Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday's Hodge Podge!

Maggie joined Louis Dean and me out in the gazebo for our morning coffee. We were careful to make sure she was INSIDE the house when we finished! No more staying outside on her own!
Louis Dean acts tough but he has been treating her like a baby! He mashed up treats and mixed them in with her regular food to entice her to eat more! She was looking better today!

Ruth Ann and I chose the Million Dollar Arm for our movie today.

We chose wisely! It was a wonderful movie!!! Based on a true story and NO bad language or nudity or vulgarity! Our kind of movie!

As we shopped Goodwill this afternoon - after all - it IS Tuesday!!!! - I received a call from the vet.
Good news! Maggie's blood work revealed she has no thyroid or kidney problems. Ruth Ann and I drove over to the animal hospital and picked up an antibiotic which I will give her for the next 2 weeks. Maggie is anemic! Possibly due to fleas - which I had no idea she had until yesterday! If she is not much improved by the end of the medicine - then we will have additional testing done. I am so relieved!!! Maggie is back to being the pampered cat she WAS before the quadruplets arrived!!

Today Ruth Ann and I were out and about doing a variety of things.
I picked up this Suddenly Salad for our supper tonight!

Paired with cheese, crackers and fruit - it was perfect for a lady like supper.
Louis Dean took one bite and said, "I pass!"

While I was preparing the salad I tried to multitask and do some mending for Summer.
I sewed through the end of my finger and nail on the sewing machine!!!
I lost ALL interest in that task and nursed my finger the rest of the evening.
Louis Dean made me dip the end of it in alcohol - which burned!!!
It kept bleeding so I wrapped it in a paper towel as I tried to paint.
I would forget about it and then notice I was dripping blood on the carpet! Peroxide was used more than once tonight! Sherry brought over some Chinese medicine called 'Yunnan Paiyao.' It's a powder and after she dusted it on my finger it DID stop the bleeding! We are going to what we call 'The Stinky Store' to buy some in the morning!

This is my third session on my grandson's painting.
I didn't paint very long on it but at least I did SOME!!!

Louis Dean worked on the cabinets for our laundry room and they are now ready for me to finish them with paint and stain. Tomorrow is Quadville but Thursday I will work on them all day and then Louis Dean will start installing them on Friday! I am so excited!!!
They are sitting outside on our side deck now. I noticed a dark cloud come up this afternoon and mentioned to Ruth Ann I hope it doesn't rain til he gets them covered with a tarp.
The weather man said there was a 10% chance of a shower.......so of course it RAINED! 
They got a little wet but he wiped them off and covered them up!

It seems like Tuesdays are TWO days!!!
The daytime 'day' and the evening 'day!'
Even with my finger bandaged up and me typing awkwardly - 
it has been a GOOD day - or TWO!


Deb said...

We didn't get any of the rain...I want to go see that movie...have fun with the cutie foursome tomorrow

Sweet Tea said...

Oh Girl, I bet your finger is gonna be SO sore tomorrow. Ugh! The grands will need to kiss your Boo Boo to make it all better!


Oh....this is bittersweet about Maggie....fleas/anemic....sad, and hope she'll get better soon. But, good news on the blood work.

OUCH!!! That hurt just reading about that needle!!! In fact, more than ouch. Some expletives come to mind!!!

HoundDogMom said...

So glad Maggie is okay and just fighting a slight infection. Glad it is nothing serious. Hope your finger gets better that sounds painful. Sherri

Vee said...

Youch! That could not have felt good. So glad that sweet Maggie's health is going to improve asap.

Sandra said...

if i sewed the end of my finger, that would be IT until it was healed. you sure did a lot with a bleeding stuck finger... of course the chances of me sewing through the end of my finger are NIL to ZERO.... LOL tel LD i would pass on that salad to

Susie said...

Linda, I don't want to alarm you, but if your cat had fleas so badly that she was getting drain of blood...you may want to check out her sleeping quarters. The only reason I know about fleas sucking an animals blood and making them weak...it happened to our beagle a long time ago. Snoopy (of course the kids named him, LOL) was on outside dog.. I had never had a dog before , so I did not know that about fleas. I was just thankful the dog was outside with his fleas. But I have had our home treated for fleas when we had an inside/outside cat. That taught us all a lesson. Animals need that new flea med that doesn't let fleas live on the animal, or they need a flea collar. My finger hurts thinking about your finger being sewn. YIKES !!! Please take care of yourself. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Ginny said...

I am so sorry about your accident, you are carrying on bravely. I thought I had heard on Dr. Oz about not using peroxide on a wound, so I Googled it. Peroxide is not very good on wounds because it kills the good as well as the bad bacteria. They said to just use an antibacterial ointment after washing in water. Have you had a tetanus shot recently? Aren't I so bossy? But that is just ME. Please let us know how it is doing. It must have been so painful, but you don't complain! The painting is beautiful, very haunting. You are a good painter. I am so glad to hear about sweet Maggie! I am sure she will fatten up and be back to good health soon, those awful fleas!

bj said...

Sorry about your finger..glad your Maggie is doing better.
I've missed visiting with you...this has been such a busy summer..glad to know all is good in your world.

Wanda said...

Oh Linda, I hurt all the way to CA reading about your finger. Glad Maggie is better..We went from Frontline for Molly to Revolution. We are really happy with it. I love the painting..it is rather haunting. Can't wait to see the laundry room when finished. Lots of hard work going into that project.

Carla said...

Oh oh that makes me hurt. I hope your finger is doing better now.
Cool painting