Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quad Wednesday - and a Quadville Thursday!

Wednesdays are special around here because we know we are about to have company!
The company of FOUR little people will arrive soon!!!!

The scene is set. Plans have been made. 
We have our coffee and pretty soon it's time to watch for them!!!
Since Louis Dean is behind me in the colds we have had - I send him off to bed to nap until they get here.

They have ARRIVED!!!
Three out of FOUR asked about Granddad and only Logan flew into my arms!!!!!

They love to ring the bell!!

Kailey went in earnest search of GRANDDAD!!!!!
"Where IS he???"

I had lots of activities planned for the day and we started outside while the sun was shining and the weather was warm!

My friend, Debbie, from Lady Bug From Texas  gave me this idea!!!
FLOUR!!! While we do have a really nice BIG sand box in the back for them, I thought the flour might prove to be interesting - and I was right!!!

They played at this - off and on - for a few HOURS!!!! 

While THEY played, I fried up some potatoes and onions along with some slices of ham and bread and butter for lunch.

Eating outside on the deck was a Win! WIN!!!

FOUR siblings play very well together but I love how each one sometimes just goes off on their own for a bit.

The guest room has become a TOY room of late.

The kids love to go exploring in all the nooks and crannies of the house AND the yard!!!
I found these two sitting in the gazebo just talking to each other!

After I cleaned up lunch - and I always try to clean up one event before moving on to another or I would be totally overwhelmed! - it was time for naps.

There are times when we take two and two and let them nap in the bedrooms.
Here lately, we've been doing the group nap thing in the den and that works pretty well.
I was sandwiched in between three sleeping girls with my phone, iPad and camera. No worries. Until I tried to get up without waking anyone. This older body of mine is just NOT as nimble as it once was!!!!

By the time everyone woke up the skies were gray and the temps were falling.

We brought in the toys and did a big CAR WASH!!!

This was our tea cake for the tea party that afternoon!
Dawn, it was delicious!!!!
THIS was part of the Tea Party in a BOX my friend in Florida sent me!!!!

Louis Dean commented, "Those babies surely do love their Tea Parties!!!"

Yes, they DO!!! And so do I!!!

The kids love Maddie but she pretty much HIDES while they are here!
They finally discovered her back beyond the Christmas tree in the living room. 
(YES!!! I still have THREE Christmas Trees up!!!)

Logan was smart enough to fetch one of her toys to entice her out while Kailey thought to offer her some treats!!

Our afternoon consisted of - in addition to the tea party - puzzles, coloring and a few videos from the library. Peter Pan was a big hit!

I had more activities than we had time to do - which is the mark of success on a Quad Day!
Since Louis Dean spent a good deal of the day in bed, Amber arrived earlier than usual for a Wednesday and brought a hot dinner with her!

Baths followed and then we all bundled up in the SUV and went home to Quadville - including ME!!!

The Quad Table is now history!
THIS is where the family dines now.

The kids were so excited to show it to me!!!

Let's just say that Amber and I were both pretty worn out by the time these four little quadlings were fast asleep last night! We weren't too far behind.

When Amber was a baby, I used to say I played DOLLS at my house!
I hated to put her to bed at night and couldn't WAIT for her to get up in the morning!!
I am older now but still have a little of these same feelings!!!
NOT as much - but still..... a little!!!!
Have you SEEN these cute kids???

Who wouldn't??? -  when you wake up to Anna from Frozen in all her glory????

Trystan has hit the SUPER CUTE button several times lately!!!

Breakfast at the Big Round Table!!!
We ALL fit!!!!

I brought a little surprise with me!
Kids love these cling arts from the Dollar Store.

Fast forward through today.
I helped Amber do a bit of deep cleaning using my Rainbo Vaccum Cleaner.
Trying to do anything other than the daily routine for FOUR two and a half year olds is fraught with all sorts of possibilities!!! Let's just say - today was an adventure and I am happy there were TWO of us!!!! Most Thursdays Amber is totally at the mercy of these munchkins all by herself!!!

She and Mike dropped me off at home late this afternoon!

Home is where my heart is.  HOME and HEART are two of my favorite words!
I love having Maddie sleeping beside me.
Can you see Lucy snoozing back there in the background?

Louis Dean and I shared a glass of wine and caught up with each other's day, watched the news and enjoyed our fireplace.

He had cooked a stew this afternoon - AND left the kitchen in decent order!!!
I call that a Win! WIN!!!!

Stew, a warm fire, the heated blanket turned to HIGH on our bed........
yes, this is a perfect Thursday night!!!


Deb said...

I'm so glad they enjoyed the flour! I know Lucas has had a blast with it!
You have fun x's 4!
I sure miss the sun and the warm

Wanda said...

I titled my post a little while ago "A Very Good Day", and I see that you had your own. How I wish I was close to our little Tristan to have tea parties, bathtime and books. I know it's a lot of work...but what memories those darlings have of MeMaw and Granddad. Sending hugs

Vee said...

By Saturday, you will have surely earned your rest. Love the flour idea! I was a little sad to see the table go as it served them so well and was made by their dad, but it is time and the quads must love being so grown up. Hope that Louis Dean is feeling better with each passing day.

Amber B. said...

My babies love their merman and grandad to pieces! And as momma, I'll translate a few things for you....Trystan is dressed as Elsa, Harrison was saying "hi camera" and YES I'm so glad there were two of us today! Lord have mercy....

Love you mom!

Amber B. said...


Ginny said...

I could tell that Logan was the one who ran right into your arms! The awesome table is GONE! What will they do with it? I would love to be babysat by you if you make me a lunch like this! I love your white table with the drop leaves. The kids look so tiny in the big gazebo chairs! We love the window clings and have them for the girls for each season, and then some more! We even have manger scene clings! Maddie is so beautiful!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What a lovely tea party - and flour to play in, great idea. Hope LD is feeling better soon. The little ones love Grandpa. Thank you for sharing your days and time with the darlings. Hugs for everyone (including Amber).

Sandra said...

what a day that was... so much fun and joy in all these photos and i like the new big person dining table.. to cute waking granddad up and they are talking so good now....

Changes in the wind said...

So happy for your special days.

Susie said...

Linda, Thank you for the film's as if I can with you all for a bit. I loved the kids talking and sweet. When they went looking for LD, how fun, the excitement of finding him. Those little fellows love you both so much. Amber is blessed to have you both helping her with her treasured babies. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Such a cute bunch! Sounds - and looks - like you had a glorious time. These are the days! Jane

Anonymous said...

Linda, you are a wonderful grandmother! All those activities look like such fun and meals and baths and naps! I'm so glad you had a restful Thursday evening. You deserve it!

White Lace and Promises said...

What sweeties! So adorable all of them! You certainly have a full happy life. I love your stories.

White Lace and Promises said...

What sweeties! So adorable all of them! You certainly have a full happy life. I love your stories.