Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Warm Welcome from Quadville and A Fall Like Thursday!

Louis Dean and I were both greeted warmly upon our arrival in Quadville yesterday!
We had not seen the quads since LAST Wednesday so we were anxious to get over there!
Amber was surprised to find us on her front porch at 10:00!

The get SO excited over Granddad's entrance!

Kailey is always interested in what all is in my bag!

They are learning their ABC's!

I found these gel shapes on clearance at Big Lots.

More TEA!!! MORE tea!!!
(excuse the jerkiness of the video.....hard to hold a camera AND pour tea into tiny cups still in motion!)

I just use plastic tea sets for now. Later we'll use some of the ceramic sets I've been collecting!

I love doing tea parties with children! When Summer and Jesse were little we would do 'Tea Parties' in the summer. I took them swimming twice a week and we would all go down to the bottom of the pool and act like we were serving and drinking tea! I held my nose and the kids would push me down so I could get to the bottom. 

Logan loves this little chair I carry around with me. The days of easily getting down on the floor - AND getting UP are over! Knees, hips, joints of all kinds are kinking up on me nowadays! 
I'm even sure 'nowadays' was a real word!

The quads still enjoy banging out a tune on the piano.

The Logos I bought Tuesday were an AWESOME bargain!!!

After naps we all went outside to play!

Kailey has her granddad wrapped very tightly around that little finger she's pointing at him!

Trystan ALWAYS plays appropriately!
If it's pool time - she is IN the pool.

The playground Mike built for them is wonderful!

All kids love being outside!

We even ate dinner outside!
The blue pool held WARM water thanks to Amber being such a thoughtful mother that she hauled bucket after bucket from the laundry room! After dinner the warm water was replaced with FRESH warm water and used as an outdoor bathtub!
We just KNEW the babies would go right to sleep after such a busy day!!!

NOT!! Logan and Trystan were the only two to actually NAP so they were allowed to get back up for a little while. Harrison didn't nap much because Kailey kept him awake. He was SO tired he was able to tune her out and was down and out for the night!!!

Kailey was TOO tired to sleep. Granddad rocked her and rocked her and finally just stretched out on the floor beside her bed. She held onto his hand and he would reach up and pat her.
I took this pic from the video camera.
I finally had to go up there and tell him it was past time to go home!!
Amber walked us out to the car and told Louis Dean that Kailey had him stretched so tightly around her little finger that she thought she might be cutting off his circulation!!

This morning we woke up to a preview of FALL!!
Cool temps - so much so that we opened our French doors to the rain cooled fresh air!

Our A/C has been off all day and I have a shirt over my sleeveless house dress because of the chill.

I had toyed with the idea of getting up in the attic and bringing down some of my sunflower 'debris.'
Instead I opted to just set out some of my recent thrift store in this heavy pumpkin.

I put the fall runner on the dining room table and went ahead and placed the wreath around a plaster gourd that I keep out year round.

I will never make a photographer!! This woven wooden basket is real sturdy and came with the mini garland of fruit.

Our real work today has been plastering the utility room!
I started in about 3:00 and soon ran out of plaster. LD went to Home Depot for more and then pitched in to help me when he got back! My poor wrist is hurting SO bad!!! I used a small trowel and he used a BIG one! Plus his arm is much stronger than mine! He made short work of it and I am grateful!
Tomorrow we will Kiltz it and then painting will start on Saturday.
I guess we'll go look at cabinets soon!
We have kept the TV tuned in to Fox News as we listened to the coverage of all that's going on with Israel and the airliner that was shot down while we worked.

I'll close this journal entry with a few Throwback Thursday pics!

Amber and I in 1987.
I made the dress she is wearing.
Doesn't she look like Kailey?

Ben and me in 1990. He was nearly 2 years old.
Now for a REAL blast from the past!!!

Summer, Jesse, Jr and me in 1967!
That was my real hair although NOT my natural color!
I made the dresses Summer and I are wearing out of double knit!!!
Remember double knit??

I hear Louis Dean cleaning up our plaster tools.
Guess it's time to go out and sit a spell in this glorious weather!!!
I love being chilly!!!


Vee said...

Take care of the you say, nothing's quite workin' like it used to. It must be cooler there than it is here from the way you describe it. Hope you have a lovely evening! (Yes, today's news is quite troublesome.)

Deb said...

Love that 60s hair do! Great post...hope your wrist is better soon

Kathy said...

Chilly weather? I wish. It is so hot here and my A/C is running 24/7. How did it get cooler there than here? Love how the quads greet Grandad. They sure love him.

Your Throwback Thursday pictures are a blast. It was wonderful seeing them.

Sweet Tea said...

We're enjoying the same cool front here along with heavy, but not stormy rain. Love all the photos!

Angie said...

It's been cooler weather here too. I'm thinking we might have an early Fall.
Take care of that wrist, you don't want to overdo it.

Ginny said...

I love the fall, too. And it takes me all day to decorate. I made my own fall swags. I love your pumpkin, the color of it. The Quads are just adorable! I loved watching ( make that listening) to them greeting Louis Dean, squeals of joy! Tea parties are the best! I used apple juice when they were little. I need to show MY tea party pictures! You know that commercial "I've fallen and I can't get up"? That is ME! Torn shoulders and ruined knees. Your little chair is perfect! I love your blasts from the past! I always tried to tease my hair that big, but never could manage it like yours.

Wanda said...

Oh I loved the pictures today of the quads playing outside, and the pool and playground. They are growing and I've only been following your blog for a short time but they have changed so much in that short time.
Love the TBT pictures. I've decided to stop teasing my hair, and letting it just fall loose. I need to get it feathered and layered and keep it simple. Since we have access to a pool...I want something easy.


Oh boy, do I remember 'double kit' lol! You and your children are so pretty and is no wonder the quads are so gorgeous. I see you and LD enjoying them so much, at the pool and fun!
Enjoy your weekend, ya hea?

Sandra said...

all the photos are fantastic, i love the toes on the stool, the diging n the bag, the pool and slide and the piano. so many memories you captured for the future.. i do hope you are saving all these photos somewhere other than in the computer.. when i clicked on the screaming kids in the first video, baby who is sound asleep lifter her head and looked around the room , like what is that?


Oh the 'look back in time'. Yes, you can tell y'all are related. Sweet sweet sweet!!!
Love the autumn look....can't wait.

And those darling wonderful...and growing so quickly!!

Susie said...

Linda, When LD walked in and those children were cheering and shouting with wonder he likes to make an entrance. I absolutely loved that, I could hear you laughing, so I know you enjoy that. Those babies have all of a sudden grown up into toddlers. Unreal. I love all your older pictures too. You look as if you have always been a pretty lady. I knew right away that was Summer...has she changed any? LOL.
I received the painting you sent me, yesterday. I feel so loved !! it made me happy. Ted loved it too. He said you are a good artist and you did a fabulous job . Me too. So thank you my dear friend, so much. xoxo,Susie