Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Picnics and Tea Parties

We arrived in Quadville separately this morning. I sent Louis Dean on ahead while I did some housekeeping chores and prepared our medicine boxes for the week. This takes quiet and concentration! I once gave Louis Dean a sleeping pill every morning for two weeks. I was confused because two of his medicines looked the same! He likes to make a grand entrance so he had them all to himself!!

When I drove up I saw Louis Dean sitting on the front porch eating his lunch.

At first I didn't even SEE Amber and the quads out on the lawn!

Four little quadlings all in a row!
And each one is so different from the others!!!

I love how children can be entertained with the simplest of things - like fallen leaves!

This is Trystan's 'Pin Up' Pose!

Kailey and Logan are always moving! They are natural leaders.

I think they all have rhythm!

Four precious faces!
We came in and they all had baths before naps.
Trystan and Logan took good long naps.
Harrison slept a little while - but it was hard to do since Kailey did NOT nap. At all.
Granddad was up there the whole time rocking and singing to her and Harrison.
After and hour and a half all three of them came downstairs......Harrison, Kailey and Granddad.
The other two slept on......

Kailey and Harrison helped me bake some Strawberry Mini Muffins for our tea party!

We waited for Trystan and Logan to wake up, though!

They were adorable!

They fully expect MeeMaw to have a tea party every visit!

AND they always expect Granddad to have music!
Louis Dean brought his laptop and was playing Waylon Jennings on YouTube.
He even had a headset that he let them wear so they could listen, too.

I fixed a good dinner - beef stroganoff, cream cheese corn, salad and focaccia bread with jello and whipped cream for dessert!

Kailey loves to sing!!

It has been a busy day in Quadville.
Amber will be having surgery on both knees at 7:00 in the morning.
Praying she sleeps well tonight and for peace and calm as she goes through yet another surgical procedure in her attempt to regain her health.
While I wish I could be with her, I know I would be more help if I remain here with the quads.
Every prayer on her behalf would be greatly appreciated!


Gypsy Heart said...

Precious times with these adorable 4! You're creating such treasured memories for all of you. My prayers are with Amber and the medical team...for their skill and for perfect results and healing for Amber.

Maybe for you & Grand dad too? :)


Penny Miller said...

Thinking of your daughter Linda, please do let us know how she does. Adorable pic's as ever X

Deb said...

Prayers for Amber and for all of you! Adorable photos!

Ginny said...

My favorite pictures today are the wonderful one of their sweet faces in the fence, each one framed. That one is brilliant and should be framed and put out to see. I also love granddad looking down at that sweet little face.

Kathy said...

I am just loving how they all shake their booty! So, so cute!!!

Prayers for Amber for tomorrow. May she be up and around quickly and recover with minimal pain.

Changes in the wind said...

Oh Grandma you have to print and frame the picture of the babies through the fence!! Maybe we should add prayers for grandma and grandpa too that they not run out of steam till Amber is back in swing:)

Jan said...

Keeping Amber in my prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery!

Sandra said...

saying a prayer now for Amber's knee surgery. and for the sitters of the quadlings during the surgery. i love the photo that says quadlings and the one of them in the fence... wish you could ship me some of their energy

Vee said...

We are praying here! (I thought I'd left a comment and then realized that John and I read this together this morning and I got distracted. We sure did chuckle over the mix-up with the sleeping pills, but I don't believe that it was too funny for poor LD at the time. He must have been wondering what was going on with him. I like that he still trusts you! ☺)

These darlings are growing so fast and learning so much. One day soon, you'll be turning over that tea pot to them! I know...scary! It's good for children to learn how to pour once they get to be three and four. Take it easy now and pace yourselves!

Susie said...

Linda, I am praying for Amber. I wish I could give her a big hug. She's just a young mother doing every thing she can to be healthy for her family. I loved the little film clips of the children. It lets us hear them and I really like that. My gosh they are growing. Blessings for all of you. xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thinking of & praying for your Amber! What a sweet bunch of quadlings!

Carole said...

Here's to Amber having great knees after she's done!

Angie said...

Sending my prayers her way Linda