Saturday, May 3, 2014

There IS no 'Fresh Air!'

At least not in the DFW area!!
I was late picking my Mother up at the beauty shop yesterday morning!
My youngest son, Ben, came by to pick up some Texas Trash and I forgot the time because I was so enjoying just LOOKING at him and HEARING his voice! I am SO happy he is home in Texas after living in California for a couple of years!

Mother's hairdresser called to say she was ready and I flew out the door!!
It's a good thing I get over to Fort Worth by way of the toll road!
Our breakfast of choice this morning was Denny's - simply because I didn't feel well and it was just down the street from the salon. We carried on a conversation as best we could with me hacking and coughing and she trying to form words I could understand.
Bottom line - she told me all about SOMETHING while I made what I hope was the proper responses.
At one point she said - plain as day! - "I KNOW better!!!" 
Oops! Well, we ended the meal laughing which didn't help my coughing spasms one little bit!

I admit to not feeling well and wanting to just go straight back to Mother's after lunch.....
however......she spied the Dollar Store and I could NOT say 'no' to that!

It's important to always leave Mother laughing and that's just what I did!!

 I usually stop off at my sister's house on my way to the freeway for a little catch up visit. We 'talk' nearly every day by way of Facebook or text messages but it's important to me to SEE her!! Deanie is the one that informed me THERE IS NO FRESH AIR!!!! She convinced me to go home and shut the house up tight,  turn on the AC - and STAY indoors!! Which is exactly what I did! I am happy to say we are doing better today but are still not well enough to get busy and finish loading our truck and LEAVE town!

We took it nice and easy today with a few trips out to load a few things then back in to rest.
I hovered around our front door looking up at the mockingbird nest up in the debris on the porch.

Baby mockingbirds sound like creaky wheels!

There's at least two in the nest and I'm telling you that mother bird hauls a ton of insects in for them!!

Summer brought this beautiful vase of bulbs to me on Monday and I have carried them around the house with me all week! They smell heavenly!

Talk about heavenly - Louis Dean loves the smell of homemade cornbread!
I always bake mine in an old iron skillet. Pinto beans are soaking now and I will cook them up tomorrow.
That's when I planned to make the cornbread but Louis Dean was so hungry for some I made a special pan just for him. One of his favorite comfort meals is cornbread and sweet milk. Sweet milk. That reminds me of my Granny. She used to call milk that and I always wondered what other kind was there?? I suppose buttermilk! Louis Dean loves that, too!

Since I couldn't go outside and do the million things I WANTED to do I contented myself with sewing on my birthday quilt. I meant to make it in time for my birthday last September but as long as I get it done this year it will be my '65 Year Old' quilt. I'm having fun jazzing it up with lots of lace and frills while still making it a sturdy quilt. It is made exclusively from my old denim skirts, shirts and jeans. I am using more lightweight denim than I usually use in the quilts I make.

Louis Dean and I did go outside and water our flowers and I cut his hair before we ducked back in!
Good hot baths followed to get rid of the pollen. 
That cottonwood tree behind our property is the main culprit.
Pollen that looks like snowflakes is still falling!
I say let's get out of town - as soon as possible!!
Surely the air in the country has GOT to be FRESH!!!


Vee said...

Hope that you start feeling better either inside locked doors or out in the country. Allergy season is such a pain. Do you eat local honey? I would be a mess in a month if I didn't. Honey on cornbread tastes amazing! = D

Your mom is so pretty wearing a smile. Doesn't it make you wonder what lies you told her? LOL!

peggy said...

Your Mom looks so sweet, I would like to know her. I am happy that you have each other. And as for cornbread and milk, make mine buttermilk. Hot in very cold buttermilk, yum. Loved it even as a kid. Another funny thing we said was "light bread". That meant white, plain bread, but then we never bought any other kind, and maybe there was no other kind back then. Good luck with allergies, everyone is complaining, even here in Michigan.

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time! The wind and all the pollen blowing around wreaks havoc with my system too. As much as I'd love to have the doors & windows open, I just can't. Cottonwood is a killer for me! I give myself 2 shots a week, take meds and use a Neil-Med Sinus Rinse. If you haven't tried the rinse, do it!!! It really helps clear out the "yuck" and you can breathe and feel better.

I may stop by for the beans & cornbread! :) Have always loved it. Glad your mom looks so good ~ I'm not sure how you managed all that activity in one day.

I've been MIA as far as the blog world so not sure where you're going but hope you have a wonderful time!


Deanie W said...

Linda I am SO proud that you have stayed inside most of the day! I did however wonder if you took you baby bird photos and the rose through the window:) Also the vase of flowers are beautiful but please don't bring them into the bedroom when you go to sleep. And I think I mentioned to wipe Lucy off with a damp cloth when she comes in from outside. You know how pets roll in the grass and then bring all the allergens in with them. I used to always wear a mask working in the yard but finally I gave that up and started getting the allergy injections. This year is just extra bad. Keep up the good work on the inside. I know you have plenty to do and will never become board. I hope to hear you are even better tomorrow. Lovz

Linda said...

We have you to thank that we are breathing easier! We hope to be able to leave Monday! One pic was through the window.....

Pondside said...

It sounds like a terrible allergy season, Linda. It's a good thing you're fleeing!

Terra said...

You are accomplishing a lot even tho you are not feeling good. I like the little birds in the nest.

Kathy said...

Pollen is bad here too, but not like yours! I am in agony without my allegra. I'm supposed to take it every day of my life. But I ran out right before payday and had to do without for three days. Boy did I notice.

I hope you're feeling better each day. Listen to your sister (above). She knows what she's talking about. I would be afraid to go to the country, but that's me. I hope you go, have a good time, and have no allergic reactions to anything.

Ginny said...

I agree to get out of town till the pollen is done! Your quilt is gorgeous, I love the blues. Your captures of the baby mockers are SO cute! hey are all mouth and beak! I can almost hear them, and I believe it abut their sound. I was attacked by a large mocker at a mall once. Your flowers and vase are beautiful, Hyacinths?

Sandra said...

your mom is always smiling and God bless you for doing her thing even though you are still sick... i love cornbread and pintos.. yum yum... try to rest a little Ya Hear? LOL on that one

Susie said...

Linda, There are places where a cottonwood may be nice...but certainly not in town. They are messing when the wind blows the "cotton " about. Bless your mom's sweet heart. She looks so happy at the door in that photo. Now , I know that LD is one of my brothers...gaaa eating cornbread and pinto beans. We were raised on that. My mom always made her bread in the skillet.:):) Linda, I am really waiting to see your new quilt. Take care of yourself, please. xoxo, Susie

Carole said...

so sorry about the allergies, LInda - must be a real trial - hopefullly the pollen will go away soon. Cheers from cArole's Chatter