschool!! OR Mother's Day Out for sure! I enjoy seeing all the things you do with them and how nice that your mom and sister were able to join in on the fun. Hope those allergies are gone soon...

Susie said...

Linda, How nice that Deanie and your Mother could be there to enjoy time with the quads. I love the film clips so much. Those children are growing. Hope you and LD get over those allergies. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
p.s. you are moving right along on your clearing.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

they are so blessed to have you as grandparents!!!!

Wanda said...

I love your walls covered with your art for the seasons. When we lived in a parsonage.. I had nail holes everywhere and had a lot of my watercolors on the walls. However, now in an many rules about hanging things, so only the special ones are up. I do change them for the seasons. That breaks it up and I can enjoy them. Like you, my paintings are my creations and my babies.
Loved all the pictures today. I love to scroll up and down. You are a delight and an inspiration. Sending hugs.

Sandra said...

I love the anitques secretary and that is one noisy bird in the video with them in the sand box... everyone is having a blast and ha ha on cutting the hair so short he can't color it... bob cuts mine and cuts his own and i touch up the back where he can't see it. we have done that for 30 years. i need to spend all the money we saved.
your mother looks beyond happy to be watching those babies.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You sure do have a busy life and a fun one, too. It's so nice for you to have family close by and enjoy them. So glad you take care of yourself and rest when you need to. Fun photos....I enjoyed hanging out with you today! Hugs, Diane

Beth said...

You are set up perfectly to enjoy your sweet grand babies! You and LD make it very special for them. A bowling alley? Wow! Love the sandbox and the tea parties you put on for them too. No wonder they love coming over!
I look forward to seeing more of your art, Linda. What a talented lady you are!
Blessings, Beth

Vee said...

If I ever need to get a ton done, I'm going to read one of your posts as inspiration. So glad you left out your favorite Santas because you love them so and I am glad that they will see the seasons go by. The quads are growing and so cute and full of personality. They are interested in all that you have ready for them. Oh, meant to say that I enjoyed playing the "Where's Mom" game. She blended right into the background. What fun to have your mom and sister helping with entertainment.

Debby said...

I loved the videos. Do you just have them on Wednesdays for the whole day. You had everything planed out so nicely. I bet they love coming to your house.
I didn't know that you painted. Were all those Santas yours.
I hope you feel better soon. If your weather is as nice as it looks, I wouldn't want to be inside.
It's cold, snowy and icy here.
Have a good week-end.

Debbie said...

I always soo enjoy reading about your days. How fun it must be for you to have a quad day, though I am sure it is a challenge too, lol. They are soo cute. Being new to your blog I am still figuring out who's who and what's what. So does their mama work and Wednesday is your day to keep them? Or do you just help her out and give her a much needed break? I love hearing about your mom and I did spy her, lol. I just recently starting cutting my hubby's hair too. Though he went to the salon for his last one as we wanted him to look extra nice on our anniversary party. Not that he doesn't always look good, lol. But I do better for a while keeping it up when she has given him a really good cut. Glad you got all your Santa's down. Oh, and so you paint huh? I will be interested to see some of your work. Hope you have a good week-end and you and hubby are feeling great soon.

Anonymous said...

My your day was so exciting and tiring as well. LOVE the bowling alley! Absolutely wonderful! I'm glad that you and your husband had a restful day afterwards.