Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wrapping up the Weekend!!

This weekend has been a bit of a 'trauma drama'  for me. Louis Dean and I have been working in the utility room and I'm afraid I have made a mess of it!! Let's just say I will NEVER use plaster again! What I did in the hallway last August turned out okay and I thought I could do much the same in the laundry room.
All I can say is - it's a good thing I have so much STUFF that you don't really notice the walls!!

Friday I left Louis Dean home alone and he Kiltzed everything while I went over to have lunch with Mother.

My sister and her husband (Nita and Mike) have been on vacation all week.
Mother seemed to do pretty well all by herself. Deanie was over several times as was Charlie.
Charlie would go by and put the paper up on her front porch so she wouldn't have to walk down the steep driveway. One slip could result in a broken bone or worse! Rachel (a beloved cousin) dropped by for a visit and I think Deanie took her to lunch at least once as did I.
We ate at Red Lobster and we both had big bowls of clam chowder - which was perfect for the fall like day we had! Actually we had THREE 'fall' days! I loved them all!!

When I got home we painted the utility room green.
LD thought it was too dark but I thought it would look better the next morning after it dried,

It didn't.
I tried glazing a light color on top and that just made it worse.

We ended up mixing FOUR different cans of 'stuff!'
Three cans of paint and one can of faux glaze which made one full gallon of paint and we painted the entire thing - again.

It is green. A lighter green. 
Louis Dean started on the flooring while I cleaned up and met my friend, Carla, at a Starbucks.
She's one of my 'Houston Friends' and I haven't seen her in two years!!!
Not since we moved back from Katy!
Carla keeps me entertained and up to date with all the fun things she's doing through her blog:

She is used to Houston traffic and was at the Starbucks over a half hour before me!
Can you believe I missed my turn and even went to the WRONG Starbucks at first??
I have been totally discombobulated this weekend!
We talked as fast as we could for nearly an hour!!!

I reluctantly came home. Back to the laundry room.
Louis Dean had pretty much put down most of the flooring!
THAT part looks good!!
I was so disheartened over my walls I just went to bed. Like at 9:00!!
This morning they didn't look any better!

We had coffee and then headed over to Quadville.
We stayed with the kids so Amber and Mike could go to church.
Now that things have settled down they are ready to find a church home.
We plan to join the same one so we were very interested in them getting to visit one this morning.
As it turns out - it is only 5 minutes from their house making it 25 minutes from ours!
They immediately felt at home and were impressed with the nursery, pastor and the church in general.
Louis Dean was happy to hear they have Sunday School classes.
The church is age integrated and seems like the perfect choice for ALL of us!!

After Amber and Mike left we just played with the kids and did a little 'housework!'

I had four little helpers!!

They ASKED me to make tea!!

The quads love ICE!!!

They like CAKE, too!!!

This afternoon they all got ready to attend another set of quads birthday party!
It had a Pirates and Princess theme.

That little Trystan - or Trissy as she is called by Granddad and the other quads - was just adorable!

I can't help but smile every time I see her - even a PICTURE of her!!

She does love my tea!!

As they ALL do!!!


My LoLo Bear has gone Hollywood!!

What a handsome family!

They were off to the birthday party and we came back home to deal with the laundry room.

We have pretty much trashed the whole house while working on this one small room!!!

As I started writing this journal entry my stomach was still tight over the walls.
I was kind of ashamed of myself for ruining them!
Here was the opportunity to have a whole new look and I was so NOT happy with it!!
Along about the time I was editing the pictures from Quadville I went in to see how Louis Dean was coming along with the trim. I looked at the floor and said it looked GREAT!! If only the walls did!!!
The flooring has some brown marble looking streaks in it and then I had a THOUGHT!!!!
A WONDERFUL thought!!!!
I opened up a new can of stain I had recently purchased and proceeded to STAIN the walls!!!
It was an easy fix and I wiped the stain on and I LOVED IT!!!!

Our washer and dryer are now hooked up again! The dryer has been outside for the last 5 days!
We had PLANNED on going to look for cupboards tomorrow but have decided to stay home and recover from all that we have already done.

We went to bed early last night. It's now 9:30 and we are going to Whataburger to celebrate!!!
I am LOVING my laundry room now!!!!
Praise God and thank you, Jesus, for putting the idea in my head about staining them!
It humbles my heart to realize how much God cares about ANYTHING that WE care about!
No matter how BIG or how small a matter it may be.


Deb said...

Yeah so happy it all worked out! We sure missed you on Saturday!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Whew. Great save Linda. Loving reading about all that you are doing and seeing your lovely families.

Deanie W said...

So smart, the walls look fantastic!
I can hardly wait to hear about the quad stories from Sunday School!
Loved your post:)

Wanda said...

Oh Linda, I'm so glad our sweet Lord is interested in things like paint, and our frustrations and then gives us brilliant the stain. Now you can enjoy for laundry room and it will be perfect when you get all your things back in.
The family picture was so adorable. We too are looking for a new church to worship in, since we have moved, and don't want to be traveling every Sunday.

Jan said...

Sounds like you have found a great place to worship. When we moved here almost 2 years ago, we were blessed to find a church that was perfect for us and for our daughter and son in law and grandkids! It's wonderful to attend there with them, and the girls have really blossomed in the bible classes. We love our church family!

Kathy said...

I was praying this morning that Amber and Mike would find the perfect church for them so I am very glad to hear this news! That was a quick answer.

It looks like you are going to have to bring four containers of tea when you go over there on Wednesday. And don't forget the cake! LOL.

So glad about the laundry room finally getting the right color on the walls. Isn't it amazing how God gives us the idea and when we try it it's just right?

Linda said...

Love the photos, Linda, and nice to see one with your dear mom! I am not handy at all! Plastering, painting, forget it, I can't be bothered. However, I am excellent at cleaning and organizing, and I do this with great delight.

Ginny said...

Amen to that! God wants us to tell him everything, no matter how small. Just like a father and his children. I am so glad you re-did the room, the first attempt was pretty dreary. How wonderful about the church, and that you will all go! What is the denomination? Does it have a huge or small membership? We are Mennonites and that is the church we go to. I teach and run the prayer line, Phil teaches Sunday School, and we are both deacons.

Vee said...

Enjoyed seeing all the videos of the quads...squabbling over tea and fetching ice, and fretting over no cake! Also appreciated the story about the laundry room. So glad that you are happy with it now because when we aren't happy with something, it just makes life a little less tolerable. =D Glad that your mother had a good week on her own with lots of visits from friends and family.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That turned out to be a huge project but one you'll be so happy to have done! I'm visiting from Susie's this morning! Sweet hugs! Enjoy your day....put your feet up! Hugs, Diane

Shirley said...

Good Morning, I found your blog through one of my friend Susie. She said that I would enjoy reading your blog and I did. Your quads are adorable and so much fun to read about. Even enjoyed reading about your laundry room. Why does paint look a different color after you think it is what you want? I would like to change colors in a room, but I would be in deep water if I did with a hubby in the nursing home and me by myself. My kids would have a fit. They would worry about me falling off a ladder. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from a Missouri Friend.

Angie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with your laundry room. That is ALL that matters!!!

Sweet Tea said...

It turned out beautiful! It looks very "custom"! I love things that have a happy ending and it certainly did...My how the quads have grown - looking like children now, rather than babies. I've followed them since before they were born and it's been fun watching them grow.

Carla said...

Poor thing. I'm so sorry that the laundry paint job was such a hassel but I'm glad I was able to create a diversion. We did talk fast that day didn't we.
Geez those little darlings are growing up so fast and I can't get over all the hair that Trystan now has. They're so damn cute. Until next trip.... y'all be good or at least have fun. Be safe. Hugs