Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MiMi Camp 2014: Day 3

This was our last day to be down here on the ranch. 
We started it with a pancake breakfast!
Sam manned the skillet and cooked them for us.

After all the things Levi has been eating, it was the PANCAKES that did the trick and his loose front tooth finally came out!

We hit up the Cameron Park Zoo right after breakfast.
My step-grandson, Robert, went with us.
Actually WE went with HIM and it was nice that I didn't have to drive the big truck!

It was a beautiful zoo......

I can't complain about the heat! It IS Texas and we still haven't topped the 100 degree mark yet!

The kids picked the paths we took. They didn't want to miss a thing!

However by the end of our visit - EVERY ONE'S 'tired' was hanging out!!


The kids are roughly 8,10, and 12.

Levi is adorable! You can find him doing all sorts of cool things.

He is nearly ALWAYS smiling!

See what I mean??
After the zoo we had a picnic before heading over to the Dr Pepper Museum.

Of course we had to have a treat at the soda fountain.
Faith got a 'Pink Cow' and the boys ordered 'Brown Cows.'

I admit to being extremely tired by the time we got back to the camper.
It was like I had lost all my 'stuffings!'
We have been fighting FLIES like crazy down here so Louis Dean cleared the bathhouse of the excess flies so I could take a nice shower and shampoo my hair.
I then drank a big bottle of water and crawled into the 'nest' Louis Dean has been sleeping in and took a little nap!! Good call!!! I felt SO much better for our last evening here. While I was resting the kids went fishing.
Uncle Dean and Robert have been great with them.
This camp experience would not have been such a success without them!!

Dean outdid himself on the BBQ ribs he fixed for dinner tonight!
Louis Dean stayed here while we went to Waco and spent the day fishing and visiting with his son.
That's when Dean worked on his BBQ! Plus he roasted some ears of corn making this last supper something really special!!

The dishes in the camper are the old fashioned Corelle ones he bought when the camper was new - 15 years ago! He likes having all his 'old' stuff and just about everything in there from the dishes to the pans and the silverware has memories for him.

After supper the kids took their showers and we began to pack up.
They did get to stay up long enough to have S'Mores.
Notice the 'Roasting Rake' Sam is using!
I bought it at the Dollar Store since we didn't have any wire coat hangers.
Worked great!

We all sat around talking and laughing and enjoying the evening.
Praise God the flies disappear at night!
The stars were beautiful and the moon was bright enough to go down to the bath house without a flashlight.

As we closed the evening down the kids were already talking about next year!
Guess what? Uncle Dean was talking about it, TOO!!
Win! WIN!!


  1. Levi is adorable! I still use that Corelle, we just had dinner on it tonight what could be better! It goes in the microwave and dishwasher, is hard to break and is just plain great!

  2. Such a wonderful day that will stay in everyones memory banks.

  3. That is such a beautiful place! Mimi camp looks like a lot of fun. Tell L.D. That his ribs looked yummy! Enjoy!

  4. What a fun day! I see why you needed a map!

  5. I would have needed a nap too! But the zoo looks like a great place to visit. I bet the kids are sad to see Mimi Camp end. The best one ever.

  6. You know it's been successful when everyone is making plans for next year! It's Wednesday...does that mean you're with the Quads?

  7. having fun is so exhausting but worth it. love the fire pit and would like the zoo...

  8. Linda, What beautiful memories you have made with the children. I love how well behaved they were. Nothing like good kids.:):) I liked all those things Levi had his picture taken on. It's got to be a great feeling when everyone is talking about the next years camp. Blessings to all of you,xoxo,Susie

  9. Now that is one busy day! I'm glad you got to sneak a little nap in. Sounds like you all had a blast!