Monday, July 14, 2014

Rain, Rest and Recovery........

There is something so refreshing about RAIN!!!
Texans LOVE rain!
We have been - and still are - in a drought here so the rain today was most welcome!

It's nice to get FREE water for our plants!

Louis Dean and I enjoyed sitting in the gazebo gazing out at the RAIN!

We have the possibility of RAIN for the next several days!

Even though it hit 101 today - the rain lowered the temps to the 80's within minutes of falling!
The forecast calls for the HIGH temp for Thursday to be 82!!!!
I intend to crawl up in the attic that day and haul down some sunflower decorations to hold me until I can decorate for FALL!  A friend showed pics on Facebook of Hobby Lobby and all the FALL is already out!
I refuse to participate until September 1st........or close to it anyway!!!

Louis Dean has been busy in our utility room.
Usually when we have a project to do it turns into a BIGGER job than anticipated!
NOT so with this one!
I know it looks bad but he has it under control.
Being part Indian - he works best barefoot!
Louis Dean is 3/8 Cherokee Indian and has a card and everything!
However, I WASHED his card and he applied for a new one. Of course he explained what happened to the old one!!! "My wife WASHED it!!! The good news is it's CLEAN! The bad news is - I can't read my roll number!" They just called back this afternoon assuring him that a new card would be issued and they would fill in the roll number for him. I heard Louis Dean laughing out loud as he listened to the message - he said the final sentence said - "Tell your wife thank you for getting it so clean!"

Progress is a messy business! 

The den is a wreck because this is where all the stuff from the utility room is for the time being.
I am okay with just the kitchen, utility room and den being a mess as long as I can keep the rest of the house tidy. So that's what I did today......kept clean the 'Clean' rooms and packed away all the red, white and blue decorations.

I also mended a beloved quilt my son left when he brought the kids over for MiMi Camp last week.

My sister, Shari, made this and Jesse, Jr won it in the Chinese Christmas Tree in 1999.
Shari is one of two sisters I did not get to grow up with in childhood.
She was kidnapped when she was 6 weeks old and only many years later was she able to find her family of origin. She is an amazing woman and full of the grace of God. Of all of us siblings - I do believe she has the greatest 'story.' Luann is the other sister who was separated from us in her early years. She, too, is an amazing woman of faith!
I am thankful God has redeemed so much in ALL of our lives.


Ginny said...

Is that the sandbox Louis Dean made? It looks strong and sturdy. As it needs to be with the quads. I would love to her Shari's story some time.

Vee said...

Glad that progress is being made. It always is with you two! Ahhh...the Polar Vortex is sending you some cool perhaps???

Gosh you have the most interesting family. I am so glad that Shari was able to find you again. Is anyone working on a book?

Linda said...

Amber is the writer in the family!

Eva said...

You need to tell us your life story! It sounds amazing...

Sandra said...

wow and cool on the Cherokee Indian.. love that... and if the wife washed it whose fault is it? was it left in a pocket? bob left something in a shorts pocket and it got washed and i said to him. i do not check pockets if you leave it in there it will get washed..

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that you're getting some much needed rain! I can't believe how hot it gets there. I don't remember a time when we hit the 100 mark, although we do get close. I'm looking forward to the cooler temps heading our way as well. We got so much rain last year, and this year much less. So, I'm actually ok with that. Last year the constant rain caused a lot of mildew problems in our basement and garage. Now, we have a dehumidifier helping us out. I had no idea that you had a sister that was kidnapped as a baby! Wow! That's like something out of a movie! Glad that she was reunited with her real family. I didn't know that Indians have ID cards. I learned something new today.

Susie said...

Linda, Your life story amazes me. I am glad you sisters have found each other. Tell LD there is Indian blood in our clan too. We also have some Irish blood...I call us the O'paches..LOL LD goes barefoot so he can sneak up on his work. :):) I have lived through renovation of a house when all my girls were young....that is not easy. Now I do not want to fill one room up and work on the other....But some time we are going to have to clear out our living room and dining room to redo the wood floors. Blessings to all of you today. xoxo,Susie

Anonymous said...

your life story continues to amaze me...but makes me want to know so much more. please tell us your siblings born of your mom , a little about them and if you knew them growing up, also ... you said your mom was married several times, can you share details. you tell a story soooo very well. so do us a siblings history, who their dad's are, and also if you have a bunch of step siblings, post, please... hope im not being too nosey & if so, I apologize. you're the amazing one!!! too.... hugs, pam in Burleson

Wanda said...

The rain looks lovely. My great grandmother was Cherokee but was never put on a roll. My brother researched it, but it wasn't there. I did get the wonderful Cherokee skin and dark auburn hair. I tan very easily. My dad use to call me his little redheaded Cherokee. I haven't been on the war path for years...Did LD do a rain dance!! Love your life having things in common.

Diana Ferguson said...

You have been busy. Looks like camp was a huge success!

Angie said...

I couldn't agree more with the above comments, I'd love to hear your life story!

Jutta said...

Now what benefits do an Indian citizen get? I know nothing about this kind of card system. I do know that Indians can have gamble places on their property and no taxes are paid (?) and I have seen one huge casino close to Miami once. Other than that I know absolutely nothing. Would be fun to learn more. :)

Carla said...

ooo I like Sandra's comment about you may have washed it but who's fault is it that it was in the pocket?" hmmmm... Sorry LD LOL

Can't wait till I catch up and see your fall deco in full swing. And you know you should write a book about your family. And you too can write! Where do you think Amber got her talent from? ;o)