Monday, July 21, 2014

Reading My Walls......and Closing Out Our Monday!

 It has been a LONG day but it has also been a GOOD one!!
We got a lot done! Louis Dean worked on the pantry floor and made a Sam's run for Rx's and groceries while I stayed home and did my Susie Homemaker routine!

Isn't THIS the TRUTH????
I stitched this back in the 80's but it's still true to me today!

As  is this one!

This hangs in my hall. It was a Goodwill find!

'Find Your Song and Sing it!' is for Louis Dean!!
Faith, Family and Friends was a Christmas gift from my son and his wife......
meaning it was from Leigh Ann!!!
This also hangs in our hall.

This sign is above our bedroom door.

In my bathroom above my vanity.
I see this every morning as I put on my make up!

Yes, we ARE!!!

This hangs in the guest room - which was first Summer's room and then 21 years later it became Amber's nursery and is now a favorite room to nap in. So many wonderful memories of my daughters!

I love this verse! I think Summer gave me this plaque years ago.
I love it still!

So true! I am happy MY daughters now know this!

I am blessed to have TWO awesome daughters!!!
Remember the saying.....
"A son is a son til he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter all of her life!"
It seems to me that the daughters are the ones that take care of the mothers late in life.
I know I am glad my mother had more than ONE daughter!

This hangs in the guest room.

I have painted many of these!

Isn't THAT the truth??
Remember those teenage years??

My friend, Cathy, gave me this and I think of her every time I look at it - or dust it!

The good old days!

Hangs in the kitchen!

A good recipe.

I am here to tell you that loving hearts DO make a happy home!

I took this pic last night at Whataburger!
My handsome husband!
He took a bath and cleaned up while I looked like a homeless person he was buying a good meal for!
He has worked so hard today - he works hard nearly everyday!
Tomorrow he will get the truck ready for our trip to the ranch.
He will do this while I get to party with my friends and take in a movie - have a pedicure and do art!

This is a good way to end our day!
A Salad Supper and another chapter in our current reading book - 'Lord Foulgrin's Letters.'
Most interesting.......


Deb said...

I love all your sayings! Have a fun Tuesday!

Miss Dishywoo said...

So fun to see all your wall plaques. You have a great collection. I really like the first one, about housework. I was just telling that very thing to someone recently. The coffee for 5 cents is neat, too. Surprising to see LD not wearing overalls. He looks handsome, as always.

Angie said...

So fun to see all the quotes around your home. I need to start adding more inspirational things to my home!

That is a great picture of Louis Dean!

Wanda said...

I love reading your walls. What a blessing your signs and words are. No wonder you are a happy woman. You are surrounded by goodness.

Jutta said...

Oh my, you have so many! Love them all. Thank you for sharing, Linda!

Susie said...

Linda, I hope you do not mind, I posted about you yesterday. :) I wanted people to see the beautiful painting you gave me. They love it too.:):) I hope you have a fun time at the ranch. I enjoyed reading all your signs. So many of them seem to be a true statement. One about an orchard made me laugh. Blessings to you and LD for a safe good week. xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Love all your must enjoy keeping your guests busy...but I laughed out loud over If Idiots Grew on Trees This Place Would Be An Orchard! Hahahahaha...

Sandra said...

so many great truths hanging on your walls. yum on the Whataburger and he is handsome..