Monday, August 18, 2014

Drying Out and Other Monday Activities!

We slept late this morning - which was a good thing!
We worked HARD yesterday cleaning up after the rain flooded our kitchen and den!

Louis Dean was out putting up and painting the wood to extend the gutters so they can CATCH the rain!!
Apparently ours was too close and the rain ran straight OFF and onto the stone patio and then straight INTO the house!!! My friend, Debbie, said  we got more rain in 5 hours than we have had in two months!!

While we are dealing with THAT - the glass on our front door shattered!

I knew it was coming! I noticed the other morning that it was shattering - I could HEAR it!

I didn't know how long it would stay intact......and when I shut the door this morning I found out!

While Louis Dean was doing HIS thing I cheered myself up and did some fall decorating!
No Neil Diamond and none of the September first traditions......I am holding out on those!!

Who doesn't love a rug runner draped over their front door???

My debris covers a multitude of 'ugly!'
The trim behind the sofa was broken years ago.
I just now thought about asking Louis Dean to FIX that instead of me covering it up!!
Old habits of covering things up die hard!

We are waiting for our glass man to come out this evening and take measurements for replacing the broken glass!

We met in the gazebo and put our feet up - complete with dirty sox!

A glass of wine was in order!!!

Tonight Louis Dean will cover the oval opening with plywood!

And he's already DONE it!!!
He just called out, "Well! You are SECURED, my love!!!"
Flooding, glass breakage.....what else will we need to take care of this week???


Pondside said...

That's it - no more for this week, Linda. I think you've had more than your share!

Cheapchick said...

I agree, two is enough, no threes a charm for you. I wonder why the glass in your door broke? Thank goodness you were home when these things happened, I would hate to come home from a few days away to that!

Greatfull Dazee said...

You two work well together!

Jutta said...

Oh no. I think that is already too much for a senior citizen couple! Way to much although you two are definitely able to fix. And also knowing how very hot you have which makes working so much harder. I wonder if you could get help from anyone.
I hope you will get everything fixed asap and that no other major unexpected shows up.
But hey, the excellent thing in this all is that you have each other to take apart of everything.
P.S. Good that LD could 'close' the hole in the maindoor for the night!!!

Kelly said...

OMG! I cant believe you've endured more flooding! You and LD have become experts with cleaning up after floods. So sorry to hear about that and your glass door breaking. I wonder why it did that? Hopefully, your next piece of glass will hold up. Glad you were able to end the day on a good note though.

Deb said...

You are both such troupers hoping the rest of the week goes smoother! We needed rain but it sure caused havoc ....ruined my daughters boyfriends car...

Ginny said...

I cannot believe the house accidents you have had in just the last few days! As they say, when it rains it pours, and that is what your problem really was! I love your idea to use the runner on the door, very clever. Is that a fall tree? Oh, I would love to see it closer and all the things you have on it!! When our granddaughter was smaller, she had one of those skinny Christmas trees, maybe two feet tall. It was in her room and they decorated it for every occasion. She loved going to Michaels with her mom for Easter, The Fourth, Thanksgiving, etc. to shop for all the little decorations.

Angie said...

Man you all have had a rough week. Let's hope all the damage is done and the rest of the week goes better for you

I love how you call your decor debris! I think it's beautiful debris :)

Penny Miller said...

So sorry to hear your door glass shattered. You are having a tough week! Your decorations are absolutely beautiful, I love the little lights x

Kathy said...

What a week you are having! That's it. All MUST go well for the rest of the week. Hope you can get the door fixed quickly!

Vee said...

I think you've had more than your share and don't need anything else this week! Hope that your door is fixed very soon and that the next time it rains that the gutters will handle it. I am still thinking about your "covering it up" comment. I suppose that everyone does it to some extent, but how much better to fix it at the source. There's a larger meaning here. I have eight chunks of carpet covering the floor here. Oh! I remember why now...we're in a recession. =D

Sandra said...

i am hoping in this case it doesn't come in threes... yikes on that door and the cleanup has to be massive from the water. hope it did not do permanent damage. i am a scaredy cat to the bone, so no glass allowed in my doors an i was freaking thinking you would go to bed with just the rug. relieved to see the boarded up door.

Susie said...

Linda, It is a darn good thing LD likes working and you too. Seems you both get plenty. I like your fall decorations. It's going to be so pretty at your house. Seeing your feet up and nice glass of both deserve that break. xoxo,Susie

Carole said...

Look out for the frogs and locusts - you seem to be being tested in biblical proportions! Good luck!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'd say that you've certainly had your share of catastrophes! It's great that you two have the stamina and creativity to clean up and cover up. :) The rug was a great idea! Love all your decor and the lights are something I look forward to in all your photos. They are a sign of "happy and cozy" I think.