Sunday, August 17, 2014

NOT the Sunday we Planned!!!

I love weather and this morning we woke up to some SERIOUSLY serious rain!!!
It was coming down in torrents!
We made our coffee and was enjoying the morning - talking about our plans for church and then Sunday dinner in Quadville - when we thought about the camper!
It was raining HARD but Louis Dean took an umbrella and went out to check if the camper was leaking.
He didn't come back so I fixed each of us a cup of coffee and braved the storm!
Good news!!! NO water in the camper! YES!!!
We drank our coffee and I came in to get ready for church. I wasn't out there 15 minutes!
I walked in the kitchen and it was FLOODING!!!
As in water pouring in through the kitchen French doors.
I ran out IN THE HARD RAIN with NO umbrella and banged on the camper door while screaming, "There's WATER in the HOUSE!!!!"

My oh my!!! It was INCHES deep in half of the kitchen and was pouring into the den as well!
I immediately started sucking up the STANDING water with my Rainbow - which filled within a minute!!!
Louis Dean ran out to the storage building for the shop vac. I filled and dumped the Rainbow pan over a dozen times!!

Louis Dean completely filled this HUGE shop vac FOUR times!!!!
I called Amber to tell her - quickly - that we would not be making it to church with them this morning!
Not long after that I called her again asking for HELP!
Mike came over with ANOTHER shop vac and helped me 'suck up' the den!!
By the time he arrived the rain had thankfully slowed down. The kitchen was doing much better and the water was going down on the stone patio outside the kitchen door.
He and I concentrated on the soaked portions of the den while Louis Dean went to bed for a rest....
which didn't last long!! He was up on the roof surveying the damage before I knew what he was doing!
Apparently the rain was so hard it came through the turbo vents and over our water heater vent.
Easy fixes, he said.
However, we are going to need bigger better GUTTERS on the kitchen side of the house!
While this was NOT the Sunday we had planned - there were still several things to be grateful for!
#1 We were HOME when this happened and went to work immediately.
#2 The rain let up! I don't know what we would have done if it had lasted much longer!
#3 During the time we were sucking up water it continued to storm with violent thundering and lightning! We did NOT lose power!!! Praise God!!!
There is always SOMETHING to be thankful for!

The rain cooled the air and the afternoon temps were in the 70's! Unheard of in Texas in August!
We took advantage of this and the cool attic and took down all my fall decorations.
The forecast is for upper 90's to 100 degrees for the rest of the month and into early September.

It is like greeting old friends to see my fall things again.
I will find some 'new' things that I have forgotten - having picked them up through the year at Goodwill's.
The A/C has been off all day and the attic fan on with the doors open as we dried out the carpet and flooring. It didn't even reach 80 degrees today!

I have recorded several movies lately so this evening we started watching Jaws.

Louis Dean had never seen the entire movie before.
"We're going to need a bigger boat."
He has now.

We are now on Jaws 2! Louis Dean has not seen this one at all!
Popcorn popped in an old fashioned popcorn popper on top of the stove - complete with melted butter and plenty of salt is serving as our supper. Two more Jaws movies after this one - but they will wait for another day!!


Gypsy Heart said...

I read about your flooding over at Amber's blog. I'm so sorry! We needed the rain - the storm though. My dog is so frightened by thunder and lightning so there's no sleep for me when this happens.

So glad you had help! And I love having popcorn for dinner ~ :) By the way, where do you get your energy? All that cleaning up water and then getting out the fall decor?


Amber B. said...

Such a mess! Can't believe you hauled all that decor out....and y'all wonder how you end up working so hard. Tsk tsk! Y'all save the fourth Jaws for me this weekend and I'll watch it with you!

Say What? said...

I love your outlook. What a blessing it is to have the ability to see the positive through such a negative time. You amaze me.

Ginny said...

Oh NO, I am so sorry!! YES, so good you were home!! So ironic that you then watched water movies! We watched Jaws in the theater when it first came out. It gave me such a headache that we went across the street and I had a bite and a couple aspirin. Your fall things are awesome! I love decorating for fall, but do not like winter and dark!!

Jutta said...

OMG Linda! What a way to beging the day of rest aka Sunday. I wonder if it is possible to get everything (all layers under the carbet and wall linings) dry without opening them up.... I once had water problem and then needed rented efective blowers to get all dry. But perhaps in Texas the hot dry weather helps in that. Wish you het all fixed on the roof before a new rain episode. And once again you and LD are an amaxing troopers!!!

Deb said...

They said we got more rain in 5 hours than we have got in the last 2 months combined..that's Texas for ya! Sorry you had such a rough day...

Penny Miller said...

Oh my goodness! What an experience! I love the way you dealt with it so calmly and then sat down with some popcorn to watch a couple of films! Love your style Linda! X

Sandra said...

this is a horrible story of total chaos.. i can't even imagine how you all felt. i hope he can get it fixed right away and stay safe while doing it and you are so right the three things to be thankful for.. the best way to look at disasters when they hubby has never seen any of the Jaws movies and refuses to watch them. i saw them both and have not been able to wade in the ocean since....they scared me silly

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

You have the best attitude, Linda!
Didn't you and LD recently place new flooring in the kitchen?
Thank goodness the camper repairs worked!
The Jaws series was the perfect choice for a finish to your soggy day!

Pondside said...

Thank goodness for all the things you mentionned - and as the writer above said ' you have the best attitude'! I will think of that as the panic rises over our upcoming move!

Changes in the wind said...

Only fast thinking and hard work could prevail. Glad you were able to get it under control and it will be easy to fix.


Oh dear Linda, you made me laugh about getting pretty to visit my blog, lol! You should see me, I sometimes need to comb my hair too, as when I don't leave the house a shower and a warm up suit is enough...or old jeans! OMG! sorry about the flooding I just read, it's the worst, we have gone through that twice! I'm happy it'll be easy to fix, not something mayor, wow! Please keep us up to date on the subject.
Have a successful week.

Jan said...

Oh no! So glad you were there when it happened. We didn't get nearly as much rain out here, but at church in Trophy Club, it came down pretty hard. I love your fall decor-I'm more than ready for fall!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Definitely not the Sunday you planned! But you have a way of taking it all in stride.

When I think of embracing fall...I think of you. :)

Vee said...

Oh no! That's awful. So glad that you had help, but so sad that it happened at all. That's a wonderful list of gratitudes and each one is true enough. Better to know and be prepared against future troubles. This could not happen at my house because it sits so far above the ground, but it has happened in the basement and the roof has leaked. Would you believe that I would not be able to handle the excitement of Jaws? My imagination would have sharks in the dishpan!

Linda said...

What an awful glad you found things to be thankful for!!

Susie said...

Linda, That almost made me sick...thinking of all the work you had to do and still have to worry about some things. I would run every fan I could find to dry out the carpet and flooring. But then you said it, when you said you counted your blessings, you were home, Mike came to help, and you did not lose power.....those are things I would absolutely count as blessings. I always fear losing power when we are have a big rain. I never want our basement to flood again. I know things will return to normal. Thinking of you and your loved ones. xoxo,Susie

Angie said...

Oh no, that flooding must have been rough. I can't imagine just watching the water piling up. I'm so glad you all were home and were able to keep it under control.

My daughter has been glued to the television watching Shark Week this week. She loves the Jaws movies!

Carla said...

Oh My Goodness. Girl. y'all fixed the flooding from the den what about 2-3 years ago. Soo sorry to hear but like you said at least you were home. I can't image what it would have been like had you been gone to church and come back to a house full of water.