Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Quiet Sunday....

Louis Dean and I spent an unusually quiet Sunday. We watched the Winning Walk on TV.  My pot of pinto beans simmered away all day making the house smell good. The cottonwood tree has just about dropped all its 'cotton.' At least we don't see it floating through the air and drifting onto the deck any more.

THIS is the culprit! The tallest one behind the green/green ones is the dreaded cottonwood.

This is what it has done to my poor husband.
He said he doesn't feel so sick anymore - just very weak and old.
I told him he'll be old someday but he isn't there yet! It's just the allergies that make him feel so.
The last time he had this I took him to the doctor and she said he had allergy induced asthma.
They took chest x-rays but, as we recall, there really wasn't much they did to help him. He has his inhalers and medicine so he has not wanted to go to the doctor's office this time around.
Today he worked a little on getting the truck ready and then came in and rested. 
As in going in the guest room and napping.

We ventured outside this morning to water some of our new plants and when we came back out in the afternoon to water the rest we noticed the pecan 'beards' had started to fall. Literally between 2 and 4 this afternoon!!

Our two pecan trees are HUGE so there will be equally HUGE piles of these beards to sweep and/or rake up when we get back from the ranch.
Our plans are still to leave in the morning after traffic. I actually figure we will be on the road by noon knowing us! NOTHING happens before our stupor/coffee time!

With Louis Dean resting so much today I entertained myself!
I worked on my quilt! The blue crocheted lace is from a denim dress I wore on our honeymoon.
The dark denim fringe came from a denim jacket I wore for years and years.

Parts of the quilt - as in the section with the doilies and yoyo's - was from a skirt I made back in the 90's.

I have a basket FULL of all sorts of embellishments to add to the quilt!
You KNOW my motto!!!
MORE is always BETTER!!!

Here's hoping my next journal entry will be written down on my step son's ranch!
Perhaps I will sit outside our camper and write in the fresh air!!!
SURELY there will be some down there!!


  1. I am so sorry for him, allergies can be awful, and also leave you feeling very weak. I have never seen a pecan tree, so this is strange to me! Your quilt in shades of blue is awesome!!!! Gorgeous.

  2. Oh LInda....I am so glad you shared this! My poor husband has been suffering with allergies and finally recently diagnosed with adult onset asthma. It has been awful for him. We have cottonwood trees interesting to read this about your husband....makes me wonder what is going on with so much of this in adults.....hope y'all feel better!

  3. the quilt is looking great and i had forgotten the pecan beards, daddy had 3 trees and they would cover the ground. we have oak beards, but they are about done falling now and those beards do cause allergy attacks...

  4. I hope that LD is feeling better this morning. Y'all have some trees around you that we don't. We don't have the cottonwood tree or the pecan. We have a lot of oak trees that drop yellow things that make a big mess everywhere. I guess everyone has something around them to contend with. Your quilt is coming along nicely. I like how you've used scraps from outfits you've had. Hope you get off to the ranch safely and enjoy your time spent there.

  5. Well I hope you two find your place in the fresh air and sun. Does that cottonwood belong to you? Are they beneficial the rest of the year? Love what you're doing with the quilt made from denim and very meaningful remnants. Way cool!

  6. That quilt it looking beautiful! You two need to wear masks like surgeons do, because "there IS NO FRESH AIR" anywhere in the spring :) hope LD feels better soon! I love you both❤️

  7. Your quilt looks like your history. Awesome. To me so far it looks like walking on nice sweet grounds. Good for you, Linda.

  8. On another side jeans means also hard times. Jeans is a way to keep the grounds right? Anyways denim tells a many stories. Mine, yours

    1. So true, Jutta!! Tough as denim as as tender as lace. That's my combination for life and for my quilt. A preacher long ago wrote a book called 'Denim and Lace' and I have never forgotten it! You are so right - denim tells our stories......

  9. Linda, I sure hope that you and LD get back to feeling good again. Everyone is complaining about allergies this year. I love the prettiness of your quilt. You made me laugh...more it better. When it comes to memories, that is so right. xoxo,Susie

  10. Allergies are the worst. I suffer from them something terrible and it just makes you feel so blah. Hope LD starts feeling better soon!

  11. I hope the ranch air is just what you and LD need to get back up to speed. It's not like you two to be feeling badly for so long. Travel safely, my friend.

  12. Oh my friend, you did have a wonderful and quiet Sunday! I have allergies this time of year and they're really botherson, I take Claritine every six hours and it helps me. Have a lovely week and a safe trip.

  13. I hope the air is really clear and clean where you're heading. Safe travels!