Monday, June 23, 2014

Breaking Camp and Back to our 'Regular' Life!

We woke up early this morning to a repeat of yesterday! Lightning, thunder and lots of RAIN!!
I once again rescued our very rain soaked Lucy from her kennel and let her sleep in a corner of the shelter until it stopped. Rainy weather is good sleeping weather and that's what we did!!

Our morning coffee was a combination of Louis Dean's 'Creek Coffee' and hot water to weaken it down enough for ME to drink!! Thankfully the rain stopped just as we were getting ready to break camp!

As we gathered up all our stuff I noticed this unusual (at least to me) cactus.
Louis Dean warned me not to touch so I didn't!

Shelter #3 after Deanie and Trish and Andie left.

Goodbye to Shelter #2!

We weren't as full going home as we were when we left!!

After leaving the campground we drove the few short miles into Mineral Wells to visit the
We bought several gallons of the Crazy Water! We always buy plenty every time we visit Mineral Wells!

I love seeing the old displays.....

The gardens there are beautiful and they invite you to sit and enjoy some of the Crazy Water - water rich in minerals.

Hey, Sandra!!! I found a flower like yours!!!
My photo isn't in the same class as yours but I thought of you when I saw it in the gardens!

The weather was perfect for strolling through the pretty grounds.

It hasn't even reached 100 degrees here yet!!

Well, we are home! Unloaded and unpacked and back in our gazebo as I write!
It was a great camping trip and we had so much fun!
Now it is back to our regularly scheduled programming!!
Our box fan is humming out here as are the locusts.
As good as it was to GO - it's every bit as good to come HOME!!!

Remember that fall Deanie took the other night??
Bless her heart! Just as they were packing up and getting ready to leave -
she broke her toe!!! 
Other than that we all left in far better shape than when we arrived!
I believe camping is a perfect way to kick back and unwind and RELAX!!
That is certainly what we did!


Deanie W said...

It was a fantastic experience, so happy I could provide the comic relief:)
Our main goal for doing this was for our 10 year old grand daughter Andie! She told her mommy & me last night that her Aunt Linda is just GREAT!!!! It really is about family!
In the meantime I should familurize with those darn grilling baskets, I thought they latched, I had NO idea I was going to spill ALL of the weiners into the fire & ash. I did a LOT of damage in the first 20 minutes I was there!
I'm sure Linda had to do damage control when I went to our shelter:)
The family, chatting, playing & RAIN was a gift from God & for that we thank you:)

Angie said...

Camping is always so relaxing for me!!!
Glad you all had a wonderful and safe trip

Ginny said...

Awww, broken toes hurt, but there is nothing you can do for them. i love the crazy cactus, it looks kind of like a thistle cactus (no such thing, but that is what it looks like if there were one!) The sunflower, lily, and Passion flower are beautiful!

Vee said...

Good heavens! Deanie is going to think twice about going on further camping trips. Did she stub it? I hope that she didn't drop anything on it. That's why I enjoy leaving home so I can get back to it! There's no place like home.

Susie said...

Linda, Tell Deanie, that she will have to wrap herself in bubble wrap before she can go camping again. LOL. I know you all have fun...but that broken toe will be a bother. Plus all the rain on a camping is a bit of a bummer. LD sounds like a very smart man...knowing not to touch the cacti, and making coffee like cowboy. Now back home enjoying the good life. Blessings to all of you,xoxo,Susie