Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shades of 'On Golden Pond!'

We woke up to a cloudy day this morning! No worries! We sat outside until it began to rain and then took our party inside!

Louis Dean loves that little sofa by the window.
From it he can see Dean's house and a good view of the ranch.
Dean has a good view of the camper from his place.
He called me the other morning and said, "I can see my dad walking aimlessly around the camper! Is he okay??" I assured him that his dad was on a mission to close up a hole I found. I do NOT like critters (like mice) INSIDE!! I don't even like mice outside but we ARE in the country!!

There's room for ALL critters down here!

Since it was raining outside we came INSIDE and what better way to entertain ourselves than by visiting with Amber and the quads???

I am LOVING Skype!!! I loved it when Amber was in Scotland and I am loving it now!
The only drawback was that Kailey could NOT understand why she could NOT reach in and get Granddad! That really squeezed his heart!

Logan was pretty content to just look at the screen and smile......
Amber was telling me about the shoes she had bought for them.

Logan was listening and went over to the basket and started putting her pair on!
We talked for a good while and I enjoyed every minute!!!

Lunch for us was a healthy salad.
Louis Dean loves using his 'camper' dishes!

Robert came up from his Uncle Dean's house just as it started to rain.

This is where it felt like a scene from On Golden Pond!!
We played several rounds of Tridominoes.

Louis Dean does NOT play many games.

This is one of a very few he enjoys!!

He studies every move.
I won the first game!!

He won the second!
Robert asked me (since I was the scorekeeper!) -
"What does that make me??"
Before I thought I blurted out, "The LOSER!!"
Thank goodness Robert has a great sense of humor!!!

He held no hard feelings because after the rain he and I went off exploring a little.

Louis Dean went in to consult with Dean about trimming out these windows.

Robert is so clever he caught a fish without a hook!
He scooped him up in a basket!
A small perch which he let go......we will catch him again another day.

I love all the different areas down here on the ranch!

The swallows have built a nest by the front door of Dean and Sherry's house.
When Robert and I went out the door - four baby swallows flew from the nest!
Always so many interesting things to see!

We headed back to the camper so I could start supper.
Robert had some friends drop by and try to nibble his hat!

Springtime in Texas mean storms and we had one of those this evening!
It looked pretty scary there for awhile.
We ARE in a flimsy trailer so we made plans to hustle into the truck if it turned really bad!
Through all this I remained at the kitchen stove stirring a pan of homemade refried beans!

My first time to make them and they turned out delicious!!!
We had glorified Nachos for dinner and they were GOOD!!

My Throw Back Thursday pics are not VERY 'thrown back!'

May 2011 Louis Dean gave me the laptop I am using now as I write!
It is my very first one.

The second is of my favorite twins!!
One has a beautiful young daughter and the other went on to have triplets the next year,
BOTH are class acts and have more talent than you can possibly imagine!!
I have known them since they were 18 months old!

I love how the wine glass reflects the pretty mom and daughter!

The rain has all but stopped and our only sounds are of the night around us.
We don't have the loons like they did on On Golden Pond but we do have frogs and roosters and various and other critter noises. All this will make a good 'sound machine' for sleep tonight!


Wanda said...

What a wonderful post Linda. I love your visits to the Ranch. If I lived on a ranch I'd have a goat. So cute.
I'm so used to my big desk top computer, I have a hard time on Don's lap top when we are traveling. I still have a "dumb" phone too. Maybe I'll break down and get a laptop and smart phone. Someday......sigh**

Ginny said...

I love the picture of Louis Dean peeping out the window, and you on your laptop. And playing dominoes in the gorgeous little room. Did you know that goats have rectangular pupils? Look one in the eye sometime...

Blondie's Journal said...

I so enjoyed this post, Linda, I can't begin to comment on everything. Life is good! Love to you and LD! Just love your adventures!! :)


Kathy said...

Sounds like you are having such a good time on the ranch. You describe everything so wonderfully that I feel as if I am there with you. That's great that you were able to skype with Amber. I have to learn how to do that someday.

Vee said...

When the news came on and we heard about the storms in your area, I thought of you down there in the camper. John wonders if you tie it down. Ha! Glad that you had plans to move on if it had come to that. Fun to see the quads on Skype. Fun to see all that you are up to! Looks like great fun.

Susie said...

Linda, I have been thinking of you, what with the weather map showing storms from Texas to here and beyond. Looks like you all keep a close eye on one another, that is good. Hope you have a very nice weekend. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Jutta said...

I do wish LD all the best. Been studying allergy (birch pollen) for a ten year period. Allergic myself too but that is not relevant. I hope this season of yours will lass soon. They do.
And - drumming- Linda, Happy Mothers' Day ( yes in plurar for a reason)! I wish You a wonderful Sunday. I hope also that my first mother's day as the grandmother will be at least some bit close to yours. 😄