Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Quads' Birthday Party! TWO Years Old!!!

Saturday was the PARTY day!! 
The quads celebrated their second birthday! We arrived early to help them get ready!

The girls are all about helping and that's what they did!!

Kailey likes to do whatever Granddad does!
Logan just likes to clean - period!
Trystan is a good sport and goes along with what the other two do!

The babies had their lunch right on time! They needed a nap BEFORE the party started!

We were getting things ready when we heard a familiar voice calling from the garage!
It's not easy to make Amber cry but her best friend, Lisa, succeeded!
She lives in Malaysia now and though we KNEW she was home on furlough, no one knew she was going to be at the party!! She and her mom drove from Houston to surprise Amber and they surely did!!

As soon as the quads woke up, the nanny and I dressed them up in their birthday outfits.
Bubble Guppies custom made shirts!!

They made a grand entrance to the party which was already underway!
They got so excited seeing all the people and decorations!!!

THIS was THE only pic I could get of them all in their cute outfits!

Our favorite triplets came to help us celebrate!
I have known Mary since she was 18 months old!

Granddaughter Rayne and Sabrina and Mummers arrived.
That's what Rayne calls Summer! She's her 'MUMMERS!!"
I love it!

Such fun people were there like LeeAnne! She and Amber were Synchro girls together!

Lots of party goers!

There was a lot of happy noise!!!
One of the triplets loved the horse I picked up at Goodwill.
You can hear me bragging about it being $4.99!

Our gift was the Crab Sandbox!
Love Harrison's expression!
This will go out on their new playground.

The handsome 'Quad Father!'

Amber had coloring stations set up for the kids.

I think they all meandered over and did some coloring.

I didn't get a pic of the cake and food but it was wonderful!
Amber had a large bowl of cut up chicken tenders, another big bowl of sliced strawberries, several varieties of Goldfish crackers, lemonade and tea......all very kid friendly!

Soon it was time to open the gifts!!!

This would be a ZOO with just one or two children!

It was so much fun with FOUR!!!!

Last year they were too young to understand about presents.

NOT so this year!!
Kailey loved EVERYTHING!!!

The play heels and jewelry were big hits!

It was fun to watch them!

You gotta love a dad who gets excited over Bubble Guppies!!!

Afterwards we all sat around visiting and helping the quads actually get into the toys!

See the red wagon?
That's what the other set of grandparents gave them!
It even has a door on the side.
The quads love opening and CLOSING doors!

Trystan did pretty good walking around in those shoes!
Kids notice everything!! Even a small rolly polly crawling on the floor!

Where was Granddad during all this gift opening frenzy??

Sitting on the back porch enjoying some peace and quiet along with a cup of coffee!

When the gifts were all done Kailey went in search of him!
 Summer was telling me goodbye and they were getting ready to leave, Rayne rushed past me and said, "I need to hug Granddad bye!!"
This melted his heart!
He's her ONLY Granddad!
Next Saturday is HER birthday and her Granddad would not miss THAT for anything!

Amber wisely saved the Smash Cakes for near the end of the party!

Do you see Trystan??

She really got into HER cake!!!

Logan is watching Trystan!

Amber gave them forks to help them out!

Harrison got the hang of it and actually ATE a good bit of the cake!
Amber made the Funfetti ones with the number 2 outlined with colored sugar sprinkles.

It was a wonderful party and a great celebration!
They are little miracle babies turning into children!
They each have such pleasant personalities and are sweet to watch.
It has been such a joy to have been there with them from the beginning!
I want to thank all my blogging friends who are honorary aunts and uncles for the wonderful encouragement and prayer support YOU have given all of us on this journey.

I hope YOU enjoyed their birthday as much as WE did!!!

My beautiful daughter and handsome son in law!
AKA the QUADmother and QUADfather!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday quadlings (just love that term), I've happily followed your story from your proud gram before you were here. both she & mama tell your stories so well. you are precious, everyone, much love from another proud grandma of 2 (soon to be 3)...pam in Burleson xxoo

Angie said...

What a fantastic party! I absolutely cannot believe that they are 2 years old. How is that possible. It seems just like yesterday I was following along with the pregnancy journey. Time sure flies!!!

Deb said...

that was so much fun!!! x's 4....

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful birthday party. Such a journey!

a portland granny said...

I've been looking forward to your post all evening--didn't disappoint--what a fun party and such happy excited kiddoes!! They are adorable and such a happy little bunch. You are a blessed grandma and grandad!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

What a joyful and blessed day!
Happy Birthday Trystan...Kailey...Harrison...and...Logan!
...from your Grandma's friend in the Pacific Northwest!
(about two miles south of the King County Aquatic Center, where your Mom once competed!)

Wanda said...

That's what I call a CELEBRATION! Two is such a delightful age. They are all so into their party. Everyone just looks radiant. Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun...Thanks for sharing Linda.

bj said...

ooo, i can't even believe they are like yesterday that ya'll were all getting ready for their births.
Happiest Birthday to them all...and love to all of you outstanding parents,grandparents and just plain SPECIAL people.

Ginny said...

I can actually see how they are taller now than when I started following you, and that has been only a short time. A perfect party!!!!

Say What? said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet quads. Amber seriously deserves "Mother of the Year!"

Amber B. said...

Great post! Even if I'm not pictured, haha!

Estelle's said...

Four precious toddlers turning two! What a happy celebration! So glad so many of us were fortunate enough to have peaks into the fun occasion! Such a lovely family Miss Linda!

Sandra said...

i think this party might come under the title AMAZING! so much fun. the grand entrance even topped Scarlet OHara's entrance... love the cake shot

Changes in the wind said...

Happy Birthday to the Quads....

Susie said...

Linda, I have followed you since Amber was pregnant. I am totally amazed at how fast it seems this two years has gone by. I pray there will always be love and joy in Amber and MIke's home with their beautiful children. LD looked like he was feeling good, glad to see that. You two need to take care of know you are loved beyond compare. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

This is a grin-inducing post! What fun! Those kiddos are the cutest!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It has been such a fun journey! They are just as cute as buttons!

Jan said...

Happy Birthday to the Quads and congratulations to their amazing parents and grandparents!

Carole said...

Those 2 years have just flown by! Lovely party - although I felt tired just looking at all those kids in one room! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm coming to the party a little late...but had to come check it out!b Happy Birthday to your four precious grands....from one of those honorary 'aunties' who has been cheering, praying and observing this amazing story from the sidelines. Blessings to you all! What a fun party...times four.

Vee said...

Oh that birthday entrance was just joyful! Scooch! Very safe way of coming down the stairs.

Carla said...

It's already been two years.. Wow. Looks like a great party. That was so sweet of Amber's friend to sneak in like that.
That was a room full of kiddos