Friday, January 30, 2015

A Thousand Points of Light!

Psalm 65: 8 "He Maketh the Outgoings of the Morning and Evening to Rejoice."

I think of this verse every morning when I begin the process of waking the house up and then again  at night when I put her to bed. 
The phrase 'a thousand points of light' was made popular by George H.W. Bush and my kids (Summer and Jesse, Jr) used to tease me about it! They claimed I took that saying seriously!

Usually I start turning on the little lights as soon as I get out of bed.

Some are left on all night like this Angel lamp in the foyer.

This one in the den stays on as well.

Louis Dean doesn't have a clue where to turn some of these lights off so if I'm not going to be home - I just leave them OFF!
Can you see the 'button?'

I love these Christmas Tree light cords that you can turn on and off with a button.

I have a lot of these!

This area has a one button deal!

I do so love little lights!

These tube lights have lasted forever!!! I mean YEARS!!!
It's amazing!

Lights are on the door inside and out.

Always on the foyer tree now decked out in her Valentine dress.

Small lights in the living room stay on day and night.

They seem to last longer when I don't turn them on and off.
I use the tiny night light bulbs.

The cross lamp uses a brighter bulb.

I took all this garland down last week and hosed it down out on the deck to clean off all the dust accumulated over the holidays. I THOUGHT about leaving it down - but that thought didn't last more than a second or two.

I  just LIKE the way the lights look.

My favorites are the silicone covered bulbs.
I bought this one but also make my own homemade versions using silicone from Home Depot.

This is a 'naked' bulb! I need to make up a new batch of the 'candle light' ones.

Lights above the cupboards.....

and on the counters.

I keep a candle lit here in this corner by the kitchen sink.

Lights in the dining room.

Small light and lamp light.

I love this cabinet. It features a touch light that gets a bit brighter with every tap - up to three taps!
I only tap once!

Lamps and garland lights plus two candle lights on this buffet.

Sewing room.

One of my favorite lighted wreathes.

The wagon holds my sewing projects.

I believe in LIGHT!
"I am the LIGHT of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."
John 8:12

So far Louis Dean hasn't said anything about these lights on top of his bathroom cabinet.

I am keeping the tiny tree lit during the day in my bathroom.

I love my lights and especially the ones that are reflected in mirrors!

Here comes my handsome husband!
Deanie insisted we take an extra day to rest since we have had such a terrible time with allergies lately. She took care of picking Mother up after her hair appointment today. It felt kind of odd not to go to Fort Worth this morning but we will be back to our normal routine next week!

As for today - we stayed in our pj's!

Doesn't Louis Dean look nice???
I am pretty proud of cutting his hair so well!!!

HE says he feels like he's taking a mug shot!!

We have enjoyed these last two days of extra rest.
Tomorrow we are going to wake up and get back to real life!!


Kathy said...

I can't believe how many lights you have! We don't have nearly that many. Joe likes the house dark. I like it full of light. Hmmm.... We compromise. Your house is so lovely and I hope sometime I can come visit you. I have lots of plans for after I retire. Hope your allergies are better.

Deb said...

Good for you taking a break! I love all your lights!

Ginny said...

You really know how to give a man a haircut!! But he is handsome no matter what his hair looks like! I am one who has to have lots of light and it is never bright enough! I love your sweet little angel lamp!! I am trying to look at all the decals in your kitchen! I ordered two more packs and they should be here any day! I love all your pretty doilies! As we got older, it takes longer and longer to close the house down and go to bed!! We now always leave a light on for when we get up and down during the night

Ginny said...

P.S. I have been loving your pretty red Valentine bows background.

Cheapchick said...

I totally love candles and twinkle lights too although only put those up at Christmas around the house. I need to get some year round ones!

Linda said...

Amazing! I enjoyed seeing your lamps and pretty lights. You talk about putting the house to bed and you aren't kidding. Can't imagine turning that many lights off & on every day. My mother used to starch & iron what she called "dresser scarves." I see you also use them. Do you also starch and iron them? I really dislike dusting. I find it very tedious. I sure have fun though seeing your pretty things.


All I can think of is 'sweetness and light'!! It's all so beautiful. Warm, cozy, and so very comforting Linda.

Penny Miller said...

So cosy and comfortable Linda. I absolutely love that you have a book called 'Sing Your Heart Out Country Boy' ! Is it one of Louis Dean's song books? X

Stacey said...

The lights make the house cozy. :) I like your description of waking up the house and putting her to bed. I feel the same way.

Diana Ferguson said...

Love the lights! Enjoy a rest!

Arlene Grimm said...

I love to have lamps on as well Linda but my frugal hubby goes around turning them off. I use the ones that are very cost efficient but he grew up in a family of six children and not a penny was wasted so he does not see the point in having lights on!! We also live in a middle unit townhome with only a few windows so our home tends to be dark, especially in the winter. I like to brighten things up!

Susie said...

Linda, You know you got a handsome man. Quit flaunting it. LOL :):) Good hair cut.. I love your thousand points of light. I swear , I have rarely seen a light on at my neighbor's. They are kind of tight fisted, I guess. I leave a light on in the kitchen about all day. we use our lamps by our chairs to read and do they are on a lot. We have a couple night lights too. I like little lights on for the cozy feel of it. You and LD rest up and get well. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

I am thinking you may have 2000 points of life or more, counting all the garlands lights. they are beautiful and I love lights like this at night, so cozy, or on a rainy day, but when the sun is shining i want it sparkling all through the house, just a different love of lights, but i love yours to

Vee said...

You did do an especially good job with his haircut! Say, I did not know that some Christmas lights come with their own button. I'll be looking for that. I have a couple of extension cords that have the button. I really like that. Hope that the extra days of rest have helped.

Bev said...

I love your lights...and The LIGHT of the World!!! Handsome hubby...I cut mine too....but I just shave it all off:)

Anonymous said...

Your soft lights are lovely. I love the way they look during the night. And great job on the haircut!!

Beth said...

Hi Linda, What a fun post! I enjoyed seeing how you decorate with lights - your rooms look magical! Have a great week, Linda. Glad you all are feeling better.
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Debby said...

That's a lot of lights. It does make things cozy. You must have a high electric bill. You did a nice haircut for sure.