Monday, June 9, 2014

Mister Handy Dandy and his Gate!

Louis Dean and I woke up this morning to the lovely sound of RAIN!
The temps were mild and we enjoyed not having to use the A/C today!

Louis Dean went out this afternoon and worked on his gate between showers.
It is now a done deal!!

The fence section is all finished and matches the long one our wonderful neighbors had installed.

Louis Dean is a do it yourself kinda guy!

The gate is heavy but with the caster wheels I can open it easily.

Do you see that ONE board second from the bottom?
That's the ONLY 'fly in the buttermilk!' It's not quite straight.

I need to clean the deck now but Louis Dean put the walkway back better than before!

Looking good!!!
He plans to put the same fencing up section by section along the back of our property.
All in due time.......

Remember that ONE board that wasn't quite straight?
He's working on it.......

So what did I do all day??
Slept in and enjoyed the rain.

I've had my art out all week so I took advantage of it today and painted for a few hours.

We now have HOT WATER as well as power so all is well in my world tonight!


  1. The fence and gate look very nice. Wish we would get some rain, we sure could use it.

  2. That is exactly the fence we want to get for our yard. Haven't been able to afford it yet. My Joe is not as handy as LD so we have to hire someone to build it for us.

  3. Such a nice fence and gate...Privacy when you want it, and a easy gate when you want out. Nice job. Your painting today, has encouraged me to make that a must, at least once a week after we are moved and settled in.

  4. He's definitely a keeper that man of yours!!! It looks wonderful. But, I can't even 'dream' of working outdoors in this Texas heat. More power to him.

  5. A wonderful hubby, a new fence, hot water, power, and rain...I'll say that everything is all right. That fence looks seriously great as does the walkway. So glad that you had a day for decompressing and painting and napping while enjoying the blessing of rain. (I'm beginning to look for an ark up here, but that's another story entirely.)

  6. The gate looks great...know how proud you are of him:)

  7. the crooked board would bother me to... he did a super job, the pavers and the gate.. that wash tub hanging on the fence in the first pic is what my brother and my cousin and me played in during the hot summer months. there were three of them and mother would fill them with water and we just sat in them and splashed. wish i could still fit in one. LOL

  8. Linda, You and LD are the workers for sure. I knew that board would not stay that way long...the man is not going to let people point that out. LOL. He is a keeper girl. You have to have the nicest yard in the neighborhood. Oh yes, it is good to have hot water and heck with being a pioneer. Not for me. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  9. Linda, I just went back to read the other comments and even Hootin Anni says to keep LD. lol xoxo,Susie

  10. Wow-LD knows how to build. Indeed. You on the other hand are a sweet loving homely dear woman, what a lovely couple.

  11. You're so lucky to have a husband that enjoys puttering around the house and fixing things up! I'm hoping that mine will do that when he retires one day. But that's a long way off! Love the gate that LD made. I can tell he takes pride in his work. That fence and gate look very nice!

  12. LOL. Would never have even noticed the second board was a tiny bit crooked. LD's done a great job!