Friday, August 15, 2014

A Happy 'Hobby Lobby' Day!!!

I KNEW Hobby Lobby had all their fall decorations out WEEKS ago!!
I have been strong and resisted the desire to go in there until today!
It's a magical moment when first I encounter fall in the stores!
This is the last Friday I will have with Mother until September so it was the PERFECT day to browse Hobby Lobby!!!!

Mother knows the drill!!!

A nice lady took our picture for us!
Mother took her basket and walked the whole store while I took mine and did the same!!!
I have been needing a tube of Windsor Newton Olive Green for my art and have mixed a substitute for several art days since I didn't want to spoil my moment and see Hobby Lobby's Fall collection too early.
I came out with a crisp fresh fall leaf garland, a couple of bunches of preserved fall leaf branches, some stickers for the grands.......

and a special candle that I will wait to light on September first!!
This is a relatively new tradition I borrowed from Amber. She always has a special candle for every season and has had an extra special one for every new home.

Mother wanted a pillow for her bedroom chair and the ones at Hobby Lobby were all throw pillows.
We went next door to Stein Mart and she found one ON SALE for just $6.46!! It's the little things, folks!

I had promised Louis Dean I would take him and Mother to the Golden Corral......

and so I did! He was in HEAVEN!!!
He gets a kick out of my mother and she surely does love HIM!!
Mother dearly loves the yeast rolls and fried catfish!!
Louis Dean loves EVERYTHING!!!

After we took Mother home we went by to visit Deanie!

I had some better pics of us but I LEFT MY CAMERA at her house!!
I won't tell all of her business but will say - this was our very last visit in their present home.
Once again......this was a promised treat for Louis Dean. I can't tell you how much he loves Deanie!!
And of course she loves HIM!!

Home for a nap before 'girding my loins with strength' and cleaning up the den!!!

It is wonderful to see it again.
We had pretty much trashed it since June when our water heater broke and that prompted the make over for our laundry room.

I cleaned it in my favorite way - with a movie playing on TV!
We have HBO for a few weeks as a promotion so I recorded a few movies.
Tonight I played French Kiss.....

It was really cute and made my work go faster!!
Louis Dean even got excited over the movie because Louis Armstrong sang at the end!
AND he was playing his trumpet!!

I fixed me a drink and noticed that Maggie thinks it's just another one of HER wine glasses full of water!
I kept a close eye on it!!

I just came in from watering the plants in the front yard. It was another 100 degree day today.
My flowers and plants are beginning to look defeated.
I hope we can all hang on just a few more weeks!!
Better go out and change the water!
May I just say - I LOVE Friday Nights!!!


Kathy said...

Your den looks great. Want to come do my dining room? Please?

So glad LD is feeling well enough to go out with you and your mom. They are so cute together.

I wish we had a Hobby Lobby nearby. If I want to buy from them, I have to do it online. You did good there.

Deb said...

Another fun Friday!!!

Penny Miller said...

Hobby Lobby sounds amazing! I love those photo's of your Mum, she looks like a real character! Glad to see your husband up and about and feeling better again. You made a great job of your cleaning and tidying too, and deserve that nice glass of something chilled! X

Susie said...

Oh Linda, I can just see you running around in Hobby-Lobby. I know the stores are basically laid out the same. Walk in look right and there is the new seasonal stuff. I love fall fragrances in candles. You and your mom, what great pictures you take. I wish I had done this every time I was with mommy. I miss her so much. So good to see LD enjoying his lunch with your mom. You can see her smile. You did a fine job on the den, can you come over.LOL. I have not even washed my walls this year. I usually do that in the Spring...not this year. Have a blessed weekend, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Another happy Friday! Glad you gals found just what you needed and that LD got one of his favorite lunches. Please ask Deanie for permission to tell her business because I want to know. LOL! Where's that gal going? It had better not be far!

Oh I do love your den. So completely cozy. I really like the way you have areas set up so that the furniture is not up against the walls. A great idea! I should finish watching my movie...Mrs. Brown...while I tidy up the kitchen.

I noticed that your coffee table is exactly the style of end tables John picked up in the side of the road for me. He was going to get one decent table out of it for me to use as a lightbox for tracing my embroideries. Maybe this fall.

Stay cool now!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I love visiting Hobby Lobby when in the USA...specifically when visiting my sister in Texas. I'm having a little bit of a hard time thinking of fall decor just yet though!

Sounds like you had a great even know how to make work fun!

Pondside said...

I wish we had Hobby Lobby up here! It doesn't look like I'll get down south of the border before Christmas, though, so I'll just have to make do with what's available up here......there's just nothing like Hobby Lobby!

Sandra said...

your mother always looks so full of joy... and I could make a meal of nothing but GC yeast rolls, i like their talapia fish and there fried rice with sweet and sour chicken or pork... and those little steak burgers and ICE CREAM from the machine... you did great with your finds, but you always do.. love that last shot of the cat in the glass.. LOL or almost in the glass... if we leave a drink on the end table Baby stands up there and drinks out of it...

Kelly said...

I saw where our Hobby Lobby was filling its shelves with Fall décor the other day too. They have the largest selection, don't they? Glad that you and your mom enjoyed your day together with some shopping and eating. That's always fun. My parents like The Golden Corral too.

Linda said...

Very cool post, Linda. Love all your photos.

Angie said...

I never decorate for Fall but this year the decorating bug has hit me hard. My Sister in Law and I are venturing to Hobby Lobby in the next week or so to find shower supplies...I'm betting I find all kinds of fall goodies while I'm there!

Love the pic of you and your Mother & the one of your Mother and LD. It's so good LD is so close to ALL your family :)

Hoope you have a blessed weekend my friend!

Gypsy Heart said...

I love, love fall ~ my favorite season! I haven't been to HL or Michael's but I'm sure I will by the week's end. I'm a candleholic and I have them burning all the time ~ more so in the cooler/cold weather.

Great photos! You always look so cute ~


Carla said...

I love your Fridays. Is Deanie gonna be closer or farther away
Your den looks homey and welcoming.
Love the pictures