Monday, July 28, 2014

We Are HOME!

We had our last morning coffee at the ranch before starting to close the camper up.
Louis Dean did all the stuff you have to do outside while I took things off the walls and prepared the inside for travel. It took me all of 45 minutes! It took Louis Dean a bit longer.

Hard to believe the brick hard dirt road was once so muddy and mucky we could barely get the truck out!

As I looked back to our little camping spot it seemed a little sad.
Louis Dean said it reminded him of something Laura Ingalls Wilder said when they were leaving the little house on the prairie.....that looking back even the windows and shutters looked sad to see them go.

We followed Dean to Waco where he treated us to lunch!
He is so cute!! And FUNNY!!!
Note the flower 'pots' behind us!

These two guys are very special to me!

See the flower pots behind us?
They are painted tires!!
Dean said he has some of those down at the ranch! Next time we are there I'm going to paint some!

Dean gave us some good directions on getting home since we would be in the rush hour traffic.
We were to turn off of I35 and onto 67. We should have known this would be US67 but instead we turned on FM67! We meandered on a very scenic drive which then led us back to I35! Fortunately we stayed on the highway until we found the right exit.

Tonight our camper is sitting in its spot on the driveway!
Louis Dean has it already hooked up to the electricity and leveled and the truck parked beside it!
While he was doing all that I filled bird feeders and bird baths then pulled weeds and watered plants.

We put our feet up and agreed that it is always good to come HOME!

"Home is the nicest word there is!"
- Laura Ingalls Wilder


Rob Hunt said...

Home is where the Heart is you folk have a lot of heart... Take Care!

Deanie W said...

Happy y'all are home safely. I bet your two guys there have a LOT to say! You have to be laughing all the time. Well......unless you give the look, that tells us, this is not the time or place:) Lovz

Ginny said...

I love these big tire vases!!!! Welcome home!

Kathy said...

Welcome home. It must be strange to see the camper in the driveway again. Glad you got there safely in spite of the wrong turn off.

Vee said...

Those scenic drives sometimes make the mistake worth it! If you paint some tires for plant holders, your camping space won't look somsad when you pull away. And it's off to the next adventure!

Linda P said...

Welcome home, there's no place like home. Very unique tire pots. I bet you have lots of good photos. Enjoy your home.

Susie said...

Linda, I am glad you both are back home safe and sound. Seems you always enjoy your time on the ranch. I guess tires turned into planters is better than mosquitoes breeding in any water in them . It would be something okay at a camp ground or lake cabin....just not in the front yard, kind of thing. LOL. Blessings for an enjoyable week together. xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

Home is where ever you make it. And you my dear could make a garbage can a home. You are so talented and full of spirit.