Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday! I LOVE a Good MONDAY!!

I do love a good Monday! Sleeping in and then having a whole new week in front of me!

Maggie is sleeping in the guest room these days - with the door closed to prevent any mishaps through the night! I am going to start watching a program that addresses cat issues in the hopes of solving a few problems that have cropped up lately! Thank you to those who have offered suggestions!!!

Tonight we put our feet up to celebrate a good Monday!!!
I had a DELUXE pedicure .......

and Louis Dean had a glass of wine!!

Our Texas Sage has a sunflower hiding in there!
It must have come from the bird seed droppings.....

Every evening we sit on the driveway and water our flowers....

well....I watered while Louis Dean worked on his fishing pole!
We are gearing up for a camping trip this weekend!

Water rationing is in full force here - but you can still hand water your flowers.

I have read HALF of a book today!!!
A good book, a glass of good wine - after a little yard work - I love it!!

The purple finches are all over our feeders!

Louis Dean loves these pretty flowers!!
They are open all day long....

then close up in the evening!

Our view as we sit with a pre-
dinner glass of wine.

We are in clean out the fridge/freezer mode!!
Who KNEW Louis Dean's Goulash combined with some canned corn and jalapeno peppers plus some black beans and salsa would be so GOOD!!

Our day is done! We watched Major of the very few TV programs we are watching these days. I guess it's time for a final 'Gazebo Sit' and then we're off to bed.
It's been a GOOD Monday here!!!


Jutta said...

Linda and LD please enjoy the warmth!!

Kathy said...

Since we are having a new floor put down in our kitchen next week, we are cleaning out the fridge too. Amazing what goes together.

Sounds like a good Monday to me. We all need days where we are not running around too much.

Greatfull Dazee said...

Good morning Linda, I love your deluxe pedicure, so pretty! You have a very nice and relaxing home and I love how you and Louis Dean spend quality time together outside. It will be too soon when Ol'Man Winter comes a knocking! I don't like him much anymore as I get older, he just overstays his welcome. We are in Little Rock this week for thehubs cancer treatments, 6 days in a hotel room with no plants, flowers, we are in the heart of downtown where the views are gorgeous but no trees or plants. We are doing as much walking as we can at a local park. Thank you for sharing your pretties with us!

Sandra said...

silly blogger would not let me comment, i clicked on it and waited and waited then came from chrome to firefox and voila here i am. you do have such wonderful life and a beautiful place to spend it in.. is maggie having wine to?

Vee said...

It's lunchtime and that ghoulash looks some good!

Oh Jackson Galaxy was very helpful...we were petting Fioré too much...running our hand from her head right down to the tip of her tail. Cats have lots more nerves than humans so it was overstimulating. We were hopping on her last nerve so to speak. This only addressed her skittishness...she can now visit with guests without having to hide. However, she is being profoundly naughty with litterbox business. I am sure that it is because I had to change the location of the facilities. That, and she is being prevented from being in the basement, which is one of her favorite haunts. Cats! Love them when they are good. Not so much when things take a turn.

Oh, and I use a very good product that is helpful with cleaning up, but I'll email.

Susie said...

Linda, It is nice to see you both relaxing . :):) It is hot here and we have the AC on...oh big bummer, I was enjoying the sweet breezes through the open windows. Love you pretty flowers. Don't over do in the heat. xoxo,Susie

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

have fun on the camping trip!

Ginny said...

The flowers are gorgeous, and look a bit like hibiscus. We love Major Crimes! We started watching when it was The Closer with Brenda Johnson. We LOVE Lt. Provenza! We have house finches here, they look like the purple ones. The sage sets the sunflower off beautifully. A perfect day! Let me know what you think of the show.

Carla said...

I missed it, is Maggie having kitty problems. It's funny they call those little birds purple finches when I see orange. Must have a polka dot of purple somewhere