Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday With Mother and Projects at Home!

 It was an IHOP sort of day! Louis Dean AND Mother LOVE IHOP!
Mother and I laugh when we remember the time Louis Dean REFUSED to eat there!!!
Now it's nearly always his first choice!
Go figure!

He is a good sport!

Mother was in such a good mood today!
She let me know that she now has some clarity of thought about a few things that were troubling her.
I am proud of her!
I try to do something extra at every visit. Today she showed us the lights in her bedroom and how she couldn't see to put in her eye drops. We all got back in the car and drove down to the local Dollar Store and bought what I call 'squirrley' bulbs. 60 watt replacements that are only 13 watts. She had 40 watt bulbs in there and now these are brighter. She seemed very happy! As a matter of fact - when we turned them on she said, "PRAISE GOD!!!"

Last night I asked Louis Dean if he wanted to go to Fort Worth with me. He asked, "Will I get to see Deanie??" I said yes and he said, "Then I will GO!!" He loves my mother. He loves my sister even MORE!!
We did, indeed, go over to visit with her and together we all made some great plans for June. 

On our way home we stopped at Lowe's where I like to buy my bedding plants.
If I pay regular price for them they seem to DIE!!!
If I get the sickly ones that are reduced for quick sale - they seem to THRIVE!!!
Go figure! 

I bought a couple of hose guards so I won't be dragging the water hose across my small rose bushes!

I got 17 plants for $1 each!

I planted most of them this afternoon/evening!

While I planted Louis Dean cleaned out the pond. I call it the kitchen pond since it is right outside the kitchen French doors. The pecan beards have all fallen and they pretty much stopped up the pump.

After he cleaned the pond Louis Dean set to work on reassembling the vintage lamps I have been restoring.

It was important to put them back together before we lost some of the washers and screws! 
I used a can of hammered metal spray paint and am not through with them yet.
I want to do a highlight using some other wipe on paint.
Not sure yet but it will come to me! I tend to use things I already have on hand and I have some gold leaf and a few other metallic paints to choose from.

You gotta love what all you can do with a can of spray paint!
This plastic table is SO old!!! I picked it up on the curb YEARS ago as I was walking in the neighborhood!

I thought the turquoise would make a happy little pop of color!
I gave it a lick and a promise and will finish spraying all the little spots I missed another day!

When we were down on the ranch a few weeks ago I helped Sherry paint her picnic benches which are just like mine! I never THOUGHT about painting mine before. I put a 'poly something or other' on them last week. The wood was so dry it slurped it up!!! It made the wood look darker and I really liked the sun bleached look of them BEFORE! SO.....I dry brushed some white paint on them and followed up with another coat of the varnish or whatever!

I LOVE them!! They have a bleached driftwood look and go well with my white trays (from my sister, Deanie) on the wall.

Our day is done now. I know it SOUNDS like we work really hard! That's not really true.
We take breaks and chat and meander around. The truth is both Louis Dean and I like to stay busy and we love our home and our property so everything we do is a labor of love.
That being said - Louis Dean is a great 'SITTER' and has taught me the art of kicking back and just BEING!
That's where we are now as I write!
A simple supper of sandwiches, chips and wine. The water is splashing in our clean ponds and all is right in our world! 
Happy Friday Night!!!


Linda said...

I absolutely love the photos with you, Louis Dean and your dear mother, Linda! :)

Denise said...

Is the gazebo along the side of the house where the newer tall fence is? It looks like the sandbox is in the back of the house. Love all the pictures!

Wanda said...

We often have breakfast at IHOPS after church on Sunday. I love to cook and do all week..."But never on Sunday" HaHa. I do think of your mom and LD when we eat there.

Your yard is so lovely, and I think the turquoise table and chairs are so delightful. And the benches are just the color and the things you have on the wall above them. We have to get rid of so much on this move...I am happy and sad at the same time.

Deb said...

everything looks so great! have an awesome Holiday weekend...

Angie said...

You have such a beautiful place! It's no wonder though, you two are constantly working on it! Enjoy your weekend Linda :)

Ginny said...

I love your creation of the whitewashed bench! And the blue table. I have never heard of hose guards, but this one is really sweet and cute.

Terra said...

I like all the cozy areas you show us here; the pond, your turquoise chairs, the indoor area for sitting in that last photo. Your home looks very welcoming.

Blondie's Journal said...

Linda dear, you have more crammed into a post than I do! :) Love seeing your mother happy...she doesn't look a day past 60 and I mean that. I am so envious of your bench...I would do it the same whitewash way. Lovely to sit back and have a glass of wine at the end of a full day!


Kathy said...

You pack so much into a day. But I'm glad to hear you have rest breaks. You were giving me a complex there. LOL. I didn't realize you could paint those plastic chairs. Mine are looking a tad worse for wear and I think I will do it. I love that shade of blue. So pretty. I have never heard of a hose guard. What a clever idea.

Vee said...

Right. You run circles around me, Linda! Everything looks so pretty at your place; I love your home. I know how wonderful it is to have a helper with the projects. My helper just told me to put some hustle in my bustle if I want the flag pole up in time for Memorial Day.

Your mother's smile tells all! I do remember when Louis Dean would not go to IHop...what does he say about that day? LOL! We all have our hissy moments. I am not going to mention mine, but if he says "put some hustle in your bustle" one more time!

Susie said...

Ahhh...just as it should be. Work well together, take breaks and eat together and then relax and enjoy all your good work. Hope you are having a great weekend. xoxo,Susie

Sweet Tea said...

Summer Fun and Summer Projects. It's a great time to get all sorts of things into order. Enjoy the process!

Pondside said...

Linda, I don't think there's a blogger in Blogdom who is as infectious in her joy at homemaking as you are. I love the way you share all the beautiful corners of your home and how you and LD really know how to make a nest. The new look of your benches is beautiful - I love them.