Friday, August 8, 2014

Thinking Fall Thoughts on a 102 Degree August Day!

Friday means time with my mother!!! I pulled into the parking lot just as Donna called me to tell me she was ready! PERFECT timing! Last week Mother wanted me to take her to Macy's to buy some Happy Heart fragrance. I had Logan with me so I didn't feel like I could take a young two year old AND an 88 year old with BOTH of them needing to hold my hand!! Deanie found out about it and ordered from Macy's and it was delivered to Mother's front door! I thought I was home free until I saw Mother waving the check she had LAST week and started telling me she needed something else!!! So 
we were off to Hulen Mall!

Chick Fil A for lunch!

She always waits so I can take our weekly picture together!

What she 'needed' at Macy's was a new egg crate for her bed!
I helped her take the bed apart and put the new one on.
She has the egg crate on the mattress followed by a fitted sheet on top of it with ANOTHER fitted sheet on top of THAT one and a mattress cover on TOP of THAT! Layer after layer! I'm sure she is comfy in her bed tonight!

My sister left a 'Care Package' for me! The recipe for the delicious Cranberry Bars she gave me last week plus a couple of home grown tomatoes.....

and a bottle of wine!!!! I love having sisters!!!

Louis Dean has been hard at work on our laundry room today!

While he worked I cleaned and put out a few fall touches here and there!

It was very hot today!!! As in OVER 100 degrees!!!

I am SO ready for fall!!! Normally I get it all down on September 1st!
I put it ALL out!!!! Fall, pumpkins, pilgrims, the works!!!

I may fudge just a tiny bit and get it down a few days early this year.
Amber is having surgery on both of her knees and I will be spending a couple of weeks over in Quadville - as in day and night! I can make fruitcake cookies and pumpkin bread there as well as I can here! AND I can play September Morn anywhere! So tonight I cleaned the gazebo up and took down all the spring/summer things, spread a fresh cloth on the table and laid out some fall leaves for good measure!!

It's a good Friday night here at the Chapman's!
Maggie is doing better and better each day!
I can tell she has gained a bit more weight every evening when I pick her up to give her the antibiotic.
I think she is THRIVING due - in part - to all the attention we are giving her!!
Tomorrow I am going to bathe Lucy really good and see if that will help her disposition!!

The wine Nita gave me is excellent!!! I think I'll take my glass out to the gazebo and enjoy it there!
It's only 88 degrees out there now!!!!
Practically FEELS like FALL!!!


Deb said...

You long for Fall I hang on to summer....


Your mom is so beautiful and perfect, so it looks like she certainly is not hot in that awful weather, lol! I'm not good with that kind of weather, either...hehehe I love Fall and your house looks gorgeous, warm and inviting Linda.

Vee said...

The promise of fall is a lifesaver to you gals in the south and you have extenuating circumstances this year. Our summer has been so temperate that I will hate to see it end.

Your mother is going to sleep so sweetly tonight! Her bed sounds very cozy.

Look at LD go! He'll have those cabinets up in no time!

Vee said...

Oh I'm so gladl that Maggie ish feeling so much better!

Vee said...

is not ish...I have not even had a glass of wine.

Jan said...

Your mom is so beautiful-you are very blessed to still have her with you! I'm ready for fall too-with the humidity, the heat index here was 106. Our grands came over and wanted to play outside, but it was just too hot. Some storm clouds blew up mid-afternoon and dropped the temperature 15 degrees-it felt wonderful!

Linda said...


Sweet Tea said...

So sorry Amber is gonna need surgery. Such problems with knees and feet - poor girl. Glad you are available to help.

Ginny said...

I love to decorate for fall, too! But we have not been near as hot as you (oh MY) so I will wait till September 1st. I am so glad about sweet Maggie. Is amber having knee replacement...she is so young for that. Tell your mom we are bed buddies! We have a Sleep Number bed with TWO toppers on it!! And I wouldn't mind one more, but the bed would be too high! I am like The Princess and the Pea! So you will be living with the quads for two weeks? I hope Louis Dean will be, too. Or else it will be four to one!

Jutta said...

OMG - we have had above 90 for 34 days in a row now. It has once been for 38 days so hot in 1973. We will see if this record is still valid or not. So far this 34 days long heat means the silver medal place!
Sorry about Amber but the silver lining is YOU helping always her what ever it takes. And I am confident that you and the babies plus Mike will have so much fun. You are a superpower woman!
For everyone's notice in Finland we do not suffer normally of heat so very seldom people have A/C at home. Especially in cabins where we spend our Summer holidays. I never thought I would complain but in this heat it feels very hard to get any sleep... Sweat all over!

Penny Miller said...

Hi Linda, visiting you from a cool dry day in Scotland, and I can feel the heat blazing off your posts! It sounds too hot for words where you are. Found your lovely blog whilst browsing the web this. Opening. Your family sounds adorable, there is lots of love floating around your blog! Nice to meet you, Penny x

Penny Miller said...

Sorry Linda, should have checked my comment before posting, my predictive text was going crazy, my comment should have read ' whilst browsing the web this morning' NOT 'browsing the web this. Opening.' So sorry! X

Greatfull Dazee said...

I am praying for Amber's surgery! I love your decorating, everything looks so pretty! Your Louis Dean is a good fix-it man! The two of you make a good team!

Sandra said...

so glad Maggie is doing better.. and that is one big bed to put all of that on, but i need something like that for mine. just trying to think how long i could go without washing all those linens. the weekly shot is a great idea, precious memory stored for the future..

Kelly said...

So glad that your cat is doing better. I hope that Amber's surgery goes well and that her recovery won't be too long. That's so nice that she can rely on you to help her out. She will need it for sure! I feel for you dealing with such hot temps right now. We have been hot too but not in the triple digits! We've been enjoying some much needed rain so we're left with a lot of humidity now. Glad that your mom got her bed all situated. I know how much she looks forward to your Friday's together.

Susie said...

Linda, I wish I lived closer, I'd help you with Amber and the kids. That girl is a strong mommy for sure. You and your mom always look so cute in your pictures. Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

I love, love fall ~ my favorite season! I always love seeing your lights scattered around your home...seems "happy and cozy" to me. You and your Mom make really great photos! I'd love the recipe for the Cranberry Bars...and a glass of wine too. :)

I can't imagine Amber having to have both knees done at once. If you need help, I'm available!

P.S. I heard on the news tonight that it was 104 yesterday, 102 today and no telling about tomorrow! Heat index makes it feel around 108-110. :(