Sunday, June 8, 2014

Baby Feet and Hands.....

Last night we spent the night in Quadville so Amber and Mike could go out.
They were so adorable and in the best moods even though they had such a busy day and little or NO nap!!
As I was previewing this it sounds like I may have been talking about A&M.
I meant the QUADS but Louis Dean just said Amber and Mike had little or NO nap either!!
After the babies were in their cribs and we were getting ready for bed ourselves, Louis Dean heard Kailey whimpering. He said, "I need to get up there!!!" He had already rocked her and sang to Harrison when he put them to bed. No matter! He was up there in a flash and she went to sleep in his arms and slept soundly all night! So did WE!

This morning we went up to get them and enjoyed them at the breakfast table.
Cheerios and Strawberry Greek yogurt! Delicious! I may have taken a few bites myself - just to encourage them to eat, of course!!

Logan was in a good mood all day yesterday and woke up in a good mood this morning!!

We lingered in QV  long enough to see Amber and Mike set up the new train table in the playroom.
They LOVED it!!! Logan is getting pretty good at those ABC's!!

I have always been able to tell the babies apart just by looking at their feet.
I love Baby Toes!! I love Baby Feet!
These belong to Logan.

This is Logan's delicate hand resting in Granddad's BIG one!

I can tell them apart just by their hands as well.
This is Harrison's.

I LOVE the fact that Trystan still has the baby hands complete with those baby dimples on them!
Whose hand did I miss?

Kailey!!! She was MUCH too busy to be bothered!
There was this new train table to stand on!

We left Quadville and arrived home around noon. I came in and the house was so DARK.
It took me a minute to realize our electricity was out.
We unloaded and put up and I lit a few candles in the dark rooms.
We opened the doors and let light in through the windows.
Then we sat out in the gazebo for awhile reading.
It was still out a couple of hours later when I decided to do my housework pioneer woman style! Fortunately the power came back on and we shut up the house and turned on the A/C and....
took a NAP!!!


Deb said...

I love baby hands and feet....glad you got your power back....wasn't the rain nice...

Ginny said...

What sweet little hands, feet, fingers and toes! I always loved Ella's little tiny hands and feet, so tiny and so light. I try and make hand wreaths every once in awhile to keep track of their hand size.

Kathy said...

I love little hands and feet. Glad you got your electricity back.

Wanda said...

Oh LInda...little hands and feet. When we were visiting Tristan in OR, I couldn't stop taking pictures of his little feet and hands. Love those toes too. Precious..kiss, kiss, kiss those little pinkies.

Estelle's said...

Y'all are wonderful grandparents Linda! I am amazed at your energy level! Amber is a lucky girl to have such support from both sides! Such adorable babies!!!! Have a wonderful week!

Sandra said...

love the princess crown and the first video made me laugh. I think LD was having as much fun as they were...oh no, not pioneer woman work. i often say i don't know how they did it

Susie said...

Linda, God bless you and LD. What loving and helpful grandparents you are. I know your daughter appreciates you both so very much. Those babies are becoming toddlers now . learning quickly. Glad you got your power back on. I am not a good pioneer...I love electricity.:):) xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

And I'm sure that that put you in a good mood. Oh my! I'm on the PC so am going back to see all the videos I've missed. Loved hearing that remnant of the ABC song being sung by Logan. She's getting it!

Say What? said...

Baby hands, Baby feet and Baby belly-roll laugher. There's just nothing sweeter!

Jutta said...

What a great couple you are. Loving caring touching on hands. Loved LD's words I need to go and check Kailey. What a precious man indeed.