Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tears of JOY!!

 We arrived in Quadville yesterday about 11:30 and boy, oh, boy, did we get a reception!!!
I came in first and received an excited welcome. Then they all started saying 'G-and Dad!!' over and over!
Well, GRANDDAD doesn't like to share the limelight so he has me come in first while he gets Lucy out. I swear he tarries on purpose! He knows that as soon as they see ME they will be waiting expectantly for HIM!!! Sure enough!!!! They went WILD!!! Especially Kailey!!!
Granddad came in the front door and walked Lucy through the kitchen so Kailey RACED across the playroom and when Granddad picked her up she threw her arms around him and hugged him hard!!
She was so happy to SEE him she started crying - tears of joy!!
It was an incredible thing to see. ALL of my grandchildren - young and older - love Granddad.
However, Kailey seems to be extremely attached to him!!!

He has her heart but then SHE has HIS!!!

Suffice it to say - Kailey stayed very close to Granddad all day!

Louis Dean felt so bad about Kailey getting upset during our Skype visit last week!!

In the 11 days we were gone the quads have changed so much!!
They look older and wiser and even cuter!!

They still like to take my earrings off! Sometimes they wear them or , as Trystan is doing here, use them for thumb rings!

I play 'BO-LEE-BO-LEE BUTTON' with them and Amber said they had been playing that a lot by themselves. They also like Ring Around the Rosey and reading, of course!

Kailey and Harrison would NOT let Granddad out of their sight!!
We had to let them go with us to bring in laundry and other things out of the truck before the rain hit!
Amber had gone to the grocery store to pick up an ingredient she had forgotten to get for dinner tonight.
We did get rained on some but when we got it all in the house the storm REALLY started!!

We had some pretty strong weather come in with high winds and pouring rain! We lost power for a few minutes. I kept things positive and hope the babies will love 'weather' and not cry over lightning and thunder.
So far they seem to enjoy watching from the doors and windows. The creek behind the house filled all the way to the top and was flowing FAST!!

Logan is my little helper and loves to follow me around the house!

She was very careful to make sure every garment was IN the basket!!

While Amber was preparing dinner we gave the kids cold stalks of celery.

All three girls seemed to love them! It probably felt good on their gums as they are still teething.

The quads love books and reading!
As one who has loved to read my entire life - this makes me so happy!

Harrison seems to be leading the pack in verbal skills.
He can identify shapes, colors, object, animals, so many many things that amaze me!!
The girls are right behind him!

Mommy and Daddy enjoy after dinner play time as much as the kids do!!

We're spending a few days here in Quadville. 
I am happy to report that Louis Dean is almost back to his old self! Not 'old' as in OLD, of course!!!

As I write he and Amber have gone on an errand and do you know what I hear? 
Silence!! I am impressed at how QUIET Quadville is in the afternoons.
The babies still sleep/play quietly in their cribs for roughly 3 hours after lunch.
They actually look forward to this time and Kailey was saying, "Nap! Nap!" before she ever got down from the table! This gives them a bit of time to themselves since the rest of the hours are spent with their siblings.
Amber is so wise to plan to alone time for them.


Ginny said...

Wow, I have never heard of a child who loves naps, they certainly have a super mom! I love Logan taking the clothes out of the dryer and how she smells it before she puts it in the basket..very good quality control! Phil and Louis are so alike! All kids are totally drawn to him, and he does a bit of magic for them too.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Loved the video clips! So cute. LD reminds me so much of my Grandpa John, a good thing:)

Vee said...

Beyond precious... and I'll be back to see the videos. John's pretty sure that Louis Dean is being held hostage (in the nicest possible way, of course).

Susie said...

Linda, Did you almost want to cry yourself, when Kailey cried seeing granddad? That picture of them hugging is so touching. Bless all their hearts. Glad to hear that LD is much better...you two take care of each other. xoxo,Susie

Sweet Tea said...

Awww, so sweet that Kailey cried with excitement! Be still my heart.
Sweet, sweet photos of the kids!

bj said...

Oh, Linda...your blog just fills me with joy every time I visit. From the ADORABLE photo in your header, all the way thru the posts, and to the fact that you love LD so so much....and the beautiful babies...and Amber..
and to your sitting with your love, sipping wine in the driveway...
I would love to meet you in person someday. Who knows...I may make it to Irving someday...:)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Linda,
I have been away from my blog while our house was under construction, and my goodness have the babies grown! They are doing so good and are absolutely adorable. What a special bond you and Louis Dean have with your grands. So very sweet...
It was wonderful to visit your blog today, have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Kelly said...

They are all such sweeties! I love hearing how excited they get to see their grand dad. Hope y'all have a great time staying with them for a while.

Vee said...

Peeking in...hoping that you're happily home sleeping in your familiar beds again.

Carla said...

Sure wish I'd had Amber's talent at getting Pam quiet for a nap. LOL