Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday With Mother.....and Deanie!!!

Today was the first time I have seen Mother since Christmas!
As soon as I picked her up at the salon, she let me know she wanted COFFEE!!!!
It was a COLD day here in Texas and she only had ONE cup before her appointment!
Fortunately, Louis Dean had sent me on my way this morning with a small thermos of coffee complete with creamer. I had only taken a few sips of it so I offered her the rest! 
Guess what she said! "Thank GOD!!!"
That held her in good stead while I ran a couple of errands before lunch.
First stop - drop off my Bernina sewing machine for a service/repair.
Next up - Hobby Lobby!!!! 90% off their remaining Christmas so I scarfed up!!!
I also picked up materials for Valentine Book Marks for the grands to make.
Mother was a good sport and opted to stay in the car with the heater running - sipping that hot coffee - while I shopped! Win! WIN!!!

Lunch was at La Madeleine - they have such GOOD coffee!!!
Mother wanted MORE! Dark roast for HER! 

I showed her all the photos on my iPad and she was impressed at how BIG the quads are now!
Her favorite was the photo from Christmas Eve of me and all my grandchildren!

We enjoyed our time together! Mother had a cut on her finger and the couple seated next to us offered her a napkin to bind it up. When I rummaged in my purse for a band aid - once again - the couple offered us a bandage. We got to visiting and the lady had lost her daddy right before Thanksgiving. She was used to carrying all sorts of things in her purse while she was his primary caregiver. It's amazing how  God puts such wonderful people to cross our paths!

I took Mother home to Deanie's after our nice lunch and visit! I will remember that Mother LOVED the potato soup there! AND the coffee!!!

We had fun!

See that beautiful painting behind us??
Deanie and I used a furniture touch up/ repair kit to banish the chipped finish on some of the edges.
While Mother and I visited and laughed during our lunch together, Deanie and I did the same as we worked our way around this huge frame. The kit I bought had colored wax 'crayons' and 'markers' of stain. It worked very well.

We made some plans for later this winter and just enjoyed being together!

We always have FUN!!! Can you tell??

When I got home about 5:00, Louis Dean was waiting for me at the door to help me unload my treasures. I beat him to the punch when I asked him, "May I buy you a glass of wine??"
Usually he asked me this and I was proud I had jumped the gun on him!!
After all - it WAS 5:00!!! Right here in Texas, too!!!

After our glass of wine together, I went to work on the guest room while Louis Dean was right next door in his music room. He played while I cleaned!
Christmas is gone and the room is now clean!
It is now a multipurpose room! Guest room, kitty room, mini play room and TOY room!!!

I found more tea sets, more games and more toys!!
Add what I bought the last few days at Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Store -
I am in business for the next time we have little people over here!!

Tomorrow I will tackle another room to de-Christmas!
So far the guest room and Louis Dean's bathroom and the hall - DONE!!!
I am leaving most of our bedroom as is. Those bright pops of red will look good through February!
I am like my friend, Vee @ A Haven For Vee! Taking down Christmas is my most dreaded chore!

Louis Dean and I are now meeting in the den for our Friday evening together!
I think we will watch a couple of our TV shows I recorded - Hawaii Five O and Blue Bloods.
I need to clean the fireplace so no fire tonight. LD took the curtain down that covers the window unit which is both a heat pump and an A/C. He's cranked up the heat and it is toasty warm!

Our sweet Maddie!!!
I am so happy we have this kitty cat!!!
She is enjoying the warmth of the den, TOO!!!

It's been a good Friday and a happy, HAPPY Friday night!!!


Debby said...

Watching Blue Bloods right now. You haveso much fun.

Jan said...

I love that quilt on your guest bed! La Madeleine is a favorite place of my daughter's and mine. We love the chicken friand and I agree-their coffee is good!

Deb said...

Happy Friday! Stay warm! I think Sandra and I are rubbing off on you with playing with photos...

Linda said...

You amaze me that you can have such a busy day & begin a new task after 5:00 p.m. I turn to a pumpkin about that time.

Denise said...

We watched Gold Rush and Alaskan Bush People. It is really cold here in Georgia also.

Cheapchick said...

Not only are you a wonderful Mother, Grandmother/Sister/Daughter but you are an exceptional kitty Mama as Maddie indicated :)

Linda said...

I love your photos with your mother, Linda!

Ginny said...

Maddie is so beautiful and so sweet!! And so fun to see her in a VIDEO showing off her pretty nails! She has fit in with your family just perfectly! Your mom drinks a lot of strong coffee, doesn't it keep her up at night? I can't drink any after 4 P.M. or I am awake all night. The pictures of you two are beautiful and she is back to looking very healthy! I LOVE the third picture! What a great idea to fix the frame!! I hope you have an AWESOME weekend. AND show us every bit of it!

Susie said...

Linda, So glad you had a fun day with your mom and sister. Those are good days. I would have loved to hit the sales at hobby-lobby. Gosh I have not gone anywhere other than the grocery for so long. I sure could use a cruise. LOL. Take care and enjoy your sweet man and time together. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Penny Miller said...

What a happy day you had Linda. Love those pics of your mum, and she is looking so well! I love that she is into her dark roast coffee! Take care X

Sandra said...

Madi is precious.. so is your mother and I am like her about my coffee. Thankk God is what i say when i have fasting lab work done and get back the the car where a hot cup of coffee is waiting. that restaurant sure was noisy.

Pondside said...

Linda, you pack more into one day than anyone I know. I, too, spent yesterday with my mum. We had tea at a tea house and a nice drive and did a little shopping - precious time. I know that Mum had forgotten about our outing by evening,but she was there, in the moment, and enjoyed it all. Your posts are so uplifting, even when you write about challenges - always such a pleasure to drop by here.

Diana Ferguson said...

What a great day! Love family time.

Gypsy Heart said...

A great day! I've been reading back a bit and you've had some really fun things going on. I love that Harrison came home with you! Maybe 3 little girls might cause him to want to escape now and again. LOL He's so they all are! They're just growing so much...the girl's hair is longer...and yes, they have such good manners. You and Granddad have been a part of their lives since before they arrived ~ such a blessing!

I haven't been out of the house in so long I can't even remember! This flu began last Saturday so it's been a full week of feeling yucky. My little fur baby guy doesn't understand these quick visits outside but I keep telling him it's just too cold for walks. :)

Glad all is well in your world!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

Oh Linda!
I am still taking down Christmas as well. I think that I got the last of it down this morning. I just have one box to pack and place in the garage.

You asked about Russian Christmas. Our good friends Alice and Steve honor the memory of his mother by hosting a gift exchange on or the nearest weekend to January 7th, which is the day those that are Russian Orthodox celebrate Christmas. The exchange is much like you explain your Chinese Christmas.

I am pleased to see how well your mother is doing!
She is like my mom when it comes to coffee.
I am sorry...but also a bit relieved that your Cowboys are not coming to Seattle next week.
Have a great week!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Yes, I can tell that you two have a lot of fun together! And your mom looks fabulous. What a great job you did on the photo.

We are enjoying this season of Blue Blood episodes as well. Good show.

I must tell you that I am enjoying the special 'watercolour bookmark' that arrived in my mailbox last week. Such a treasure...from the hand of one who I have prayed for over these past few years. Thank-you.

Jutta said...

No updates - i am in a worry! I am. I wonder if the winter has been greater than the tx power. In Finland it is tough with coldness always

Vee said...

Oh your mother is looking fabulous, Coffee is one of her joys...more power to her! Hope that you and Louis Dean had a pleasant, relaxing weekend. (My brother-in-law is back in Utah and ready to head for Florida again. I think he'll miss Texas this time. He said it was plenty cold!)

Blondie's Journal said...

I never noticed how much you look like your pretty mother! And you have so much fun on Fridays, I wish I could tag along.

Getting Christmas cleaned up is a drag to me, too. First, I want it up longer, and secondly, no one helps and that makes me grumpy! ;-)

Jane xx

Carla said...

Thanks for sharing your great day.
I'm a grinch when it comes to decorating I guess. I don't like putting it up because I dread the take down. LOL
Your mom is so cute. Love it when she took your coffe and said "Thank God"