Friday, May 30, 2014

Mother and SHOES! Fence Work and Mexican Cornbread! It's FRIDAY!

I have no earthly idea what it is with my mother and SHOES!!!
We ate lunch at The Corner Bakery and as we pulled in her radar shot up! I swear she can spy a shoe store from miles away! Okay! This one was just blocks away - as in WAAAAYYYY across THREE parking lots! She kept saying, "I need! I NEED!!" I assured her we would go there - right AFTER lunch!
For the third week in a row she ordered pancakes! Three different restaurants but still PANCAKES!


Here we ARE at the shoe store!! 
I had no idea what kind of shoe she was interested in and there was no way for her to tell me. So she meandered around.


Let me see......
While SHE meandered I thought, "HEY! I am in a shoe store and I have been meaning to get me a new pair of tennis shoes!" I rue the day I threw my old Skechers away! I could have SO used them outside doing yard work! Last Saturday I found a brand new pair of red Crocs at the thrift store so that need was filled. Now today I bought a pair of white Easy Spirit slide in tennis shoes that feel awesome!
Degenerative joint disease means my feet hurt - a lot! Even though I have had joint replacements in both of my big toes.....the disease still comes back. I am just so grateful that it is bearable now and not nearly as bad as it was before surgery.

Guess what Mother bought????
The very same thing!!

Our next stop was Trader Joe's!
LOVE that store!
Mother got her own buggy and said, "See you later!"

She walked laps around the entire store - several times!

I was a little anxious to get back home today.
I left Louis Dean working on the fence.
He promised to keep his cell phone in his pocket but let's face it - he needs SUPERVISION!!

He was hard at work when I got back.

Sure enough, he had FALLEN! Just lost his balance and fell - thankfully right on his bottom!
The partial fence section is closed in now and he will do the gate next week.

Working men build up an appetite!

I've been going through my old recipe cards and found this one from my friend, Debbie F.
It is a forgiving recipe and turned out great - even though Louis Dean had used my cream style corn so I used regular.....and he wanted something with a lot of flavor so I used a can of Rotell tomatoes. AND I used Velveeta I added red bell peppers and onions when I browned the ground beef!

It was delicious!!

Friday night! We're kicking back in the gazebo celebrating our day!
Tomorrow the quads will be 2 years old!!
You better believe we will be over there partying!!!


Wanda said...

Mexican cornbread sounds delicious. Now that my oven is working, I made a meatloaf and scalloped potatoes...A meal we had once a week growing up... I added a full of everything tossed salad. It was good

You mom is such a Hoot! I love her from a distance. The shoe thing..that's so funny. I love Trader Joe's too.

That fence looks amazing! LD is such a hands on man. Gotta love that.

Happy Birthday to the Quads....can't wait to see party pictures. Love and Hugs for a great weekend.

Deb said...

your Mom sure loves shoes....that's okay a girl can never have too many shoes...glad LD was okay....have a great weekend...

Sweet Tea said...

Your Mom always looks so nice. It must be very frustrating for her not to be able to communicate very well. My Mom is the opposite, I can't get her to buy any new clothes and even when we give her new items she prefers the old familiar ones...Your Mexican cornbread looked "Magazine perfect"! YUM!

Vee said...

She bought the same pair? See shoe preferences are genetic. Reminds me of the time my mother, sister, and I all showed up at church wearing the same style shoes...I mean the very same. We laughed so hard.

If one must fall, the bottom is probably a good place, though I imagine he'll know it by Sunday. Glad that he was vertical when you arrived home! That fence looks terrific.

Whatever that recipe is, it looks fabulous. I could happily dive in.

Linda said...

Your mother is a sweet lady and she always looks so classy! Very cool that you both got the same pair of shoes. The food sounds divine, Linda!

Ginny said...

The quads are leaving babyhood fast! I can't believe they will be two, and I haven't even been following you that long. That is funny about your mom and pancakes and shoes. If I find something I really love, I will order it again and again! And who doesn't love shoe shopping? Of course my days of cute heels are long gone, as I imagine yours are too. I did not know you can have a joint replacement on toes!!

Kathy said...

I always enjoy reading about your Fridays with your mom. She makes me smile. Pancakes and shoes -- what a great combination. The fence looks great. I'm glad LD didn't get hurt when he fell. I'm so looking forward to seeing the pictures of the quads' 2nd birthday.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has sore feet and values comfortable shoes above style!

Your dish looks yummy!

Happy 2nd birthday to your sweet quads. Where does the time go?

Sandra said...

how in the world did the quads get 2 years old. hard to believe... i too must supervise my hubby... he is a danger to himself and has no clue he is... i hear things thumping outside right now and am wondering what the heck he is doing. i am headed out to find out.... i know it will be dangerous.
until the past 6 years i had a shoe fetish. i started when i go my first job at 18. when i reired in 06 i had more than 40 boxes in the closet of shoes, some had 2 or 3 pair in them. last year, i thought i have not worn more than 3 pair of these shoes, i will get rid of all of them. i worked for hours and ended up with 16 boxes and it has been a year and i have not opened a box... but they are there if i need them. here we wear sandals year round, and because of authuritis i can only wear open toe and open back shoes except for my sketchers i bought a few weeks ago...i wear the same 4 pair of shoes and have since 06...

Susie said...

Linda, I have told Ted he can not be climbing ladders unless I am there to hold it steady. This is after he cut a limb from the tree, the limb hit the ground and bounced back into the ladder and knock it over with Ted on top. Broke his collar bone. When I found him he was sitting on the golf cart and looked dirty, I saw he was off to the hospital we went. Your Mom, cracks me up with her shoes...I bet she was wanting house slippers. LOL. Bless her heart. She always looks so pretty. I seem to be only able to wear tennis shoes and flats, my ankles have arthritis. Some days are better than others. I know I can not squat back on my heels while gardening...kills me. There are things about getting older than plain make me mda. Not getting to work like I want to is one of them. Blessings to you and LD, xoxo,Susie

Say What? said...

You just brought back a flood of wonderful memories for me. My mother made the best Mexican Cornbread.

Carole said...

Good creativity on the cooking, Linda. Sorry you're having trouble with your feet - have you tried Birkenstocks - they made such a difference to me! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Anonymous said...

Your recipe looks so delicious... I know we would enjoy it for dinner. And as for Trader Joes... we don't have one but sure wish we did! Guess we will have to settle for Fresh Market instead... tata off to get my morning cup of coffee from the kitchen. xox

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to the quads! I can't believe it has been 2 yrs already. Your mom is such a pretty lady. Her hair is always "fixed". She sounds like she is up for anything. Your meal looked good. I know how good y'all eat! Glad that LD didn't hurt himself. My mom often worries about her husband when he's off working by himself too. When they get that age, you never know what could happen when they exert themselves.