Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Movie, Goodwill and Art! Our UsualTuesday!

It was wonderful to be back in our own bed last night! I slept in until 10:00! Louis Dean, on the other hand, had an 8:00 doctor appointment. I THOUGHT it was just a followup and he would get blood work for his cholesterol medication. NO.....it was a full fledged check up complete with an EKG, breathing test for his asthma and a ton of blood work! When I woke up I let Lucy out and noticed Louis Dean wasn't in the gazebo. I banged around in the kitchen on my way to the den. He ALWAYS calls out, "Do I hear a mouse??" And I ALWAYS reply, "No! Just a big rat!!" No sound from the den. Just as I saw the den was empty I heard him drive up in the driveway! All was well, though. His check up was good and I didn't have but a second to worry about where he was!

I had a cup of coffee and called Ruth Ann to map out our Tuesday plans.

Our movie of choice was Divergent. It was a good one but we were totally exhausted when it was over!!!
Storms clouds were billowing up all around us but we headed straight for the Goodwill!

Once again I filled my cart with treasures.
TWO of the Gilded Rooster plates at $0.75 each!

A pumpkin for my favorite season and a cool glass with a leather holder for my son, Ben.

TWO George Foreman Grills - one for us and one for Ben!

Plus I found some starter pots and pans and a good piece of Tupperware for him.
In Texas you always need an extra fan!

I got home before the rain hit. It never really rained HARD!
Louis Dean had put some diced ham in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce so we had our dinner started!
I added baked potatoes and a salad and dinner was served!
Ben came over and joined us so all six of us sat at the art table to eat!
I have taught art class on Tuesday nights all of Ben's life so it was wonderful to have him back in Texas where he can drop by to visit from time to time!

Then we got  down to business!!

This is Sabrina's canvas! She caught up even though she missed a session!
We have two more sessions before we are finished!

Ruth Ann is one of my favorite people in all the world!!
She is doing a wonderful job on hers, as well!!

This is Sherry's canvas!! Also her FIRST painting, would you believe??

We have enjoyed this art project. We started it in the spring and what with one thing or another are finishing it in the summer! We only paint for two hours on Tuesday.
Our next project is a snow scene with tree trunks followed by some Christmas ornaments and then we will be starting this year's Santa Claus.

I am writing this evening's journal entry out in the gazebo and Louis Dean has been patiently waiting for me to finish. He has the patience of Job!! I better sit with him for a spell before we call it a night!


Estelle's said...

As always, I enjoy hearing about your day. Y'all are such talented artists! I wish I could join you on your treasure hunts for bargins! I am amazed at your treasures! Great job!!!!

Greatfull Dazee said...

The paintings are beautiful! Your art class looks like so much fun! I love seeing your Tuesday treasures and your movie review! I am so glad that blogger is fixed, I missed visiting with everyone.

Sandra said...

wow on all the paintings, they are the same but different. all of you are very talented. can't believe the first painting.. wow again.
you found a lot of good deals for Ben... i bet you were about to panic when LD was MIA

Kathy said...

It is amazing how you all paint the same thing and still each is different. I would have a hard time choosing which I liked best.

Susie said...

Linda, I love the paintings, I find it interesting how each is different yet much alike. I think it is so nice you are helping your son gets some household things together. So thankful that LD is doing fine. I told my daughter about your sister Deanie and all her mishaps at camp. Don't tell Deanie but we laughed about her helmet and life jacket.. I am going to send you my address via your art lady emailing address. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Those paintings are wonderful...all similar, yet so uniquely each one's own. Another fun day! Bet Ben enjoys having another set of eyes for things he might need.

Ginny said...

Each of the three are a bit different, but all are equally excellent!! I am very glad his checkup went so well. I think he and my Phil would have a lot in common. Phil has unending patience! You and I are both so blessed. O.K. I AM going to Goodwill tonight and will give you a full report. Believe me, I am a master shopper, but for some reason, Goodwill never likes me! If I find anything good, it will be all because of YOU!

Debbie said...

ooohhhh Linda, so good to check in with you today and see that not much has changed! You look great and are clearly up to all your same fun stuff!!

Jan said...

I always enjoy seeing your Goodwill store finds! We were in Roanoke visiting our daughter and we really got hit with rain and wind. Got home and didn't look like we'd had much here. Sure got a lot yesterday. All this rain is such a blessing!

Angie said...

Glad to hear Louis Dean's checkup went well and that you didn't have to worry about him long!

I always enjoy reading about your days, especially your Goodwill days!

Carla said...

This painting is my kind of painting! Love it.
I'm so impressed with y'alls talent.